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  1. Yep, seconding the generalist. It's called that or Universal Magic for any wizard (in D&D) that hasn't gotten a domain. There was also a Master Generalist as a Prc somewhere...There is also an Elf Generalist class...in Races of the Wild I think.


    Work fast enough in Academagia and you can put copyright on it. Be the only generalist mage around. Or start your own school.

  2. I squealed.


    Also, I think that Mr Pebbles is the most beautiful, funny rock I have ever seen and that I'm keeping it. Talking rock, you guys! Mr Pebbles and Muffin Man are the PERFECT friends for my talking book, who is very glumy.


    Thank you for the hard work, it's an immense and satisfying update. And congrats to Mikka to the great characters.

  3. Man, so many things happen in my absence.


    Alright, Random Event Cante, I helped the little bastard and he got mad at me. Specifically, I took the Brew exit, succeeded and got a -1 relationship. So I got mad at him and unleashed Diavesque.


    Awesome Community 31 is written all in red text.


    Pep Rally 02 has an Exit 2 instead of text.


    And when Cyrus uses Show off the text is "Relationship has been decreased by decreased by ...." and "increased by increased by"


    Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug on my part, the devs, a question or a suggestion. When I read the lore on Serenity I half expected to read "I am a leaf on the wind...Watch how I soar". And it wasn't there. I got sad.

  4. It's true that the main one with the Legate is a more secure way to get his 'friendship' and has added perks as a follow-up but as far as 'creating an exploitable resource' in him, you can find that out just by getting close the usual way (and find out some of his secrets).


    Besides we have no idea how it will branch later. He is at the core of it all so sooner or later, you might have to make a choice later on. A choice he might remember and appreciate if the Captain's interest in him is any show of his involvement. So, like I said, different characters, different paths.


    And albert? Do the pirate adventure. Was the first one I did because pirates.


    Though I still don't know how to trigger the piratey version for Cirillo's adventure, I can tell you that Asad the Lion is very cool.

  5. I think the Legate's might be the more appropriate one for those who are more interested in their academic work and are more interested in creating a relationship with the Legate. I rarely do it because, compared to the others, you can establish a comparable relationship with him even outside the main event (such as with Carnage at the Fields).


    The triplets might be more for an investigative PC, but I doubt it counts as the most successful. You don't create relationships with adults other than suspicion...after all, the Legate might be interested in checking out the four who had interfered, no? Flood or no flood, things still happen, and you don't get the whole story.


    I don't trust the students either. All three are hiding stuff.


    Considering the Legate and Ilaro are frienemies, I don't think there would be too many repercussions, but again, I think the Legate would definitely keep an eye on you.


    The pirates, I think, will have larger repercussions in the Asad the Lion part. In truth, both the Captain's and the Pirates seem less interesting...until you look at the information you gather. This is why the Captain's is my favourite: doing this adventure and Cirillo's, you can learn what the Legate did and the Captain's suspicions. You also get to meet the pirates and see that they're involved. You gain the favour of a powerful man whose opinion matters for the Minetan commoners.


    In the Pirates, you also learn about what the Legate might be into, and can gain much more from the Underworld.


    I suppose I'm thinking that with the Pirate and Captain, you gain resources outside of the school, useful for anyone who either wants to cover all the bases, or wants to become something other than a mage. The Legate is a definite archmage - simile, path. Ilaro is the opposite of the Legate, more of a rogue mage. The triplets are the Wild Card, but the question is, can you trust them?


    Either and all offer something that I think is pretty equal in resources and rewards, but there are different enough to only appeal to certain characters and what they want to do later on.

  6. Neah, not always so strange. I've played over a dozen new games in different colleges and Phillipe always brings our relationship to 3+ in the first month. Joana follows usually by mid-year. Who knows why? Might be plotting something.


    But seeing the rivalry between Aranaz and Durand and Emilia's part in it, it wouldn't make sense to do her adventure. If you make an Aranaz character though...

  7. Replayed Captain's adventure...again. Will we ever get a shot at that staircase? It sounds wonderful to slide off...


    What sort of authority does the Captain have in places other than Mineta? Treated like a king, foreign ambassador? Dignitary? What is the general response for a visiting foreign power? Since there are no emperors/kings outside of Auncesay?


    And off-topic since I have no idea where to post this. Free Fallouts for all at GOG. All three old-school games are free until the 14th. Get it now, since after this year, GOG won't have the rights to sell it anymore. Just refresh until you can get it, otherwise works fine.

  8. So something odd happened.


    Awesome Community Event 05, I ...ended up encouraging myself to gamble. Somewhat. Maybe.


    Once you recover from your shock, you let your eyes follow the curve of your elbow, the hand gripping it, up along the arm and straight into the face of [Character]Character/High Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default). Recognizing [Character]Character/High Relationship/Random Character (Default)/Character (Default), you relax.



    And it ended up with my character's name. Is this a once in a lifetime thing? Do I have a clone? A multiple personality disorder forcing me to spend my cash? No idea, but I won some pims, so...

  9. Free,


    Well, you could just lower the relationship with him drastically, but he might take a couple of your clique with him, so make sure your relationship with them is better than his with the others. Still, easier to restart.


    What did IE and D&D games in general taught us? Save often and early and in different slots. I have at least 30 saves for each game. It's horrible. I think I'm addicted to saving.


    Legate, I was hoping that you guys wouldn't have to do the work, but such an option would be welcome. Maybe just be the only one who can decide if you can make a character fail...? Kind of like Skyrim's final blows on companions. I would assume that at least some would want Phillipe out. I wouldn't know how easy that would be to make, since I have no idea of the engine, but I hope it's easy.


    Do we have some sort of graduation party or something at the end of the each year?

  10. Ooo Legate! Can we get/make a mod that makes everyone pass? Not necessarily an official one, but can it be done? Or do students have to fail, for story purposes or to keep the proper number? It's just that I would really hate for friends or even rivals to fail since they provide so much of the environmental atmosphere.

  11. Unusual enough to get investigated? Hmm..


    As a wealthy noble, I might have to start handing out cash like candy to make sure everyone stays in class. Mastery is a last resort. For now. If only because it would raise a lot of red flags.


    I imagine though, that an empty classroom would be pretty sad and you'd reminisce with your friends "Hey, remember what Vettor did to that girl?" or "Hey, Alan would have been really interested in this". And after playing for a few years, half a dozen or more games with a new char, you get attached to everyone.

  12. Hmm, that might work. And would make sense. I wonder if we'd have to make this large project at the end for a degree.


    Kicking out students is still something I'd rather avoid. Mostly because I can already hint at those who will fail (Phillipe?, Flore?, Joana? Rui?) and they're the ones who really make an impact on the game. They're everywhere.


    So hopefully there are ways to keep them in school.

  13. Well, it certainly depends on how you'd take Orsi down. Something that can't be proven, will not be investigated much and in fact, won't even tie to you can keep you from alienating everyone.


    After all, the Captain is still very suspicious of him and the man in question does do vaguely illegalish things. It wouldn't take that much. And who would suspect a student?


    I agree that being best buds with him would work wonders, but therein lies the role-playing potential. Does your character believe that friendship and loyalty can keep others from turning on him or does he need to resort to blackmail and intimidation to force others to do his bidding? Personally, I wouldn't trust Orsi too much because he's bound by his responsibilities. You are one of his best buds, but gaining favour isn't that hard and in a school full of potential masterminds, he needs to watch out for all of them in front of the authorities of the city, of magic, in front of parents and if the child is high-born enough, in front of royalty. That severely limits his usefulness. I imagine he is also closely watched by others.


    As for the students, I think that all of them provide something interesting. Yeah, you might not interact with all of them in a school year, but have you ever been to a class that only contained four people? I have. It was boring and there was little discussion due to lack of differing opinions. It can get interesting , since all of them speak up but having all classes like that would be exhausting.


    Hey, don't get me wrong, I like ol' baldy too, but advancement must be earned, not taken.

    That definitely depends on the person you're asking. Some would say that unless he can keep that advanced position, he wasn't worthy of it in the first place and helping someone get such a high position is worth quite a bit of favor (and blackmail material). More than just helping someone secure it, seeing as they were already entitled to it in the first place. (yes, I am Godina why do you ask?)
    Granted, I'm also on the Orsi fan-team. Rupprecht creeps me right out and by year five we might end up with more than a reason to dislike him (or worship him if Aranaz). Also, I must mention again that my main character is weary of everyone named 'von'.
    I don't like the idea of 2-3 students around per teacher. I want all of them. They should stick around and provide us with amusement! And pranks! Even the bullies have that special place in Academagia. On whom would we practice our offensive spells? First Years? That's no fun.
    ...Wait, how exactly did Marchant's brothers stick around in school for so long if they drop out like mayflies?
  15. What are the consequences for skipping in the Esteban Contu school and maybe Schohanwicht? Maybe we could alternate the days we go...? I sense most characters are going to be 'Hermione Grangers'. We need doppelganger spells.


    One question...in Ana's adventure, when it comes to observing her at Incantation, you are directed towards Massioti. Even though he is Godina's regent, shouldn't we have been directed towards Knoht? Was there a specific reason for it? Doesn't he do solely sports or Rimbal?

  16. Kurt gets First Class Honours? Kurt!? What sort of game are you running here, Free?


    Man, I should make a spreadsheet like this of my own for the classes. I know that my characters pass, but I'll have to keep an eye on everyone else so that they'll pass too. Welp, Mastery, here I come.


    Legate, are there ways to redo exams? Like in college where you can take a class again or retake an exam during the summer or just generally catch up? Maybe on your parents' funds, maybe because of an amazing grade in another subject, maybe a teacher likes you? You can't have a "you're out" on the first strike can you? And since the classes are so graded, a few of them are bound to fail.

  17. So, if say, we were Godina, we would specialize with Ol' King Leo for sports or play music?


    Now I just got the imagery of using a violin to kick a ball.


    Well, at least we'd be really good at Rimbal. Will the sports be a more fully rounded experience? As in, get on the Rimbal team, play for the championship and such? I forget if this was asked before.


    With special classes, sports, self-study, the Sphinx, the adventures and all the groups and secret societies, my character won't have time to sleep, I bet. At least there's self-Mastery. Is there a spell that would be the equivalent of a really really strong shot of espresso? And if we decide not to sleep can we have an extra timeslot? *bats puppy eyes*

  18. In D&D, I wasn't talking about parties of level 30 (I have never reached that in PnP, we stopped around 15 to keep it interesting) which is actually hard to reach (Larloch is level 32 and he's an Arch-Lich of Netheril...so we thought we'd keep it down).

    I was thinking about Pun-Pun the kobold, if you've heard of him, who reaches divinity as a Divine Minion1/Wizard1/Master of Many Forms 3 or Nut-Pun, rank 1 Demigod Squirrel or an Ilithid with 5 ranks in Ilithid Savant...which brings me back to my point. You cannot beat the players. Even low-level players.


    And yeah, there may be a difference, but seeing as there is precedent and that, say, by year four we may very be a master at, at least, two forms of magic - possibly illegal - and have several quite powerful allies, people will try to murder us. Tried to murder us in year one too.


    Maybe got spoilt a little by the team. We defeated Mjolnir, got into a forbidden school and have a buddy-buddy relationship with one of three large figureheads of Mineta, saved the world a couple of times, annoyed some pretty large organizations or joined them.... Can we get more epic than that in later years? How epic? At the end some of our characters will have mobs after them, let alone people trying to poison them. And for some with more glory than most...well.


    I have the feeling that many of our characters stepped into something that is going to be very very hard to control.

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