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  1. Obsi also did some pretty cool romances in KotOR even if they were left somewhat unfinished (I was thinking of Atton, poor fellow). Ooo I approve of Veronica even if I'm a Boone fan (good gosh, could that man shoot!) so most of the time I spent around the Mojave were with him. But he seemed to have enjoyed his romance so...


    Oooh nooooo, Leoshi. Whoever could steal your shouls from you? Of course not! Why that would be rude. But, pack some with you, just in case. Also, bring Arvak or another modded horse. The place has no other horses. The rascals.

  2. And here I thought you'd be busy with Skyrim. Slight non-spoilerish advice for Dragonborn, whenever you eventually get it: have some unused dragon souls aside for it. Three or four should do it. Believe me, you will need them until you finish the main quest. Trust me on this one.


    I hope the Morvidus boy isn't a werewolf....really hoping. And normally I'd say no one should get their inspiration from Bio (I think I subconsciously have something against them) but considering how interesting the students seem to be, I shall reserve all judgement until I play them fully. My favourite romances seem to either be mods (which are extensive things) or Obsidian made, which, to be fair, are reaaally depressive. Avellone does not like happy endings.


    For art, I'd also suggest deviantART. I once tried to draw a student. Did not end up well. He looked like he had some sort of allergic reaction and a fake tan, besides. Horrifying. Any clues on how you'd like them to look?

  3. After the pig familiar question, I'm now trying to imagine an evil pig. Frightening thought, that.


    I imagine there are Rimbal competitions, but other than inner-college ones, who does Academagia compete with? As far as we know there aren't enough magic schools to make it interesting, unless somehow, Schohanwicht or some unknown Mastery school would start popping up. Or if you add the preschools and then some. Or do they usually compete in more serious events? Like say...the World Cup?

  4. A werewolf and a Morvidus one at that...worse than a bit, I think :lol: Then again...I guess we'd have to compare him to Phillipe.


    I disliked...sort of everything in DA2. Well, not everything, I liked the qunari but then I liked them in DA:O too. At the end I was sort of happy to have an excuse to kill everyone except Varic. I was never really into the ME series (I disliked Shepard a lot) so I wasn't that affected by it, but yes, I completely understand the hate. Man, that end...and the child...and yeah. I get it.


    Well, detention does end up forcing the oddest students together pretty much wherever they hand out detentions so it doesn't seem all that strange to have more encounters due to it. Another way of grouping them would be them showing up for class, school gathering, theatre, concert early for various reasons (one didn't know the time it started, one was already there, one was brought by his familiar, etc) or them just accidentally sharing the same space and then take it from there. And while I like your idea, it does seem like an adventure rather than event, which would be harder. Maybe that sort of adventures could be added later? After all, there is some time until Year 2 (hopefully not that long, though).


    As for the event, I already adore that cat. Is Antonio willing to share?

  5. Morvidus werewolf...that would mark the moment when no one picks the bitter rival background. No one.


    I liked the Oblivion character creation better (signs and stats not the faces (good heavens, not the faces)) and ..the thieves guild. But as a general game, yes it was better than Fallout and Oblivion. Morrowind was different. It had been released in a golden age of gaming after Baldur, Arcanum, Black and White, Deus Ex... It was just a different time (better if you ask me but I like old-school games). I don't tend to discuss most of them since I'm a curmudgeon when it comes to games and I know that sometimes annoys people. My friends force themselves to not even mention DA2 around me (or recently anything Bioware) because it sends me into fits and mouth-foam.


    Glad you like the ideas. If I think of more, I will add them, though a lot come while at work or in class so ... that's definitely a sign that I've been doing something wrong. If you make an event with all of them it still counts towards individuals, though. You could write a whodunit if you like them. They could either be receiving detention and be forced to spend their time together, could be locked in together, could be actually studying, could be accidently locked in, could be victims of Rui sending letters of blackmail and calling himself Mr. Boddy...


    And I've gone too far. Still it does sound like something Rui would do...

  6. Man, I didn't notice the 'Mika'. In my defence, my phone has a tiny screen. But now, we gotta have a new student :P


    I have Dragonborn. Considering I was never a fan of Skyrim in the first place, I can't say I adore it, even if I know so much about it. The Morrowind part of it is odd, I guess, though not odd enough. It didn't hit that nostalgic note I expected. It was just Skyrim with some some stranger features in it. And it's pretty empty. Dragon riding is highly overrated...which just made me sad. I guess, with us going back to Morrowind, I expected more which isn't the right move with Bethesda. Disappointment aside, Skyrim, like Oblivion and Fallout 3 before it, are good enough to play while drinking so there's that.


    Oh, and ..a lot of it revolves around killing either Draugr or Ashspawn. Mostly Draugr for me, so far.


    Antonio could be spotted praying. A religious PC could bond with him that way. The PC could do something considered highly suspect - superstition wise - and since he was with you, he could ask you to counter it. He could get sick and ask you to help him do something, seeing as he can't get out of the infirmary. Or ask you to help him escape from there.

  7. I ...I definitely know Mika. She's the girls I helped sneak into the professor's lounge to steal cake which escalated into bribing the porter to let us out and skip class for the rest of the day and go to the park(to eat the cake of course). I nearly failed Maths because of her... Bad influence but all around good fun. Unless you get caught. Will we?


    Antonio...he's from Monteon, so a character who knows the mercenaries or the language should get an adventure. Either meet the mercenaries and get invited to a drink/walk/gambling den and Antonio wants to join and hits it off with them (and the PC) or make Sido spark a discussion in Dialectic about them which both the PC and Antonio collaborate. Or make Sido give them a project for extra credit since they both know so much and he heard the mercenaries were in town.


    Since it's gambling, he and Cirillo should have a decent one-off rivalry which could escalate. You either prove you're better than both or just calm them both down. What about his familiar? If the PC thinks Faunco's a stray, he/she might want to care for it for a bit until Antonio comes looking for it. He could fall asleep in the library while the PC is sneaking in and they both have to get out without alerting the "authorities".


    That's what I've come up with so far. Will probably add more if I can think of them and you need them.


    ...Wine and chocolate tour? Where do I sign up? Jeez, I wish we had that. Perfect way to celebrate the end of finals. I'm sure you will suffer stoically through it all, though. Good luck and Godspeed!

  8. My experience with the music tends to end up entirely random. One time my neighbours were blasting Lady Gaga through the walls while I was reading a creepy horror story. Now I cannot listen to that woman without thinking of ghosts with hatchets. Similarly, everytime I hear a certain fairly romantic-in-a-naive-way song I only think of vampires (the horrid monster ones, Carpenter-style).


    You could give the Thieves' Guild the benefit of a doubt as the plans you can see are only the silly ones. Thus you could expect the good, solid, sneaky plans to not be so visible. Kind of a Vampire: World of Darkness approach to hunters: if the thieves are bad enough to be caught by the guards (or an eleven year old) then they don't deserve to be in the guild and it just weeds out the stupid. The ones in Cirillo's adventure or in Piccolet's are sort of decent.


    ..Is Louise any good at Wrestling?


    Your reward for half done-ness is ... well, I guess I could give you a picture of ice cream or something? Brownie points? You earned some of those too. Internets?


    Good luck with the party and testing and all....while others are studying *grumbles*. ...Can I have a cookie?

  9. If you listen to music during the times you think of one of the characters (or all of them) soon you'll have that song connected to them. Then if you hear it again, you either get inspired or just want to write more. At least that's how it works for me. Might help you reach your deadline.


    Miya sounds fun. As does Aki.


    As for Louise you could add some complications that aren't directly related, I suppose. If not, just compensate by some extra events after the adventure itself. Or another small adventure.

  10. Thank you! My professors are strangely more von Rupprecht than would be considered normal - almost suspiciously so. The Dean has a reputation of only passing a maximum of ten people out of thirty - usually about four guys.


    The professors aren't inspired by real life are they?

  11. Not the basics, sadly. I'm in one of those polytechnics colleges you read memes about, where we get excited to see real numbers in formulas.


    Congratulations are in order for making such an addictive game. I didn't even notice it eating three hours of my day...


    They were a welcome break considering the finals I had this week, though.

  12. My thing with Reitz is that his adventure is very cool. It's not just "let's sneak about and cause mischief", it's not the "help me with my issues"...he goes big. And his adventure is fun, exciting and gets you a unique reward. I do sort of get him...considering how he is being set up, you're basically left shouting "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!". I also get his point of view: that of a mercenary, greedy, ambitious kid and for that he's doing something smart. Besides it's not harming you or trying to kill you, so morally he could consider it as not doing anything really wrong. It's still a rotten thing to do, he's still a bad friend and considering what you've been through, he has a very short memory. But he's interesting and I want to see him develop his Year 2 adventure with his missing memories. He's also one of the only kids in the year you could probably call truly wicked: Phillipe's a bully but a petty one, the Aranaz plotters are generally shown as malicious but aren't bad, Rui is just a prankster...but Reitz is devious (One of my characters attributes it to the 'von' in the name)


    I don't think Joana or Vettor are romantic to the nature of the Avila. They have a crush which can happen at any age. Only the Avila characters are actually shown as flirty to as many girls/guys as possible. Mostly girls through Cyrus. Olivia has a crush too, but she's the only one whose personality is defined by it. I suppose to them it's mature? They like emulating Cyrus? Don't know. Since even the girl PC comes across as flirty, I'd say it was the college type behaviour...Glamour, appearances, bedazzlement. I know the adventure, I did notice the casanova thing, but at eleven or twelve, it might be just a phase or bravado or whatever it is kids do to show off to large groups because appearences - especially in Avila - are important. I like the fact that the colleges have a very different feel from one another, though and I, too, enjoy the rivalries so the next few years should be fun.


    And we've gone off topic for a bit...sorry?


    Considering Louise is supposed to dislike everyone...well, I don't think it's going to be a problem. At eleven I was still collecting pokemon. Romance was not on my mind.


    Her adventure sounds fun. Will you do events that include the other new characters? Since they wouldn't appear in the original content, they'd be in less events.

  13. I dislike Carmine for his adventure...considering the absurdly large number of adventures that my characters end up doing, being forced to prove yourself for someone ends up at the bottom of the list. Instead it's saving Ana or helping Cirillo or having fun with Uliva. People who actually need your help instead of making you reach for the high-hanging apple. Even Reitz asks for help as nicely as he can. Besides, what Carmine does in his adventure, the PC can do in a much more daring adventure available, like the pirates or getting kidnapped. I would have added Reitz to the clique, buut considering his adventure, I thought maybe in later years. I do agree that he is a handsome kid but it's unlikely he'll stop being a jerk.


    I'm also quite fond of Luti as he is genuinely a nice guy, especially for most of my characters who end up Godina. He takes blame for others, helps his friends and even those who aren't his friends but are in the same college and he's fun. (The Avila vs Godina event is amusing)


    I think the kid Casanova fits the college? In Godina all kids are kids, they all play Rimbal, they all gather together ignoring most of their differences (Silke, Vuillaume, Luti, Alan, Cirillo...they have almost nothing in common ), they all ...have this sort of unity that is regardless of gender. In Avila, gender seems to matter a lot and even girls are more interested in romance than others and their interactions are shown to be ...flirty? I'm not sure that's the right word, but it's what came to mind. There are exceptions, of course, but it seems like their main representatives (Cyrus, Olivia, your PC regardless of gender) are much more interested in that.


    I don't think Louise's extra point would hint at too much. There was that quote "bros before...ladies of ill repute". People click and remain friends for longer than some marriages without romantical love between them. Besides, none of us know how relationships will evolve to Year 3 or 4 so until then if it seems normal, add the extra point. Besides, doing the adventures makes several characters "Love" you so there has to be some sort of triage.


    Also, you've got me curious on her adventure.

  14. @Schwarzbart


    I think that Goblins are forced to grow around humans, like in the market or the Avila adventure, which would make them more stereotypical in either their distaste for humans and their actions or in their open-mindedness. For example, Pale Luck was almost turned aside from eating in the same place as humans. I imagine that's a common reaction. I was trying to pin-point the likeliest reaction one would get from different goblins, seeing as we meet them often enough.


    And yes, humans have the tendency to think themselves the superior species. I'm hoping for a dragon return.

  15. Goblins...what are they closer to: the Avila buys adventure, the market goblins, the Captain's quest goblins or the Godina "collect money and wreck ships" adventure? Each has a different portrayal which may answer for the different clans but they're a bit too distinct to actually point out characteristics.


    How likely would it be to meet a King/Emperor if Auncish?

  16. I don't think they're anime. Their shading is different to the ones in the game - just slightly more 2D art than semi-realistic - but I really like them. Especially Miya. The details are great.


    Aaran looks...upset. Poor thing. I think I already have a favourite new character to dote on. I like the snippet of adventure too. Will you post more of it later or keep it a secret?


    My girls usually end up having this whole circle with Magsa, Luti, Cyrus, Cirillo and Piccolet: 3 of the largest and 2 of the most infamous. I expect some sort of riot going on among the girls later on because of this.


    My guys gather oddballs like Flore, Prudence, Ana, Sima and such. I like Ana as a friend. When lightning doesn't strike solely because she's around, she's one of the few innocently decent person around. For some reason I never really make an Avila boy..not too many girls either. I guess Avila just strikes me as a tad odd, or so the Godina student in me says (Godina being my favourite college)

  17. Hm, how could you do that? Staying out of clique is impossible, and doing 50+ adventures with multiple steps with skill check for almost everything is, well, quite hard... I remember doing 7+ checks for one of Xemurte's adventure steps, or 3+ for Emilia's, while my clique consisted of 7 students beside me.


    Staying out of a clique is easy by saving beforehand. Also it's a roll, that they miss a lot when you get a high Befriend. The adventures get easier after a couple of months of grinding skills and a bit of luck. It's a hit and miss most of the times, but I find it fun to do the game alone. Also, I train the familiar a bit and start gathering either Merit or abilities which help a lot in the long run. Cleanse and Remake and 6th finger help as well.

  18. The Sphinx can be found at Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10.


    In the first week, I personally get a headstart on Merit, but as Mikka said, the 3 colleges that almost always win are Aranaz, Vernin and Morvidus. The third is more of a random factor though.


    Don't skip classes almost at all in the first few months as they do still teach things. Near the exams, you rarely learn something.


    Do complete Oan's adventure as soon as possible. It gives quite a lot of information, locations and easy skill checks.


    The 6th finger spell lasts quite a lot and you can pile phemes on it.


    Watch your backgrounds. If you pick the -1 point rivalry and get Phillipe or Joana, it's a pretty much endgame for a low Fitness character.


    Save a lot and in different slots. It's amazing how you can miss the fact that you got detention and ended up deprived of your earned illegal goods.

  19. Louise_1.png




    There are two because personally, I think the little curl looks a bit better in the first one. I left you the choice, though.


    Suggestion for her random events would be...her sitting alone at a gathering and the PC wants to say hi. There could be an exit for a bird familiar or for a fellow bird lover.


    You could be exploring a peak and find her yelling for help (she was out with her familiar and slipped)


    Your characters could bond over hate of sports if non-Godina (you could be watching a match in the distance)


    Her hawk attacks the PC.


    Good luck on the adventure!

  20. Thane of Morthal..lemme see. You can send Idgrod the Younger's message, find a copy of the "Song of the Alchemists" for Lami, beat Benor to fistcuffs or drop armor near him and let him have it, sell firewood to the men at the mill or sell ore at Rockwallow Mine. I never deliver Gorm's message to Captain Aldis since I like the Jarl but that counts too. Giving a coin to a beggar also counts as does investing in a shop, defeating a dragon there (you get 2 points I think), helping the blacksmith and killing a follower of yours who turned into a werewolf. Yes, the Jarl of Dawnstar is a jerk but so is the one in Falkreath.


    I never attacked mammoths or giants because I liked them. I also saw one giant mourn one of his mammoths and decided: nope, wouldn't wanna cause that. So for me, it was very inconvenient. I had to calm them and run away.


    And Leoshi, I thought about that too, especially since they're all so unique and have ..so many events and adventures. And that they plan to add more older and younger students....

  21. What sort of employ would nobles offer? I don't imagine they need all that much magic use, do they?


    In fact, what sort of employ could we expect? Member of the guard as a magic user? Spy? Lawyer? How much would the childhood escapades count? Seeing as you can win cases, solve mysteries, catch crooks I'd expect a fairly full resume. Only the Legate and the Captain could count as fairly powerful connections.


    Aaaand any chance we might get the years post-Academagia? Surely as an adult, you can get into even more trouble.

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