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  1. That quest doesn't require you to have an owl familiar. I think it's a student quest, with a fellow student that has an owl familiar.
  2. This probably belongs in the spoilers forum. Apologies.
  3. There are a few adventure chains that lead to a permanent +1 strength, and one that gives a shield worth +2 strength. I don't remember which ones though.
  4. Ok, that makes sense, thanks. Now to figure out how to get an antidote! I'd guess one might be able to brew one oneself, or find one in one of the various catalogs. I think I need to take notes on which one contains what.
  5. By use, do you mean actively? As in perfectly revising some Glamour Mints, and then eating them? In which case presumably you would get the +1 bonus for as long as the items usual effects last?
  6. The spell Alteration of Inhuman Matter gives an item Perfectly Revised. This gives a +1 bonus to actions and abilities of a random type. Is there any way to tell which category of rolls the bonus applies to? All the items I have perfectly revised just say Perfectly Revised, which links to the generic description. I'm also curious as to what conditions I have to meet to get the bonus. Does the item have to be equipped? In my inventory, and giving a bonus? (Such as e.g. Eagle Feather.) Or just in my inventory (in which case I could enchant up all the pages of my mentor's letter)? Also related to this, I've had the game crash when attempting to add the pheme that adds 1 durability to this spell. I still need to test if that is repeatable.
  7. Does anyone know how to get rid of the Slightly Queasy ability? I got this when Kurt Henning cast Bad Stalks on me (or something like that). He did this despite being in my Clique and having a relationship of 7. And now I can seem to get rid of it. It has been weeks. I've tried resting. As it gives an attribute penalty and a failure chance, my desire to lose it is strong.
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