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  1. Oh, can I get in on this?


    I don't think it matters if it was luck or power. A mixture of both, sure, or just a lot of bad luck on Mjonir's part and calculations gone wrong. He might have a bruised pride and a desire to get back at us. None of us have any idea on the rumours that started after this and what the rest of the teachers have learned. Stories only grow in telling. Mjolnir could have tripped for all we're concerned. It's all rumour and conjecture. We, as players, know he might return, and that we will be involved. The character might know this too ( Cue song "Everything Happens to Me" by Dorsey and Sinatra).


    And freespace, I think you're forgetting something that is true even for us little first years and any PC in any game, ever. We are all the Determinator (link to TvTropes missing because we would all lose precious, precious hours). Our characters might not be but we are. We will plan and train and magic and finally, cheat to get our way, just because we want to know what happens. You know how in D&D there's a saying "If it has stats, the players will kill it" ? So even if we are but a minor cog that everyone avoids, we will want a piece of that glory, we will go out of our way for it and at some point, if the team is so kind as to sneak around threats and means to achieve power, we will find it and we will grab it. So how much of a threat are we? Well, a fairly big one.

  2. I don't think I'd sacrifice even if evil. Even evil tyrants with world domination plans need an evil fish to keep them company. Especially if you end up backstabbing all of your friends.


    Besides that, a familiar is how you can enhance your own stats for adventures. And let them have adventures of their own. If training changes in later years, possibilities are limitless. And you don't get their actions which can be pretty good. No Sphinx, but still.

  3. Orsi. Definitely Orsi. He'd understand both the need for adventure and be sympathetic enough to not expel you. Besides, he'd consider you living and admitting as a worthy lesson. If you come out of it with an artefact or something that might help, all the better. Orsi's cool like that.


    Favourite teacher would have to be Sido, but admitting anything to him would probably end up with facing a disappointed face, which would be worse than getting shouted at. I like the fact that he both teaches and talks about things in class that relate, yet are off the subject. He also seems to understand kids. Or think like one.


    I imagine Orsi would teach some advanced magic of sorts. Perhaps combining them. Seems to be his specialty. Unless he really does go with the whole "Evading the law" class.


    No clue on potions.

  4. I shall exclude Scheherazade and Academagia seeing as I wouldn't be around if they weren't at least in my top 10. Only my computer, my sleepless nights and I know how long I've played them.


    The rest are:



    Silent Hill
    NWN MotB
    Planescape: Torment
    American McGee's Alice and Madness Returns
    Blackwell games
    Divine Divinity
    Baldur's Gate
    Fallout 1&2 and NV (I liked NV more for story and characters than combat/graphics)


    I count the franchise unless specified. There's others...like Primordia and Gemini Rue and Witcher, Alan Wake etc. Top 10 is really restrictive.


    It's awful to go to a sunny place with the flu. Best of health. Have fun. Take pictures!


    Adrian, the dwarf monk does die eventually....does that work? Only the expansions were worth playing from that. And the mods. The graphics I didn't enjoy, but I didn't hate them either. And it was really hard to be evil in those games without some serious interventions. You just go around acting like a jerk.

  5. Wow, loads of writing while I was away. Holiday stuff and suddenly, I miss three days of my life. I didn't even drink...


    Politics...I never keep up with anything. My sole USA political understanding came from memes or gaming forums, which results in a dislike of Fox news. The patriotism thing, to me, is strange as I know a lot of folks from all around who would rather have a drink and laugh at their country than say things like 'we are awesome'. Sure, people rally if you go around saying the same thing (as a foreigner) but only if you're particularly mean/direct about it.

    In Britain or Italy, you are much more likely to get punched for insulting a football team. In fact, it's best not to get football involved at all unless you are talking about a particularly bad player or if you both hate a team.

    I am still a lot more into discussing football, though, even if I end up punched with a mug. Seems like a much more approachable subject on clear facts rather than a fight on belief and moral compass.


    And Mikka, you'll get there. One idea and some practice at it and you will get there, if you don't give up on it. And you can always self-publish, if you really need to, but as far as I understand it, you can find someone to enjoy your work nowadays faster than some time ago. Besides, if writing makes you happy, there's no way you'll stop, so you can only get better.

  6. Apparently my neighbour used salt and it ...worked? Somehow. Ants are a mystery to me.


    I also had the black thing, but most of the bars were biker bars, heavy metal and old rockers so everyone had the black thing. And leather. And long hair. I don't know how they got through summer. And we argued about the bands for what seemed like forever. I had decent grades...never got into trouble much except for the skipping which was regular and extended to the point where it was a big surprise if I attended for a whole week. The doooom thing passed me by, but that's because I always was a little morbid and the thought amused me.


    I think high school is a waste for most people. Most of the class work is dull, uninspired or uninteresting, skipping is easy and thinking outside of patterns lowers the grade (happened to me at a huge final). When I was in high school I couldn't wait to get into college. Now...I figure it's all mostly the same. Isn't it weird how much time we want to grow up as kids? And then we find out it's sort of 'meh'. The reason I wanted to grow up was so that I could have a house with a large backyard and loads of big dogs. I live in an apartment and the thought of a dog just brings up the idea of loads of extra responsibilities, shedding and how in hell could I get a big dog to a doctor if it gets sick.


    Are normal cigs banned in the military or just the e-cigs? Because that's ...strange?


    And thanks, freespace. Now I'm craving pizza. ...So do I have to add Chicago to the list of 'to visit' ? Because I heard the hot dogs there are also pretty damn special. I can already see myself visiting and ending up eating the entire time.


    I forgot about the only one Easter thing. My dad and grandfather are orthodox so we celebrate twice. They were really distanced this year so the holidays were messed up.

    Hope you do get to try it. It's pretty great.


    I hate bad wine. Haven't had a chance to go on a good wine day either and probably won't soon. Combination of being busy, lacking cash lately and impending exams. Although, oddly enough, every time I get drunk on wine the night before an exam, I pass it no matter how unprepared I am. So far, I have never failed a single exam which is very weird considering everything.


    I can understand the whole, having a rough time. I want to get a new job (this one is frustrating, annoying, bad and stressful), I want to write, which I haven't been able to, exams, college obligations (gotta go to labs which is hard with said full-time job) and just all around spring. It's also very hot and I hate heat. But hang in there, things will end up alright, and even if they don't life goes on huh? You can always get drunk and forget about it, I suppose. So this has gotten really depressive, real quick.


    Cat and Cuàn!

    If Cat is hyperactive, or at the very least generally energetic, you could have her pester the PC in different ways. Wake him up in the middle of the night because 'adventure'! There's a pixie in her room, odd shadows, she was running around and lost her wand. She could draw attention to something in class. The two of you could encounter satyrs. The PC could comfort her ferret, if the PC has a ferret, then they could become friends.


    Cuàn could wander in the woods and rescue a lost PC. Provide help with Zoology assignments, rescue the player from Phillipe, ask you to help mediate a college situation, need your help with a wounded wolf, encounter a trap in the woods you both have to escape from (poachers, hunters etc.). It's a bit harder to think of adventures for him, seeing as he's so level-headed, but if I do think of more, I'll write them down.

  7. You know, this evening I had to go to a neighbour's place at the ground floor and guess what? She told me there were ants. Balcony and somewhere around the guest bedroom. I suggested the cinnamon thing. Haven't talked to her yet but I will tomorrow so I'll see the results. I was amused, though, because before you two I hadn't heard much about ant infestations.


    I was never a good kid. I drank and smoked and partied and my parents went to my school more often than I did. But yes, it was very cool. The fact that I got to hang around people much older than I was and discuss things over drinks and go out every night was fun, especially since not a lot of people treat kids that age as grown-ups. And they used to pay for a lot, because jobs. We youngsters paid for the cab and occasional cig. The guys were great. I lost touch over the years and now I'm much too busy to spend night randomly drinking away the hours, but I think that was the best part of high school (besides the skipping)


    Did you like sakotis? Kürtős kalács is better because of the added stuff...like cinnamon, cocoa, sugar all tossed on it, made on the spot and cooked. And the dough is soft and delicious. Another thing you should try...special holiday sponge cake, or at least something like sponge cake. Somewhat like what the Italians call 'colomba pasquale'. It's usually made in Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania and it's a sweet bread but made with cocoa and nuts and cinnamon and isn't served on Easter alone. One of the best things I've tasted. It can be made at home but ...it's difficult to make. Not souffle difficult but more like "I would rather dig a well" difficult. You just sweat at it for three days straight. My mother made some...worst days ever and the thing was gone in a couple of hours.


    Everything is okay. I've just had some hectic weeks that caught up to me. Missed you too and I enjoy our chats . My parties generally extend to people I know and people I drink with. So naturally, booze. Got some nice Shiraz.


    Good luck on the writing and everything is worth writing down. Try and get some inspiration...walks, looking longingly out the window. Whatever works. I tend to start reading similar things to what I want and then brainstorm, usually while drinking. Editing after. I'm sure everything will be alright and there's no pressure.

  8. That's ...damn authentic. That said, I really didn't like pizza in Italy. I have no idea if that is blasphemy or not. It was just sort of a 'meh'. Maybe I got the wrong pizza.


    So update on ants? This is becoming quite the dramatic occurrence.


    Well, I know about what they'd like ...so I got that right. And I've been hitting bars since 15. While everyone got a beer, I got cocktails, spirits or wine. We used to hang around people way older than us (max was 33 or sth) and we sat around until 3am on a school night discussing philosophy or alcohol and drinking bottles of wine. It was awesome. Only reason I miss high school.


    So...first politics and terrorism, now smoking discussions. Both my fault. I should learn when to shut up. I know people who smoke. A lot. So even when I didn't smoke, I was more with freespace on this. I think smokers and non-smokers should be courteous towards the other, and while I've never had a situation appear with someone being rude to me for smoking, I have heard various stories. I can understand the fact that people hate smoke but it's half turned into a witch-hunt overseas.


    Norwegian pastries!! Which ones? Scandinavian ones are REALLY sweet, I've noted. The rest of Eastern Europe uses loads of rich, fluffy dough. But, seriously, ever find kürtős kalács, GET IT! Where I live, I can go to a fair that's every Sunday and buy one made right there, with the ingredients of my choice. I pick EVERYTHING.


    So I've been busy lately. Last night was a break and I had some sort of party here. Got rid of some bottles, got new ones. Finally got online. No ideas on the mod tool, it always worked fine for me. I'd ask for the mod to test and see and I could, if you wanted, but that would include spoilers. Any chance of stealing another person's PC and test it out there?

  9. ...Italian water tastes like...well water. In some parts of Milan it tastes a bit metallicky, a tad ..greasy (can I call water greasy?) in Rome and I did not have the sheer guts to drink it Venice, but ...water is water. I can't believe I just wrote that. Which water tastes more Italian...


    Death to the ant invaders! Here's hoping.


    I pick the cocktails when going out. If I know a guy likes sweet stuff, I order him a damn sweet thing and he can shut up and drink it. Reminiscent of my sister's ex, who kept ordering shitty drinks and then stealing mine.

    Smoking is something I enjoy more than something I'm addicted to, so while I can agree on the whole health issue as much as the next sane person, I'll probably never truly stop. My last cig was two weeks ago or more when I actually stopped and savoured an Irish coffee.


    Besides ticking, have you noticed anything else going on? Computer being slow? Errors?


    I think all politics are like that. Except the ones where everything is just a mash of things, different only in name.


    A decade is too long for seashell chocolates. Look here. See if those are the ones you liked. I don't even know why I like them so much. I've had great chocolates, but how great is it that's it's seashells...

    Belgian chocolate is my favourite. There's a 'bar' thingy around called "Chocolat" which imports it and it has the smallest pastries. Yet I can barely eat one whole. And it's absolutely delicious.


    Swiss chocolate is, as I said, expensive. Nearly ridiculously so. Tiny too. But good. I mean, it keeps up the reputation. A lot of Switzerland is expensive, in fact so it only figures so would chocolate. I think most of Western Europe makes real good chocolate. Eastern Europe has the better 'dough' made sweets if you don't mind them being real heavy and rich-tasting. You have to try kürtős kalács at least once in your lifetime, even if doesn't look like much.


    Hurrah for Cat and Cuàn! And them being sane. Can't wait to add them to the clique. Good luck with the writing!

  10. My grandmother makes noodles...like from scratch. She makes all food like that. I've always seen it as a waste of time, but then, if I eat a sandwich on a regular day, I call it a full nutritious meal. I lack the time. Still, it's pretty great when I do eat her food. I imagine Japanese ramen is like that. Seriously need to try....

    Yes, what is Asian Fusion? I don't think I've seen one of those around. I have a sushi bar I go often enough. I like sushi. And egg rice. I always get that.


    What's the update on the ants?


    Huh, I never get drunk. When me and some mates were 15, we used to go to bars. A lot of bars. Biker and metal bars, mostly. When the school had proms or such we made an appearance and then skipped to go to a bar, dressed as we were. We knew the owners and they'd let us go there and drink even though the age limit was 21, sometimes for free. And even then, everyone passed their drinks over to me, because I didn't get drunk. I mean, I got slightly dizzy, but properly drunk? Never. And while they got beer, I was always more for spirits: vodka, scotch, etc.

    I like to drink, but I never got addicted to anything. I've been smoking since 14 and up to this day I can hold out on only one cigarette a month if I need to, even though I used to smoke two packs a day when I had them. I've since switched to kreteks.


    Do backups on the work you're doing. Please do. Odd noises in a computer don't tend to be just 'anything'. Crossing fingers for you.


    I take full responsibility for the discussions on terrorism, although I am wondering how we got to them considering that I was simply whining about not getting to see Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I probably will, eventually. And yes, politics and religion, best avoided as topics. I also know next to nothing on politics.


    So to get back to our slightly less serious topics...seashell Belgian chocolates? Yay or nay? I say yay and probably buy enough to last me a lifetime. I've only passingly went through Belgium and while it definitely competes with Switzerland on the whole chocolate thing, the seashell ones win. Everything. Also, chocolate in Switzerland? Very expensive as are most things. You can get similar quality in France or Italy but for less.

  11. Jumper, yes. I meant the X-men universe, and there are a lot of teleporting characters. Nightcrawler has a limit on his teleportation so no. Do I remember Shunken Idou right? Speed of light? That sounds a bit more inaccurate. And I get lost a lot.

    To be fair, I get lost a lot in my hometown. I've never had that issue in foreign cities or the woods. But at home, where I was born and grew up, I can't walk five steps without getting lost. Speed of light movement? I'd probably never be able to go back to my apartment.

    I like plane rides, I do not like paperwork and all that it entails. And I do not like removing my shoes.


    No ants!! Wine bottle to celebrate! Hope it lasts and the buggers are all dead.


    Haven't tried Japanese ramen. I've been to China, once, for a very short period and only tried shark ...stew? soup? I have no idea. It was shark. I also got the tea and I hate tea.

    I don't eat much of the frozen kind of ramen anyway. I'm more of an Italian type of pasta than Japanese or Chinese. How was it? How was Japan in general? Been interested for a bit.


    Frozen pizza I get. Pizza is hard to make just right and takes time to cook. Back when we used to make homemade pizza we had a bakery around that sold ready made dough. So we got that, put stuff on it and cooked. I think that a lot of bakeries do that. The dough isn't that hard anyway. The trick is to let it overnight, which, to be fair, won't happen if you want pizza NOW. We just order. I have a pizza shop less than 10 minutes away and it's not even expensive. They also have great desserts.


    Yeah, the US laws are strange...

    You basically have to start planning a year ahead, which I've never done and don't really plan to. It's a shame as I really want to see cities and see the Mardi Gras in New Orleans and a lot of stuff...

    I've heard of a lot of remarks on how hard it is to go there. I think it might be the terrorism...might be the idea that everyone wants to move there..I don't know. I wouldn't want to move there because I like where I live. So who knows? I haven't read that much about it, but as far as I did and considering the people I've talked to, America seems like one of the hardest place to visit. Shame, really.


    I like most wines to be just a tad lower than temperature room. Had a Shiraz and a Merlot today. Been seriously thinking about having a bar built...


    Procrastination...er...talking to the wrong person. Just getting inspired would be an idea. I always get ideas while reading. Or listening to music. What does usually work for you? Drinking helps me with inspiration, is all I know.


    Ooooh I will really like Cuàn. Every time I even read the name Boone, I want to replay Fallout New Vegas.

  12. ...Teleporting superpowers, definitely. Who was the guy who didn't have a limit on the teleporting distance in the X-Men? Totally forgot his name.


    Yeah, ants suck. Do you have any place to take the cats so that you can call the exterminators and spray around?


    Yeah, Legate helps Ilaro, but the Legate is the Legate. Like in the Vernin hand adventure, he has contacts. You ...no matter how manipulative, are still a kid with less time to do things. And the Captain doesn't seem to care much about the Legate's position. And if Mastery fails...well...

    I like helping the Captain because you also get the opportunity to help the Legate so you have two of the most influential people in your pocket, so to speak. The Captain is a good person to know.


    NPCs in a vendetta would mean Phillipe would end up either hospitalized every day or having a very busy schedule indeed. Can you imagine the sort of rivalries that go around?


    At least lasagna can take time to make. Pasta just takes 20 minutes in a pot of water. That's the point of noodles and ramen. Granted, I have never tasted that sort of mac and cheese. Here, you just...put cheese on boiled pasta. And then sugar by taste. Huh, I guess it would be easier but that's just how much it would take a normal pot. Maybe I'm biased considering what I know.


    Visas are notoriously hard to get for the US. You can't go there without one and if you get one, you can get turned around at the airport. My boss, in fact, wanted to get one to visit a friend for a week and couldn't get one. And he wouldn't want to move anyway. So, that would take work.


    Yeah, red wine is room temperature. Rose and white should be slightly chilled. But yes, it should be enjoyed. I mean, as long as anyone is happy. My dad, the only one of us who would drink whatever, beer, wine, etc, gets a lot of discussions on this so I know how it's like to know someone to shake a finger at. I still really hate it when he dilutes wine.


    Good luck with the plans and projects. Youtube is a notorious time sinker.

  13. ...I can only see one reason both you and freespace have bug problems. The ants are invading. All those B-rated horror movies were just trying to warn us. Them!, Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!, Empire of the Ants, The Hive...


    Alright, now I just started scaring myself.


    I like Ilaro, but I find that a student - particularly a manipulative student - leaves himself very exposed after dealing with him. After all, he's always on the run. Same with the Pirates. I mean, the Captain finds out you hang out with Pirates. There goes an opportunity for a useful contact. Not to mention the fact that it won't do wonders for the ol' reputation if you ever get in trouble with the law...


    Ooo...NPC war. Then again probably not. They end up in the infirmary really fast. Then they'd be expelled for sure.


    I go out of my way to go to interesting or quirky restaurants (if not those with great food) so I have no way of knowing where and why frozen food exists around here, but I do believe you have great restaurants. I just can't imagine what frozen pasta tastes like. I mean, I've seen pizza, fish and whatnot in stores, and people eat that, sure. I see the point. But pasta just seems like one of those meals that it's so easy to make that no one would bother cook beforehand.


    You're making me want to go to Disney Woooorld...And I can't go. Work. College. Lack of visa or, currently, extra cash. Urgh. I want teleporters to be invented. It would do wonders for tourism.


    I need another buy-wine day. I get it where I can find it, though I generally gravitate towards those with unique and diverse types. I hope you'll like the wine, if you can find it.

    Aww..ice cubes in wine. Why? I mean, I know people who drink watered wine (mineral water sometimes) but why ice cubes? Either way, it seems sort of a waste. Wine isn't there as a way to get drunk or try alcohol. It's all about the taste.

    Yes, my family is an alcohol snob. Whiskey, cognac, beer, wine, plum liquor, brandy...holidays are interesting.


    I got back safely and tired. It was a business trip, for one day, but those aren't that special. It rained all day. Wasn't as cold as I expected though.


    That chocolate looks great. Really. Definitely on my list. Man, we're really discussing expensive vices here...

  14. I like the Captain for various reasons. He's both serious and amusing depending on the situation. As a non-magical individual, he really needs your help much more than the others. I like that we resolve his story. And to my favorite little black sheep (the one I wrote a one-shot on) he's pretty much the ideal father figure. And if you do his main adventure and the Cirillo adventure, you get a pretty good gist of what's going on without having to ask the Legate, which is always nice.


    Ah, it's always the quiet ones, isn't it? I don't like having rivalries (they take away from adventure time) but I think I might poke the bear a bit considering Louise and Cuan. Just to see what they do.


    Urgh, going to the bedrooms? Isn't there some sort of way to let the exterminators go inside, you move for a day and when you come back they're all dead? I'd keep suggesting fire but at this point, it's best to have a chat with the landlord or whoever it is that owns it and just decently burn the whole place. It's an emergency, I'm sure he'd understand.


    Ah...five star restaurants. You have to go at least once a year, even if you don't eat anything but crackers for the rest of the week. It's just worth it, I think. There was this place around...it was located in an old mansion that used to belong to a Baron or something, and the rooms were divided ..the living was huge and the main area, where you got a piano player. Upstairs, there was the tea room and various small dining rooms. When I went, it was nighttime and snowing, we ate in the library and they made us a fire. The sommelier suggest this amazing Chardonnay. It closed down some time back but while it was open I went there often, if only for coffee and cake. And it was worth it. It was an entire museum disguised as a restaurant. You could take the books and read them at the table, if you wanted or stare at the original art. I miss that place...


    You can't....who freezes pasta? You can't just freeze pasta and pizza and have it taste properly. Especially not proper Italian. Note to self: do not eat at Olive Garden.

    I have to try Ethiopian now. Checked it out. One is pretty close to my college. Will probably go when I have some time. Not really crazy about spicy food. I can't eat much. Part of my suffering in India. You get so much odd and spicy food the stomach rebels. I'd packed some instant stuff from home and had to have a two day break or else...


    Most Austrian wine is dry white. About 70-80% I'd say, because the dominant grape is green. Zweigelt and Blauburger grapes account for half of the red production, planted sometime around the 20's. I prefer Zweigelt because those aged wines are absolutely delicious. The other type of grapes are for more common, light wines.

    I come from a family of wine-lovers so this sort of discussions aren't uncommon. My grandfather used to travel to Italy often in the 40's just to get Barbera wine and mom was the one who started "we-purchase-an-entire-shop's-worth-of-bottles" day.


    At a restaurant, currently, being the 'young person' in the group, the one who won't leave the electronics alone. Even if I have to use it. Ordered. No wine :P Did get some lovely coffee. Waiting for tea. Ugly weather, indeed. It rained all morning and seems like it's going to have another go at it.


    I can drink cheap wine if it's quality cheap wine. Which can exist...Chocolate is better when it's rich and milky and flavorful. I love chocolate.

  15. I swear Diavesque is right up there as my favourite character besides the Captain. I imagine he suffers horribly in my character's hands.


    Don't rush them, then despite my excitement. Which is worse to antagonize, Cat or Cuàn?


    My toenail was fine...after some time. I get so worked up that generally nothing matters, whether it is that my feet hurt, I'm hungry or it's raining. The only times I plan food is when I really want to see a certain place. Like say, the Sherlock Holmes pub. I'm a massive Sherlock Holmes fan. If you get there, try the coffee, not the sandwiches.


    Awww that sounds delicious...I seriously have to go there sometime. Although the idea of giant rodents seen in person terrify me. That never moving grin....*shudder*

    Never eaten faux Italian. Just...Italian. French food is great. They know their pastries. I wanted to lock myself up in the pastry shop and eat it all. I wanted to own them all. Bites out of them are little pieces of heaven that melt and drip into your stomach to fill your life with happiness.

    I need to try Ethiopian. Any good?


    Yeah, malaria pills hit us all pretty bad. Like I said, visiting in India is amazing. The locations are some of the most interesting in the world. Just be sure to get a local guide. Both to drive (you will never drive like an Indian...just...no words...) and because women generally need a male guide. This was thoroughly discussed with the people I went with. It's not ideal, but recommended for various issues. And you'll need someone to barter for you to get good prices.


    Will look for that type of wine then. I do have friends who go to the states, maybe they'll be luckier. I also have very silly friends who would run off with crates of the stuff shouting "Come and get me, copper!"

    The whole laws just sound ...odd. Was it supposed to help with something? Did PA drink that much (or bootleg?)


    I opened a dry red today. Austrian, which mostly does whites, but the reds are good. A Zweigelt if you know it. I'm indulging while packing (I hate packing) because I have to go to Istanbul tomorrow morning. Where it's raining. And cold. I'll probably be back by midnight, though.

    And I now crave truffles...

  16. I had a character for whom the clique was: the muffin, talking evil book, familiar and a salamander. And forced them all into tea parties. ...Man, to be a fly on that wall.


    I can't wait for you to finish the events then. Show more teasers maybe?


    A whole toenail once turned blue and threatened to fall off while on vacation. I left at around 8 in the morning and came back at midnight. I can't laze around either, it just feels like a waste. I barely plan food, just go inside a shop, get a sandwich or a donut or whatever looks edible and keep moving. Sightseeing, exploring, shopping!


    Aw, Disney World. I wanna go. Take a ride for me, will ya? Or some cotton candy. That is definitely on my list. It's not like the one in France is better.


    Go on that cruise. Seriously. All four countries are amazing to see, especially by ship. Depending on where you go and how, you could see some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It would be worth it.


    Yes a cow! And no could actually do much, seeing as cows are sacred. There were also some pigs running around.

    I made a trip to McDonalds just to see the menu. Not surprisingly, all chicken or 'McVeggie'/'McSpicy'. I didn't have the heart to try those. Not after that much Indian food. India is beautiful if taken apart from the people, poverty and genuine discrepancy between the classes. The ancient part of it was worth all the trouble I've been to, even if there were 50 degrees C outside and a girl got sick. Amazing food if you like that type, great shopping, some friendly locals, bartering was fun. There are some hidden gems there for sure.


    But well...I went there for work and had this great building, beautiful, all glass, AC everywhere and it was surrounded by a dump. There are no traffic laws, besides that. Drivers communicate by honking. It's chaotic and not exactly what you would expect. And the malaria pills made me sick. I'd recommend someone a visit at least once...because the feel of the city is unique. But going as someone who wasn't treated as a tourist and went almost everywhere, I can say that it depressed me. It could have been culture shock, yes, India is supposedly good at that, but I'm still not particularly eager to go again. I also hate heat...which is a slightly more petty reason not to go.


    The wine was good. I'll open the next one soon. Any choices of wineries you'd recommend? I did read the laws and had them described to me in detail by a mate. What is with them anyway? Considering a great choice of wines, you'd think they'd be allowed to ship away.


    Oh, I might just try those. I'd probably need to order them or look for someone who might own them because, seriously, all Californian. And while I like the wine, I like tasting different sorts often. What Italian reds are there?


    I opened a bottle just because Sunday. End of the week and all. Monday I have to open one because hey, Monday. I hate Mondays.

  17. I can't wait for Y2. I'll probably fake illness just to spend some extra days playing it and making the PERFECT character for it. Some with Gates, others with clubs, glory, adventures...so much to do, so little time.

    You could summon yugoloths...but would you want to? Nordrom sounds like a better idea.


    I really can't wait to see and play through the mod. It does sound interesting. And the more events the better.


    I would really like to visit everything you've mentioned. There's just so much I want to see there. There's quite a lot to see everywhere. I usually get so many blisters or aches when going someplace solely to visit, that I can hardly move for a week after coming home.

    I still need to decide where to go this year.

    Oh, another location you should definitely visit. Barcelona. You haven't lived until you've seen the Sagrada Familia or the Gaudi park. Honestly the whole place is amazing. Of course, when I went I also checked out the football stadium, but that's secondary (unless you're a Barça fan). Sagrada Familia. It's a must. I could actually recommend at least ten or twenty Must Visit's but if I get started on it, I'd probably never finish with the impressions and odd happenings. For example, I have seen the Taj Mahal and while India is interesting...I don't think I'd go back there. Funny thing..a friend got chased by a cow in New Delhi. I had no idea that happened.


    The wine was Allegheny Cellars. A Riesling. I also have a Heritage Wine Cellars one, but I haven't opened it yet. I've been looking around for more PA wines but I can only find Californians. Luckily some friends do end up around the States a lot and can bring bottles with them, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to try one.

    Hm..and now I want to try Maryland wines.

    Best wine I've had was Italian. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. It's a really pleasant red, generally sold at a bargain price. It's gotten to a point where I only want to go to Italy for the wines.

  18. Yes, it's already hard going to class for two whole slots, I can't imagine going for three. And all the club adventures and ..urgh, I want Year Two as well.


    Writing is usually the fun part so enjoy it. You have enough time. Cuàn would demand something practical. Maybe in his favour.


    I suppose that, with Gates, you could summon all sorts of things, angels included. If not angels, then benevolent beings that help others. If we were to take the D&D thing, daevas might be the closest thing. Then again, clique names hardly have an impact. Waiting for Year Two myself. I can't wait to see what the cliques do influence.


    I like to travel. I do it either with work or personal interest but I like to go someplace different at least once a year. This year I've been meaning to go to Croatia (Dubrovnik is gorgeous) or Vienna (there's a lot to visit), but I haven't decided yet. Honestly, I'd love to visit the States. I've been meaning to see New Orleans during Mardi Gras (I've been to Venice during the Carnival but I doubt it's all that similar) and I want to see New York but it's quite far away and there's a lot to see in the meanwhile. I think all travels are cursed in some form, though yours do sound bad. It's just...seeing everything and experiencing nothing but what the city has to offer that is addicting. Not having to worry about anything but what you can visit, just relax and walk around, noticing the history and art ... it's a beautiful thing.


    Urgh...vinegar. Well at least the ants should be gone. Again, good luck with it. Fire would be a sure bet, but if the apartment people protest...

    Though, mind, it is a worthy cause...


    I take Zoology a lot. Many interesting adventures. Revision also has many adventures. I wish Incantation had as many. It's my favourite class. Math definitely doesn't have enough. Poor math, always neglected.


    So, I spent most of today picking wines...I got a Blue Nun... disappointed that the wine was white not really blue. Nice bottle, good wine, though not really worth it. I also got some dry reds and a pinkish red. The people at the store were giving me worried looks. And a box. I got a large box to put them in so that they wouldn't break. They don't give boxes to anyone, so I'm starting to worry...

    Great wines though. Got a couple of PA wines. Drank one. I like it. Spending the evening drinking and reading. Will have to save some bottles for Easter. My family celebrates both the Catholic and Orthodox one so it's always good to be prepared, although this weekend might bring another alcohol shopping spree. I'm bad with money...I think but at least there's always something around to entertain me. What's the best wine you've ever bought?

  19. Meaning that more than 6 classes would take over the normal two slots? Every day? Because grades, prerequisites and Professors can be in the bag, but the time...especially for someone with high glory and five clubs not to mention a full clique...


    Oi...our students will need therapy.


    I don't know about angels, but it has demons?...Who knows? I have a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen currently. I plan on adding rules like "only monocles allowed".


    Been to Dublin. Those were the craziest four days of my life...the day after I'd gotten there, there were news of a gangster or something going around with an AK, then the church near the place my hotel was got robbed of the heart of a saint, then...I don't remember exactly what happened, but it again had something to do with the Mafia. I know that this sort of thing happens rarely but I somehow stumbled into 3 events all at once even though I haven't seen a thing. My family was both terrified and mocking me. To this date, I think that those events were my fault. Can't explain it otherwise. When I went to London, there were riots, so it's not really a singular event. I won't even mention the local trips...


    Never been to Japan, but I do want to go. I blame the really interesting culture. Australia...I had a mate there, and the locations are amazing. The deadly insects are not..

    Turkey is very cool to visit. I've been going for a while and it's only gotten better. I can't even explain how nice the people are. Yes, you can get lost in the Grand Bazaar and seeing the sea and going on a cruise there..it's just wonderful. There's interesting jewelry, knick knacks, decorations...there's just everything. I strongly encourage a visit.


    So the ants are retreating? Good. Although honestly, at this point, if I were you, I'd just burn the kitchen. Worthy sacrifice. Teach them the meaning of fear.


    My difficulty in choosing classes is more because of the fact that adventures are a BIG part of the playthrough. And I think of what adventures would suit the character instead of what classes, especially since a first year wouldn't really know what he'd like to study or how it the class goes. I studied Robotics and I thought it was awesome until somewhere around the third lesson. Then it all went boring. There went my dreams of building a transformer. So it's pretty common to think you were going to study something and ended up doing something else.

  20. Something...suitably stoic and short, I'd guess. I always run into a wall on what to name cliques. One of the reasons I rarely make one.


    Turkey is great to visit. Great people, interesting sites, nice food. They also have a thing for cats. You can find them everywhere. No dogs though.


    Well, you can always buy spiders and unleash the dogs of war!! That might end up with you having a spider problem though. Is that worse or better for you?


    What classes do they want to take? And what is their favorite? What else would they like to take besides those?


    I always have trouble picking classes. I spent hours pouring on the mod tools about what adventures I'd like to take, then try to settle things in character, then back to the mod tools again. I really can't wait to have more than six classes.

  21. I love Vietnamese food. But ten dollars still sounds like a lot for dessert. Were they ..large cookies? Special recipe? Extra-cookie like?


    It wasn't that good a beer. Seeing as Turkey is muslim, there isn't much variety and it's somewhat hard to find/buy. If you go there, you want coffee - absolutely amazing no matter what Aunt Evelyn says - or raki to drink (all the food is great). This was just...you know...beer. And a piece of cake elsewhere - same airport - was six dollars and something. I have no idea why it cost so much now that I think of it...


    I want to visit that airport now...


    Ants with...

    My mother used to use hairspray on bugs. Or alcohol. I don't know what works on ants...At this point, I'd start waving white flags and work out a truce. Or have the exterminator do it.


    Beyond Divinity - the first sequel - was interesting, story wise. Loads of lore and some cool facts Combat was ...not so great. Dragon Knight Saga was nice due to dragon turning. And it's on the Oblivion engine, but it's very very hard to tell. I liked it.


    I ignored the Witcher portrait mechanic. Outside of that, it was a very nice game. Most people complained about combat, I was too busy staring at the gorgeous animations. Witcher 2 was more about politics with some realistic consequences. I'd recommend them. I think the combat actually sucks in this one but there are some nice additions. And the art style...stunning.


    Hmm...well does Cuan like his college? He doesn't seem like the type to care, I think. I'd go with B simply because even those who don't care would want some benefits, but he shouldn't go out of his way. So if he's free or has nothing better to do, he could have the option.

  22. ..Where did you eat? And how good was it? In the Istanbul airport, a beer is ten dollars. Not a particularly large beer. That's as bad as six macaroons.


    Larian is only one of the best RPG making companies. It's debatable whether you consider Divine Divinity amazing or not. It is.

    They have two games coming up: Original Sin with very interesting combat and Dragon Commander which has dragons with jetpacks. The dialogues are always incredibly fun. In their last game, Dragon Knight Saga, you could turn into a dragon and fly around and fight stuff. It's one of my favourite games.


    There hasn't been an Obsi game I haven't enjoyed even as I screamed around in frustration. I didn't try the combat system much. I was a sneak. I managed not to kill a single person outside of the bosses. It was a fun run.

    How on earth did you finish Witcher then? And don't say you didn't. Both the games were great.


    ...Poor Mario.


    I think I asked the drinkie question once. The headcannon is right. I pulled up the quote.


    My vote is 100% for a Quaffing Skill, but I don't think you'll see that appear until Year 4 or 5. There is no legal drinking age at this period in history, although drunken students learning magic is such a dangerous idea that the Academagia provides magically cleansed water as your only drink.


    No answer for bars and taverns but I imagine the uniform ruins that opportunity.


    I like Cuàn. I'll definitely get him in a clique at some point. Have you noticed that the boys are calmer and a bit less strange than the girls? Although I imagine anyone would look pretty normal in that bunch.

  23. I am happy with this. I love my evil book. Yes, I do. Is he loyal to us except when he's involved, or does he just cause bad stuff to happen?


    Would he allow any old person to take control of him? If the language is [redacted] how about what it's written? Can you read it or does the Glamour change it to Minetan or whatever language you want? Is it history? Gates theory? Dragon anatomy lessons...? Knitting tips?

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