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  1. Well I'd imagine that some wizards just don't care about such things to begin with... Isn't Pievre where that upstart Academagia wannabe, ahem, the new second academy of general magic studies is based? I sense some epic adventures in later Years revolving around this!
  2. My reading of this background is that, at least for the time-frame of your character's academic career, it doesn't matter if your character really will eventually somehow bring about "the end of the world as we know it" or not. If this cult helped get the character into Academagia, it's quite possible they are preparing you for your future "destiny" that will not be fulfilled any time soon. Presently, all that is going on is a small but dedicated cult is trying to shape your character's life, regardless of how accurate their prophecy is or how your character feels about it.
  3. It seems that not only are the Devs thick-skinned, they also have a wonderfully warped sense of humor.
  4. And this is exactly the sort of ethical and moral erosion I was referring to in CremePudding's thread on the potential for ethical uses of Mastery. Are you happy now muffildy? You just broke Adrian's moral compass!
  5. I also have Academagia by way of Impulse. While Mat is right that DLCs (and indeed all patches) are cumulative. Please be aware that Impulse doesn't bother update Academagia for every single patch. Instead they usually just create an update for each the new DLCs. So if you only patch via Impulse your game will eventually get all the patches, but you might have to wait a while in between DLCs. However, it's possible to use the patches posted on these forums on the Impulse version of the game. Therefore you can apply a patch you want/need as soon as it is released.
  6. I just want to chime in and state my support for this excellent idea, as well as my hope that the Devs including something like this in Year 2!
  7. Ah, thanks for the clarification. Oh and please give my apologies to the Devs for characterizing them as more timid and wishy-washy than they really are.
  8. Other than the Devs' not alienating any side of very contentious and emotionally charged Real Life social issue, I'd imagine both the additional writing and some increase the complexity of the systems for both NPC and player relationships would be a non-trivial increase to the development workload. However, I'm confident the real explanation is the desire to prevent alienation of potential customers, hence their position of "we won't include non-heterosexual student relationships in retail game, but we don't care if mods are made including them".
  9. I haven't made a thorough test of this, but from my experience increasing general CoS does work for Attribute gain rolls. However, it appears that identical CoS spells do not stack. Although I'm unsure if casting multiple different CoS increasing spells (e.g. casting Revolution of Planets followed by Fortune's Choice) will add the CoS bonuses or just have each subsequent spell over-ride the one before it.
  10. Legate, I think your patch announcement needs a patch...
  11. This issue has been addressed before (see Nyaa's World of Academagia thread)... Basically familiars can be animals of any size (with a specific example including normal sized elephants) but the larger familiars must live at Academagia's menagerie rather than in a student's room.
  12. I would presume that with any form of increasing the skill maximum Orso Orsi and the rest of the faculty would have their skills increased appropriately so the students can't have higher skills than they do (at least not in their areas of specialization). Therefore while your character in later years could have better skills than Orso Orsi of Year 1, the Orso Orsi of the same year would still be better.
  13. Thanks for the information Legate! It seems like it's going to be both interesting and somewhat challenging system to really max-out skills in Year 2.
  14. Any sort of new companion would be good, but any chance this new companion is a familiar of the vulpine persuasion?
  15. I would just like to state that I really like the idea of sword (or even a few other weapon-based) Parent Skills, and I strongly hope Swoardsmanship makes it into Year 2!
  16. There's no reason to suspect that 10 is the highest possible value of base skill level possible within the game engine . Especially considering it's already possible with certain bonus to permanently raise most skills to 11 and some even higher! Therefore skill maximums for any and all skills could arbitrarily vary by year (and the difficulty values rolled against have already been arbitrary at times ). An easy, though not necessarily likely example would be adding ten to the base skill maximums each year. Thus the sequence would be Year 1 would be base max of 10; Year 2, 20; Year 3, 30; Year 4, 40; and finally Year 5, 50.
  17. I guess the Devs were going for realism.
  18. Thank you Draigh for rending my overly verbose and somewhat technical post down to the essential conclusions.
  19. Well in the case of the Sphinx, first there are only two random SS expansions that are supposed to be random, and for one you have to make a skill roll. Of the others one is player selected, the other is randomly selected from the list of skills currently known by your character. This means that you have two rolls each with a 1 in 240 chance to get a specific skill. However that doesn't necessarily cut the odds in half and give you an effective 1 in 120 chance each time your character matches wits with the Sphinx. In any case, most pseudo-random number generators do share one important quality of a real random number generator, they don't have what is referred to in mathematical probability as "memory". In this sense, memory means the previous results have no bearing on the current number being generated (e.g. both blackjack and poker are games with memory because the previously drawn cards effect the chances of drawing a particular card, where as each roll of a roulette wheel is independent of previous rolls). Therefore going back to the previous paragraph, each roll is independent with a 1 in 240 chance, and the result of the first neither increase nor decrease the probability of the second. Finally it is entirely possible, though not necessarily probable, to select a given number in a given range (e.g. 25 in a range of 1 to 240) and not get the desired result even after hundreds of attempts with a true random number generator. With a pseudo-random number generator this is somewhat more likely because streaks of the same or similar numbers are more likely (in contrast to a true random number generator where streaks are possible but a lot less likely). Intuitively people know that eventually the desired number should be a result, but the random number generator (regardless if it is a bunch of dice or a RNG[] procedure) doesn't know or care how long you have been attempting to get a number... it just generates one.*shrug*
  20. Adrian, Schwarzbart, I won't argue with your experience with these skills. However, I will say that these skills are supposed to be random and that no digital computer can generate a truly random number (as the seed always is always based on some sort of finite number, usually part of the CPU clock value for that instant). That's why all outputs of any random number generating code is technically called "pseudo-random". Your other advice is great though.
  21. Don't crush SecretlyEnvious's hopes and dreams Schwarzbart! Seriously though, there ways to unlock unknown subskills. First, there are Actions and Abilities that either expand a skill step in a totally random subskill, like Joie de Vivre, or those that expand a randomly selected subskill of a specific skill, like Study at the Venalicium Library (in this case it will expand a random research subskill). Second, selecting the options with a given subskill during Events and Adventures will inform you of the skill (even if you fail, if you succeed it might even raise it). Third, raising certain parent skills or subskills will inform your character about others, the School Survival parent skill and subskills are good for that. Fourth, while the changes are only temporary casting a spell or using additional phemes that effect a subskill will permanently inform your character of them. Fifth, visiting locations that give temporary modifiers to subskills will likewise inform your characters about them. Hope this helps!
  22. I'd also like to add that neither Phillipe nor Joana eat human flesh, that seems to be a common practice of Ogres in many different works of fiction and folklore. I don't see a problem with that. Provided these Sirens or Mer-folk aren't strictly marine and can live in fresh water, and there are some precedents for that (note that in the first known mermaid story in the Near East, the female divinity in question jumped into a lake and became half fish). While I don't see any lakes the size of the Great Lakes on the map of Elumia, this doesn't rule-out have at least some sizable lakes (i.e. a few or more miles of shoreline, with a mean depth of over 100 ft). Also there some other floating islands outside of Elumia proper. One of these could be dominated by a large lake, like some sort of ancient crater that filled with water long before it and the land surrounding it was ripped from the surface. In any case, I do agree any mer-folk would have to be rather rare, but still possible.
  23. It looks great! I think the new format is very informative without getting too deep into game mechanics for those players that are uninterested/unwilling to "know what goes on under the hood".
  24. Heartily Agreed! Actually that sounds like quite a bit like the Dungeons and Dragons concept of Ogres. Most were dumb brutes that were violent and cruel, others (usually considered a separate species) were intelligent spell casters, as well as violent and cruel. Again, I would rather Academagia establish its own still rather than closely imitate another fictional milieu (especially one so popular and identifiable as D&D). In any case, it's unlikely that a character from such a malicious race would last a student in Academagia, even if they were magically adept.
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