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  1. Does the "Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes" have a Charm requirement? I played with a normal character with a low Charm and got it but when I played one with cheats to explore most of the adventures (and had a very high Charm), it didn't show up. Do you plan to add more Gates and Mastery paths to the adventures? I played a rather dangerously inclined character and I only saw about 2 or 3 choices for them which was sad for me since I spent most of the game getting them to very high levels. And you couldn't use them against other Gate users that showed up in them. I suspect that the House on the Bog adventure is only for the Secret Heritage perk but could you find it without that? Is the Shade like a ghost and why is it considered evil? Since it's my first post, I must say that I love this game. I've spent countless hours mixing with it and for as an avid role-player, I've yet to find a modern game to show so many choices. And the world is simply amazing, very full of detail and lore and it feels very much alive. It's almost like a book.
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