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  1. Since seeing the Summer School thread, I was curious. In year two, will we be able to continue with the tuition/apprenticeship? Say that a character has a spy background. Will he continue training as a spy during the summer, since he doesn't have school and such? Or is it just a background thing?

  2. If I may pitch in with some spelling mistakes also?


    Student Adventure Magsa 5 (Arithmetic one) the link for Professor Valenta is showing her biography.


    Random Event Theathre 6 (Composure exit, I think) it says scepter instead of specter


    The Awesome Community Event 31 is all in red.


    Student Adventure Uliva 10b, the first exit is named Exit 2 and isn't described at all. It just shows Exit 2.


    Student Adventure Alan 5, Alan's link is showing his biography.


    Random Event Thieves Guild 13 (Enchantment exit, I think), retieve instead of retrieve (twice both in spell name and as verb) and tranfers instead of transfers.


    Student Adventure Philippe "Shall we dance, without stepping on my feet" the Deceit Exit, it says "It'll look like he's doing whwhat's" - what's


    And for "Elementary my dear bruiser" - the Diplomacy Exit (or conversation where you ask if he has friends) the link for his familiar is odd. "It's only his Her" referring to his spider.


    Student Adventure Katja Quinnecht 00, again, link.


    Ylegh Adventure 01 puts Durand's name instead of Magsa at the end.



    Is the Research Monster supposed to fail so often? I had a Reserch of 12 and Intelligence of 10 and it didn't work for me at all, even with Reload-Fu.

  3. Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell trilogy is sadly underrated. Not a fantasy world, exactly, yet not real either. Watching the lives of kids in odd situations is very entertaining.


    Anything by Neil Gaiman, especially The Graveyard Book, Neverwhere and Coraline.

    Christopher Moore's "A Dirty Job" is odd and amusing in a Pratchett-esque fashion and adds an interesting view on Death.

    The Wardstone Chronicles (The Last Apprentice in the US, I think) by Joseph Delaney is also an interesting read with some unique views on monsters, magic and general fantasy.


    Also for the weirder side of fantasy "The Poison Eaters and Other Stories" by Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles)

  4. What I'm curious about are the pants...have zippers been invented there or is it just strings and buttons? Considering there are doorknobs around (patented in 1878), zippers should be around too (1851).


    How high should the heels be for women/men? And the evening wear is Renaissance type (huge) or something like a modern yet more modest dress? Do people wear robes and cloaks (for the hood)? Because that would be ...a large mass of clothes. Of course, when someone says robe, I think Jedi and Jedi robes (Master, not Knight) are very large.

  5. Yes, I do remember in a Neverwinter Nights game a tale where a sorceror or wizard tried to light his pipe with a fireball while drunk. I thought that would make an interesting bar story. Still, I thought that since everyone offered you milk or non-alcoholic drinks, there would at least be a 14/16 drinking age. Or that the pirates would offer some rum. Maybe they didn't want to share...


    So the Captain of Mineta does all the crime activities and financial/political ones....That poor man. No wonder he was tired even after his vacation. I'd never get out of bed.


    If you do add a Luggage familiar, it should threaten a dragon at some point. Or eat one. Whichever comes first.

  6. Considering some enter schools (the ones in the background) at around age 8, they should be apprenticed somewhere, but what about those who want to know science and stuff? Are there studies that wonder about how the universe was born, I wonder? After all, physics and math don't really need magic to study it properly and there has tu exist at least one un-gifted noble child that has to learn these.

  7. I'm got some more questions if you don't mind answering them. :blush:.


    Like, how is Mineta run? The Captain is Captain of the Guards or more? Do Guilds / Costers run the place? And what is the age where it's legally allowed to drink and what's there to drink? Ale, mead, beer...tequila? Will we get a quaffing skill later on?


    Is the music Renaissance style or do we have more modern influences? What's the age where most children (non-magical) get out of school? There are schools for them, I expect. I'm interested in almost anything you can say about it. I recently re-read Eric and thought 'what about those people who aren't wizards?' (for the record, I'd trade all my 5 background points for a Luggage familiar)

  8. I imagine bristles don't help the whole comfort issue. Although I did imagine a character using a Staff like a skateboard to fly through the air...and the huge Acrobatics we'd need for that.


    I guess shapeshifting is for higher Years...damn, grown-ups have all the fun.


    Another question if I may :blush: I think I'm starting to ask too many already. The Auncish lands...how are they ruled? A council of the Lords or every Duke for himself? I have a Noble, Descendent from Royalty and Auncish character and I wanted to establish more of her background. (Luckiest character I have. She has 1 Luck but everything other than purple, she passes. It's gotten to the point where I thought the game was bugged but no other character of mine does that)

  9. What's the difference between witchcraft and wizardry?


    There are mentions of witches and how they shapeshift (could we do that? because that would be awesome) but why are they the evil witches and evil sorcerers/wizards in a different category? Are they like hedge-witches or magicians? And how do they get to fly a broomstick? Because, even though it sounds uncomfortable it's still flying...

  10. I think that the success and failure text is reversed in Illusion and Misdirection 03 quest at the Gates Exit. I was a master at Gates and the ghost faded away. I kept wondering why I was failing until I played with a novice at it and it worked despite it being purple.

  11. I would want to join any Thieves' Guild that uses its own stationary. And has its very own Ugo. It just says something about the members...


    Not sure what, but there you go. Year 2 sounds like it's going to be a blast...can't wait for it to be out.

  12. Are there any Assassin's Guilds? The spy training is bordering this so I was wondering if the old spies gather around and sponsor up coming youths or are simply individuals who get too old to climb walls and throw daggers about.


    Also, any chance to get into the Thieves' Guild? I haven't seen an adventure of it yet, but I could have missed it.


    What is the Black Coster? (Not the Falcon, one but the one the Captain was complaining about) and why the similar names?

  13. Yes, but you can hide stuff like that. A Mastery college hidden in a small village where everyone acts like a zombie and keep saying "There is nothing in the woods" over and over again. (ahem or something similar) or a Gate college somewhere hidden like Schohanwicht. If the ones in charge would be powerful enough, why not? I guess I'm asking because my character was already a member of that school and I kept on wondering what would happen if you recognized them, what with your college mates there.

  14. I sort of had the feeling that the guards were in over their heads considering the situations they relied on my character on. Still, the Captain grew on me quite a lot. He's an awesome character (a Badass Normal, if you will). Hope to see him again. Maybe Orso Orsi or Ilaro might have been a better contact though...


    I now wonder if I could use Mastery spells on the Legate and what would happen.


    How old were the Icanicix students then? Considering one had white hair...or would that happen from usage of powerful magic?


    Thanks for the fast replies. I'm more and more fascinated by this world's lore and customs.

  15. Gates and Mastery...are the mages who use them caught by the guards, the society that shows up in the Vernin adventure (forgot its name. The one with the gold runes) or by, say, mob of powerful mages like the Regents, Orso Orsi and such?


    I ask because the Captain and his men don't seem that magically powerful yet they still tried to capture a powerful mage. A manipulating, scheming character of mine picked that quest only to have connections in case he's caught with illegal magic. Would it help, by any chance?


    And is the Icanicix college still teaching or are they a part of the Schohanwicht School? Are there more places to study Gates in?

  16. Shade Bond Adventure - "You look down a your Shadw" - at your Shade "they must be veil" - evil


    In the Familiar Bond Adventure Faux Dragon 3 is shows as "You help [Familiar Name]"


    Elemental Warriors 06 - "After arriving at the hanger once again, ember leads you through a series of tunnels and accelerated tunnels you come to yet another opening" - Ember and until you come?


    Elemental Warriors 07 - "You love above you" - look?


    The Water Challenge - "you create a current small current" - a small current


    Dating Phemes, I think - Smokey look. Not Smoky? Both are used.


    Something's Not Right - "What to living people ever want?" - what do


    Student Adventure Cirillo Laziosi 04c - "but delivering on time with extra...now that besides...now that makes an impression" - just now that


    Professor Sido's Friends - "Actor: Tarvixio Sido"


    Tales of Mastery: Nobiott's tale - "I don't know one gleans that from a story..." - I don't know how one gleans


    Deristus' Zeal - " I became the same sort of bully that I had victimized me just two years earlier" - that had victimized


    Piccolet's Adventure also has some odd links in the final step of it where it either mentions his clique or his entire biography but I haven't played it that recently to say where exactly. Will do so soon.


    I also have the This Time for Real adventure without the first step of it showing off and even after I complete it (in order to do all the adventures), it still comes up. I must have done it about three times per game on its own and once from start to finish and I think it's still there.

  17. Are all dragons supposed to be evil and arrogant and hated? There are so many comparisons (Gates can subdue a dragon, Mastery can control one and all the stories) that it would be quite interesting to perhaps find a baby dragon or something that you could either befriend or turn over. Or possibly even control to create an evil empire later.


    Are there even dragons around anymore or just in special places?

  18. I had a character who never did enter a clique. He was friendly with enough students to get their quests but never entered or formed one. I think I saw some other students without a clique too, near the end of the year, but not many. It would be interesting to see, considering the amount of rumours and talk around the school. Someone like that would attract attention. Hopefully in year 2 then.

  19. Is it possible to use Mastery against Mastery? As in, if a wizard casts a Mastery spell on our student (who also knows it) to be able to use it against him instead of using, say, Negation?


    Also, is there any perk to not having a clique at all? Something like "Ooh, he's so mysterious, he doesn't hang around with anyone, he does all the adventure stuff alone" ? It would be useful for a loner character.

  20. Would it be possible to stop having such a random Exotic Familiar? I spent two full days (it was a weekend) trying to get a specific familiar. Still didn't get it, but I was haunted by the fish and turtle. Maybe the game was trying to tell me something.


    Possibly an adventure in which you discover your familiar and you can pick a path (for the fish or turtle, visit a pet shop, for the shade a dark forest, for the doll, the whole bullying thing (I loved that one), for the faux dragon a mountain and so on) or make some way base it more on skills or personality? Because I started an evil character once (picking both Family Heritage, Voices and so on) and I still got the fish. And while being an Evil Overlord with an ...evil fish rolling around in a bowl was interesting but ultimately not that scary. It actually makes Pamela a much better choice than most.


    Another topic would be the skills...Lie, Deceit, Bluff and Acting couldn't fit under a single skill called Bluff? And Awareness, Observation and Perception under a single one and so forth. I'm sure this was mentioned before but there are a lot of skills that aren't used. And most could fit in one another. I'm sure there's nothing you could do in this game but for the future years, maybe?

  21. Does the "Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes" have a Charm requirement? I played with a normal character with a low Charm and got it but when I played one with cheats to explore most of the adventures (and had a very high Charm), it didn't show up.


    Do you plan to add more Gates and Mastery paths to the adventures? I played a rather dangerously inclined character and I only saw about 2 or 3 choices for them which was sad for me since I spent most of the game getting them to very high levels. And you couldn't use them against other Gate users that showed up in them. I suspect that the House on the Bog adventure is only for the Secret Heritage perk but could you find it without that?


    Is the Shade like a ghost and why is it considered evil?


    Since it's my first post, I must say that I love this game. I've spent countless hours mixing with it and for as an avid role-player, I've yet to find a modern game to show so many choices. And the world is simply amazing, very full of detail and lore and it feels very much alive. It's almost like a book.

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