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  1. Schwarzbart thanks for the reply, even when you already had metioned one page before (Memo to self; don't ask question just before you are going to bed)
  2. Does anybody knows, are the adventures who is not completed, are they gone in the mythical year 2?
  3. lakrids

    Dlc 16?

    It very simple really, we don't have prerequisite skills or skill levels, that makes the dlc 16 adventure visible. I would guess, that you will need to train 1337 hacking skill, but where do you get that skill?
  4. lakrids

    Dlc 16?

    Thanks to both of you, for the info
  5. lakrids

    Dlc 16?

    Has anybody heard about an estimate for when it arrives, days weeks, months? I wants to take a new run on Academagia on my new ssd haddisk
  6. Yes in the last couple of games, I have begun using spell, if I can find one on my spell list. But I think my "problem" is more that I before, did I only compare my score to the npc student, and there my score seemed be in the high end, if not perhaps not the highest. Good enough I thought, until I checked out other players scores . Furthermore my play-style is not planned in any details, only with vague goals, and staying away from other spoilers and wiki, makes my play through not optimized in some ways. I also thinks, that it's kind of cheating on use magical to raise your exam score . With that I mean both the game and probably also the culture of the school, support of using magic in all parts of the game/life. But if I was running the school I would negate all magic and item on a student before they did test.
  7. Leon That sounds like you did very well imo. I have played this game more than a few times, and most of the time i get scores a around perhaps a little over 100, and considered it well, and my best attributes normally int and wis around 5 to 7 a few times a singular 8. Probably am I trying to learn to many skills, and to do to many things in one game.
  8. Thanks for the information, you live and you learn
  9. Started the adventurer "You're Being Watched". But I don't have any knowledge of Mastery (or for Gates). And as I understand it's Mastery knowledge are the flag who start this adventurer
  10. Hi I bought the game over Impulse. The version there is 1.05, so I tried to update by copying the files as described in the patch 8, that didn't work and the game would not start. Can you say circa when you expect an update on Impuls? thanks
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