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  1. Courtly fashion seems to be the skill at arranging fashionable outfits and designing fashionable outfits while sewing to creating them. I don't think understanding automaticaly turns sackcloth into the finestes silks, even though it might help you present your limited assets better.

    I'd imagine Courtly Fashion also involves designing clothing to appeal to the ruling class and "the Beautiful People" as well. Why would we need a non-magical skill to turn sackcloth into silk that's what Revision spells are for. :P

  2. I can see it now, you're called to court for some kind of public missconduct, You stride in with steamy strides and such elegance and breattakingly welldressed that the Judge drops his gavel with his jaw hanging! Then he quickly dismisses the case, not wanting to offend the wrong people!



    Don't we have a skill for that already, namely Courtly Fashion? Seriously, read the description for that skill...

  3. Whoa, Luck isn't in the top 3? :)

    I'm basing most of the ranking on the mythology and folklore about foxes. In cultures where foxes have a notable role; they usually portrayed as clever, cunning, and sly, often graceful, and sometimes charming. However, they are almost never are portrayed as particularly lucky. If luck plays any role in their stories, it's normally because they "make" their own luck.


    The big question is what can you offer in return at the Kickstarter for the Money as most people who like this kind of game probably have bought year 1 already.

    One thing could be that you Push out a "Gold" Version that have some major improvments over the normal year 1 or you bundle year 1 and year 2 but this would effect the sales you later will have for year 2.

    Btw. I think a gold version is actual needed for a translation because right now you can only have 1 language with the game. (Even if it is "just" to select the right db depending on what language you have choosen)


    For the Translation make sure that not only you have someone who Translate but also someone who read trough everything afterwards to fix typos and such.

    Good idea Schwarzbart, I'd be willing to pay for a multilingual "Gold" version especially if it finally fixed all the typos in the game. :P Seriously though, a special edition with all the DLC and patches, as well as some good user submitted content that didn't make it into the last DLC for Year 1 would be a worth another $15 to $20 USD (and this is coming from someone who's only fluent in English).

  4. Hahaha! Definitely, yes. If not for Year 1, for Year 2. :)


    Fantastic! B) Of course, I really hope you can fit in for Year 1.

    If would help move things forward I have suggestion on how to prioritize vulpine Attributes:

    1. Intelligence
    2. Finesse
    3. Charm
    4. Fitness
    5. Luck
    6. Insight
    7. Strength

  5. And not a bad suggestion at all, actually! That may be the way to do it, but contracting third parties to translate is actually fairly expensive. Who knows, though? If there is enough interest...;)


    Unlike some of the other crowd-sourced game development projects I've seen, Black Chicken already has the distribution, etc... established. All you really need is to make sure it won't be a net loss to hire someone for such a large body of work (the word count is probably similar to a trilogy of good sized novels by now). That's where something like Kickstarter comes in handy, you can directly test the interest before any money is actually spent! B)


    Edit: By the way, is this a good enough suggestion to deserve a fox familiar? ;)

  6. Hmm, I know translating all the in-game text not something that the Devs could feasible do in-house. However, have you ever priced what it would take to get a third-part to translate a few of the major languages? If you do have a rough idea this could be something eventually funded as a Kickstarter project.


    Just a suggestion...

  7. OK, lately I've been reading a certain Let's Play thread and it's reminded me of something that I've wondered about, casting via tattooed phemes. I don't think the following questions have been asked or answered.


    2. Obviously you need phemes some where on your body, but is a tattooed boundary around them necessary like on a palette, or is it the act of touching them that matters?
    3. I'm aware of them appearing in only one Dev made Adventure and then only on one evil wizard. Are they as rare as this implies, or is it just that wizards in this setting tend to wear robes so it isn't apparent how common they are?
    4. Despite the obvious advantages of being able to cast at least some spells when wandless, are there any potential drawbacks to having magical tattoos like this? If so, are they just practical (e.g. it makes them easier to detect by some magical spells) or just unpleasant in nature (e.g. the tattooed area hurts when used to cast a spell, or the creation requires something most find morally repugnant like the deaths of small cute creatures)?
    5. On the subject of tattoo creation, what is the process involved in creation of these most intimate of magical artifacts? Are they just normal tattoos that can be done by any decent tattoo artist and then enchanted? Or must they be inscribed by the wizard him/herself to work?

  8. Hmf, if Crafting isn't actually in the system, then crafting-only items are now on my StripMod hitlist.


    Crafting is in the game! Just not well implemented... it takes a third of the day to go to one shop or use one catalouge, so gathering materials burns a lot of time; some recipes have multiple steps that each take a third of the day, so that can burn a lot of time; and so on and so forth... However, this item is apparently broken and useless so it's no loss to strip it out.

  9. haha, sadly I don't think I can use that, but it is a pretty good saying regardless.


    By the way, it's not unlikely that hand grenades exist in Elumia. After all the English word "grenade" has existed since the 1590s, and the 10th to 14th century Song Dynasty had gunpowder-filled spherical projectiles. Given gunpowder is well established to exist and the Devs have described the overall Elumian technology level as "on the cusp of an Industrial Revolution", Elumians could certainly have used hand grenades for centuries.

  10. I'd just like to chime in to state I'm also against adding voices. As others have pointed-out; voice acting is one of those things that when it's good, it's very good, and when it's bad, it's horrible. As much as I like and respect Black Chicken, I know they won't be able to afford the upper tier of voice actors (VA) for all or even most of the many characters in this game. A distinct voice would be needed for each student and instructor, talented VAs may be able to do three or four voices and keep them distinct but that's still approaching two dozen VAs, at minimum! IMHO that means too much expense and risk for comparatively little reward.

  11. Ex;


    Collectively, the Isles are usually called Elumia, if you are referring to the section you are in now. As a whole, they are most often referred to as Azhiamas.

    Thank you Legate! B) I knew the islands which were part of (and I guess technically still are) part of the Empire of Man are Elumia. Instead, I meant all of the bits of land the dragons wrenched from Cyve, so it would be Azhiamas. Also, your conspicuous avoidance of the main topic of my post is duly noted. :P


    The Dev Team thinks [redacted] about this conversation. :)

    Well by now it's to be expected that the Dev's reaction would be [redacted].;)

  12. I've just acquired Beauregard's Anvil, which seems like a rather wonderful object to have... except I can't figure out, for the life of me, how to use it!


    Enchant +5 is useful for so many things... how do I go about making use of an Anvil?


    I've never obtained it with one of my own characters, but have you tried putting it in the character's miscellaneous slot?

  13. Yes, I meant the 'ghost's body'/soul actually, not the mental cogitation where it can feel stimulus. Although ghost probably can still feel with their 'ghost body', the state of the ghost form are seems to be in true stasis of naturally and permanently unchangeable (until someone break it artificially). One more step of turning off their mind and it's technically become a case of true stasis (of soul). /mad meta-idea


    Alas, I understand you want something that perfectly shut off every sense and the body stay preserves a long time on a live subject artificially, but we could dig a bit deeper as to understand how the natural law of the world can naturally sustain this form of stasis of an astral being in such permanency.


    Edit: Ah, maybe I shouldn't use the word stasis, and use 'permanent' or 'equilibrium' instead for the ghost example as that's more of my point by definition.


    I definitely don't consider ghosts to be in "stasis", instead I a better word for my conception of them is "bound". They are apparently souls/spirits bound to the physical world, and often to very specific pieces of it (e.g. locations, objects, people, etc...), instead of going to whatever afterlife there is in this setting. As to how this happens, I'm less certain and there are probably multiple ways that "produce" a ghost. Although I am almost certain all of them have something to do with the general nature of what magic is and how it works in this setting, even if just indirectly. That leads me to believe that the incidence of haunting (i.e. having one or more bound ghosts) is much greater for locations, objects, and people that are innately magical or use magic. Therefore, while sometimes it seems that one can't far anywhere within Academagia's grounds without (metaphorically) tripping over one or more ghosts; this is not the case for all of the floating islands (Aside: What's their collective name again?), but given their nature they are probably more haunted than Cyve as a whole.


    To go deeper into this idea, I'm sure there have been spells developed to intentionally to sunder the spiritual-physical connection of a person and then bound the resulting free spirit (pun intended ;) ) in some way. I'm sure there are also magical accidents (e.g. a miscast spell, different spells/magical effects interacting in chaotic ways, etc...) that can do the same. However, I really doubt that these would be the only sources of ghosts. Even ruling-out the potential actions of the Old and New Gods (think curses), there are a certain amount of "natural" ghosts (to the extent that magic seems an innate and therefore "natural" part of the physical world in this setting). However, given just what's presented in-game and on the Forums we are mostly limited to pure speculation on the details of how this happens, at least from my perspective.



    Aside: I sometimes wonder what the Dev Team thinks about the fan musings on the Forms. :)

  14. Ex;


    As you will see, blending Pillars requires a new form of Casting which you have not been exposed to.


    Hmm, can you tell us if it will still rely on wands and palettes, like the magic already present in the game?


    There are certainly stories of long-forgotten heroes who may come again via influence, magical or otherwise. King Durand is one such, as is the New Goddess Noimea. More mundane, 'accidental' stasis is possible, but not recorded as fact.


    Yes that's exactly what I'm getting at, the possibility of anything from an Academagian Student finding and "awakening" their college's namesake (or perhaps even better, their rival college's namesake), to a powerful wizard from antiquity (potentially a friend or foe), or even just finding a poor soul thrust from everything they know and love who now has to rebuild their life in changed and largely unfamiliar world. Good to know, I might actually get around to making an adventure story-line for Year 2.


    As Ghosts, well, [redacted.] I hope you found that illuminating. :)


    Only in the sense that it's further indication of "redacted" being favorite English word. :P

  15. Ex;


    I think I can *assure* you that you'll get a Fox before a Cow. There's still some discussion about possibly having a Fox in Year 1, but it's pretty doubtful. At least one member of the Team, though, regards the lack of a Fox Familiar as a tremendous oversight. ;)


    I wouldn't dream of prying into the identity of this member of the Dev Team, but do they also regularly post on the Forums using a nome de plume that begins with "L"? :)

  16. Exfides;


    What you suggest can be accomplished, but not by Negation alone; you'd need Revision or Glamour as well. But it could (and has) been done.


    Thank you for the response Legate. However, it does bring-up an other question (I'm sure you find that shocking!:rolleyes:). How are magical results that require multiple schools actually achieved, and are there any differences between the in-story portrayal and potential game mechanics in future years? For example, would placing someone under suspended animation require a different spell from each of the three pillars of magic you mentioned, would it be one spell that that somehow mixed the three pillars of magic in a way that hasn't been seen in Year 1, or would it be described as if it was one spell in the in-game text but actually require three "sub-spells" by the game engine?


    In addition to just my innate curiosity, I was specifically wondering if stories of finding people or creatures in such stasis from the far past were possible in this setting (hence the reference to "Once and Future King"). Furthermore, I don't mean just some long lost leader, but also just someone in an average or above-average station in life during the Early or Middle Empire. As to cause, it could be an accident, it could be intentionally self-inflicted (e.g. a powerful but unhappy wizard wanted to leave everything they know behind them and start again really fresh), or intentionally done to another (e.g. to get someone out-of-the-way or severely punish them without killing, though some might feel this would be a fate worse than death especially if the victim was aware but totally cut-off from the rest of the world).


    Sure, negation can do it. Duration however, are longer as your skill improves.


    Although it's impossible to make spell last permanently, a really powerful wizard can usually make it "last for a centuries in most cases."


    Food for thought: Ghost are in a way, naturally true stasis.


    Nyaa, I respectfully disagree about your conclusion on the Ghosts found in the game. They are souls that simply lack bodies, but can still to, at least some extent, perceive and interact with other people and/or the physical world. Now my concept of a true stasis would me a person's body could not change, therefore could not feel stimulus of any kind nor move at all. This why I would hope the person would be unconscious if this state could last for a long time... Imagine being unable to see, hear, taste, smell, or feel anything at all. In addition to experiencing the ultimate in literal sensory deprivation you would have absolutely no way to gauge the passage of time, your internal circadian rhythm would be halted as well! Now, if someone was an unwilling recipient (or more correctly victim) of this magic they might not even know how long they'd be in this state, or even that it is actually temporary. I think that would be enough to drive most people insane after a relatively short time!


    However, one thing your post inspired is recognition of a third option, neither the total mental solitary confinement nor simple unconsciousness. This third possibility would be a body in stasis but a mind in a ghost-like state of limited perception and interaction with the rest of the world. While still potentially a very unpleasant condition to be in, it would be less likely induce permanent mental breakdown and more importantly offer some interesting story possibilities over what I outlined above... Hmmm

  17. Suspended animation would be like taking 90% of life away from the person (still can breath and have heartbeat), not as the 100% magical 'fake death', but both would probably be essentially the same in this case.


    You could recast it repeatedly over the year to keep the suspension going.


    *shrug* I guess it depends on if you think of "suspended animation" as only like the natural hibernation of certain real life animals. Although your idea does seem reasonable a way to achieve that sort of hibernation.


    Instead, I was thinking of a true stasis; not death (fake or otherwise), not extremely attenuated life, but a person's body exists in such a way that their physical body does not and cannot change. As for their mind, they probably would just black-out for the duration, I would certainly hope so if such a state could last years or longer...

  18. At some point, clearly, y'all will need a Cow Familiar as a possibility. :)


    Your promising a Cow Familiar, and no such certainty for Fox Familiar? Legate say it ain't so! :( *sniff*


    (Oh I'm just joking, I know you promised nothing. However, if we do get a cow (of all things) before/instead of a fox I would be rather annoyed. :P )

  19. Ex;


    I *think* you'll be happy with the new system. :)



    Thanks! It just gets annoying trying to complete the adventures that are written from the familiar's perspective to go through phase after phase of all purple options. This is especially true with the rather limited (but recently improved) familiar training options. For example, if you want a specific option for story purposes it can take days worth of training to get through, or extreme save scrumming.

  20. albert;


    These are also requested by your fellow Academagians, and in Year 2 you will have some additional actions, as well as needs/wants for your companion. ;)


    I'd settle for being finally able to cast many of the beneficial spells on them... :P

  21. 1. Can Negation negate life from someone?




    1) Kind of, but essentially not permanent.


    Hmm... So by "essentially not permanent" do you mean there are Negation spells that could safely put someone in suspended animation? If so, could it be for years, decades, centuries, "Once and Future King" territory?

  22. Ex;


    It's a great piece, for sure. I think we can find a place for it somewhere, but probably not as title track. :)


    Great to hear! Of course, I'm not against new music either. For example, just about anything on this list would be a possibility. IMHO, there should be more chamber music in pop culture media!;)


    I'm only half-joking though, just look at what Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas did to expose music from the first half of the 20th Century to many people who probably wouldn't have ever heard them.

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