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  1. Wow, I actually knew something about this game that Nyaa (AKA The Feline Font of Academagia Facts) didn't!
  2. Well, it could also be brought up in the relationship/friend mechanic is first mentioned of the Mentor adventure chain. I think it's the segment after your initial meeting with mentor, the first you have to use Adventure to access.
  3. It's good to have official confirmation that a diverse skill set in your Clique can be beneficial. Oh and I'm still waiting for a fox familiar... You could call him Reynard, that's my suggestion for improvement.
  4. I bought Academagia through Impulse. Well I think it is very enjoyable and has a great concept, but I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. I think we can all agree that currently there are still some non-trivial bugs and areas that could use polish, and I can't honestly give a 5 star rating to any game in that state. However, Impulse does allow you to change ratings at any time and the Developers for this game are hard at work fixing things and adding free content, so I expect after several months it should be worthy of the fifth star.
  5. While that's a good point 89157Z, there are at least some students whose descriptions indicate they would be scholastic overachievers by nature. For example Basia Rydz, or to a lesser extent some of the other Aranaz students. I think that at least a few students, because of how they are presented in the game's text, should behave as if they are chasing every available grade point. It's a small thing, but it helps immersion in the overall story.
  6. Oh I knew you'd be able to take your character, et al to Year 2. By "stand alone" I meant that year two would be a separate program/application instead of an add-on to the original, thus content from that one wouldn't necessarily be transferable to the original. Thus, for example, if we have to wait for Year 2 for a fox familiar that wouldn't necessarily mean we could start a new character in Year 1 with that type of familiar (barring a DLC for Year 1 released while you are working on, or after the release of, Year 2 ).
  7. First thank you for the reply. I do understand that you might not be able to get new familiars in this first incarnation, though it would be greatly appreciated for one of characters I have in mind. However, I do wonder how you plan on to have additional familiars in Year 2, as I was under the impression that each year would be a stand-alone game. I could be misunderstanding something though. In any case thank you again for the reply!
  8. That sounds great, but are there any plans for additional familiars? For example I would really like the option of a fox familiar...
  9. Personally, I too would prefer a small increase in points during character creation, so that that total would be between 12 to 15. I like the flexibility and freedom of the current system as a whole, so don't reduce the points spent on each "screen" during character creation or force people to spend one on each screen if they don't want to. I really think the only change necessary is a small bump the total points. I also like the ideas of Impet and others for additional negative options that would give extra points. I don't have any specific ideas along these lines, but coming-up with creative and challenging disadvantages that at least some players would be willing to choose should be the priority.
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