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  1. I'd like to chime in - I really appreciate the updates, and am super-uber-magnus looking forward to the seecrit project and the new DLC/ModBase. I'm in Kenya for the next 8 months or so, and Academagia and Dwarf Fortress are the games I brought with me. Well, and Guild Wars 2, but...internet here ain't the best. So, I'm looking forward to it. A lot. So if you need another tester *wink wink nudge nudge*
  2. Schwarzbart - If you don't have access to the mod tools, I wouldn't mind trying to cobble together a little mod that bypasses the Venalicium adventure chain for you. I say this because I kind of enjoyed the quest - even though it is a bit long (as in, too many parts for 'time' being so crucial in the game, and the Library being such a staple; the actual full quest writing I like). Or, for an adventure form, perhaps an initial option after you find out your friend is sick? You ask what he has, go to the Venalicium to research it, and find that he is best served by being left under the care of the Academagia Staff. This, then, provides the Help Desk (plus maybe one relevant other Venalicium location) and the old 'Explore the Venalicium' ability. Just a thought. Also, The Festival of Fools event was really fun, albeit very long. I enjoyed having an important/day-related event work like that - I wouldn't have wanted to have a "to be continued" anywhere in that quest, plus it wouldn't have been as closely tied to the day. I also wouldn't have wanted it to be shortened, as that would have taken away from how epic it felt/the immersion in being part of a "big" event. Not saying I would want all adventures to be like that - but I think in some places it can be fitting. Since Legate/the devs actually listen to feedback (thank you), I'd like to second Woe's idea - option to continue with the adventure upon success, except in parts that obviously span multiple days. I am not sure of the limits of the game's systems, but possibly a mechanism where...say you continue through an adventure chain, but it gets to a point where it obviously would take more than just a "Morning" or "Evening," you have the option of "sacrificing" what you already had planned for the next section of the day to continue the adventure. I'm thinking more Year 2 there, but it is a thought. -Tentabulis
  3. I'm on Vuillaume Student Adventure 08, and the Investigation in this adventure seems to supply a memory that unlocks an alternate path, but in-game it looks like it is not rechecking for this memory - following the investigation, the option it is supposed to unlock does not appear. -Tentabulis
  4. Quick clarification here - so if we followed the steps described here to make our mod: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.p...entry7287 Our mod should include both the DLC 2 content plus our additions? If so - awesome. Either way, actually, awesome. The tools are a lot of fun to work with. Also, I've published two "test" mods, and it has taken around, say, 9 hours to publish each one. Just a heads up =) I'm on an AMD PhenomII 64-bit machine with 4 GB of RAM, for reference. It is totally worth the time though!
  5. The RapidShare link to the Mod Base is down - says the 10 download limit was reached =) Thanks! Really looking forward to using the tools!
  6. Imperial Decree #647-113: Unlawful Detainment gives a -2% Chance of Discovery.
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