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  1. It's humid here...I think a lake might have turned up between the time I got home and sat at the computer. And tomorrow...SNOW.


    You can suck up to the Jarls of the smaller cities (Dawnstar, Morthal and Falkreath) to get the land. They're incredibly bad as far as position goes. The one in Falkreath was riiiiight between a necromancer hideout and a bandit lair. Good thing I didn't have kids. In the house from Morthal, horkers kept attacking my horse: my immortal horse. Kept finding smelly corpses rotting outside the house. Really ruined the view but food was plentiful. (There were also vampires, Chaurus Reapers...swamp things..urgh) The one in the Pale was...well snowy. Freezing and such. And right by a GIANT LAIR. Depending on your luck, giant attacks are possible. I am inclined to suspect that I had no luck. On the other hand, hey, my own private airline via club.


    I think I went to school with Louise and Miya, at one point. As for Aaran...what is that boy's Fitness?


    Best friends then? Besides the PC. Who would they most likely clique with? Or who would be more attracted to them?

  2. What's the Legate's field of study? In the adventure at the Broken Pines, the PC says that you can never know with the Legate. But since it's very hard to master everything, he must have something he specialises in.


    I'd go with Incantation or Glamour, but it's probably less obvious than that.


    How much renown would we get by going the way of Freespace (learn all, use all, amaze all) ? Get job offerings right out of school? Get stuck as the new Legate? Ask to be made new Emperor of Man? Get recruited by DRAGONS?!?!

  3. In Prototype the civilians would run into my tank. The result is predictable. Why would they run into the tank?! It's a tank! I had pretty much given up trying to keep them alive at one point. Especially since slightly touching them made them explode or something.


    In UT, the sniper made no contribution, the tank got stuck between trees and some other guy Zerg Rushed the enemy ...along and unarmed. Again, predictable result. I think it was a ploy to annoy our real life friend and convince them to buy the game so that we'd have someone to play with. At least the Sims could be modded to add more intelligence.


    As for Skyrim I played a huge orc who tended to go Kratos on all the cities. Then I had a sneaky dark elf...who shot everyone in the back and stole EVERYTHING not nailed down. Thirty buckets and twelve brooms later I'd unload everything in my house, mostly on the floor. Stepping inside that house was suicide. I once died by having very low health and tripping on a bone. Hey maybe the Nords were right...other races are crazy.


    I assume Miya would be the best candidate to want to join the Black Falcon Roster then. What would the most likely rivals be for them? And who is Phillipe most likely to pick on? (had to include Phillipe...how long since we talked of him? He's almost a forum mascot by now)

  4. My favourite playthrough so far included a character with no close friends but doing EVERYONE's adventure. Also little to no studying and relying on the skills learned on the adventure. I guess considering how many times he goes through the steps would make him some sort of Determinator. He just doesn't quit. I expect a large line of students being grateful in Y2. And...quite a lot of guilds and secret organizations fighting for him. I'm not sure he'll live to Y5 at this point...

  5. I'd respond by asking to join, though considering the other thieves in Mineta,I'd be better off starting my own guild. With BLACKJACK...and ahem. Yeah blackjack's good. Or maybe darts.


    As for Heimskr, I'd generally walk away slowly though in my playthroughs the man gets an arrow through his neck more often than I'd care to admit.


    Any of you guys play UT or Prototype? Those are stupid NPCs.

  6. Louise.png


    Here. Hope it's alright.


    And we do read this thread. At least, seeing as I can only speak for myself, I do. I just check everything on my phone in the subway and by the time I get home to a less annoying internet connection I forget to do anything I had wanted to do. So I guess NPCs aren't the only ones with odd patterns of behaviour. No advice on the modding..seeing as I never modded a character or messed with the tables, but good luck.


    Random events...huh. No idea. Someone to comment on you being the only one actually doing something in the school would be interesting to see. I've seen CEOs with a less busy schedule than an adventuring PC.


    Here's a question..what paths would they take regarding the main adventure? I assume Miya would take the pirate path, Antonio the Captain's maybe? What about the rest?

  7. Oh attendance, how you haunt me still...even in games!


    Any hint towards what it might be (not necessarily as an item or details or such just if it is important). I usually spend the classes adventuring. Most of them in fact..just befriend all the teachers and then don't go to class for weeks. Is there any such special reaction to those who skip everything except exam day?

  8. Just me or does that quote sound particularly like a certain ferret-owning, treacherous, lying, blackmailing, sneaky, as of now partially amnesiac little Heidi boy?


    I'm actually particularly interested in him as he sounds so much worse than Phillipe. At least the bully thanks you at the end (sort of). I am also really curious about his adventure...


    So Year 2? Soon? Soonish? I'll need to take a week off work for the release, I bet.

  9. Is there some sort of ratio of normal people versus magical people? Given the environment Academagia is in, we see a LOT of the magical variant but the Lore and answers on this forum show that it's actually quite rare, even in Mineta where mages study right there. And how much of the market is directed towards magical users rather than the common folk?

  10. Ooooh...things always happen when I'm not around...*sulks*.


    You know, you could just duel on the forum. Post a picture of your character's stats, phemes and spells and go at it. One reply, one action or however you'd prefer. It would be like a long-distance chess match or online PnP session.


    That said, I could just be suggesting that because I'd like to read them especially giving the fact that almost everyone here has a penchant for role-play and aren't completely right in the head.

  11. AHA!! Are they Absurdly Spacious Sewer? (I could have linked to TV tropes and didn't. Your spare time is welcome)


    So it's fairly hard to find an egg and take it with you, is it? Considering it must be heavy and huge. There go my dreams of being the first dragon hatcher/tamer. Oh well, there's still Mastery.


    Thank you for the quote. ...Doll familiar adventure? ...Man, I can't wait for Y2. It sounds awesome.


    It's also good thing it was not a Captain quote or I actually would have started screaming out. I am on a subway.

  12. Was acting restricted at some point for females? Is it considered degrading by nobility and royalty? It only got positive connotations around the 19th century for our world, and since it is a skill and there are plays, I imagine it's quite different for the Academagia world. Women were only allowed to perform in the 17th century. Before that it was considered disgraceful.


    Secondly, the lower part of Mineta: would wizards be feared even by regular folk in so much as allowing them to walk unmolested or are they fair game? In the Godina adventure that includes the Pitts, they don't really seem to care that you could definitely unleash fire and electricity on them?


    On that, how often is electricity used for normal day to day activities?


    Plumbing...specifically indoor plumbing. (well, someone had to ask...). Is it magical, steampunk or just an odd case of modern engineering? You can incant hot water for your bath, I suppose, but how about flushing?


    Also, I've been trying to find the answer to this as I'm sure I've seen a variant of the question, but here goes: How big are baby dragons? Are they as tiny as a faux dragon when they hatch and then grow huge or are they fairly large at birth/egg hatching/ egg laying?


    ...I'm thinking about where to hide one.

  13. It's not the CPU you should be worried about, but the GPU. That is the most likely to overheat and shut down the PC.


    If the temperatures are alright, the drivers are the most likely problem. Either try more recent ones or older ones. If the heat turns up alright and the drivers aren't the problem, then it turns to a weird issue indeed.

  14. I once had to clean a computer that hadn't been opened in ten or so years. Dude also had a lot of cats. The inside of it looked as if it had been infested by Skyrim spiders. The dust had been in there for so long it was a thick cloth in some places (fans) and finer than dust in others with cat hair gently wafting in the breeze.


    The reason I had to clean it? It was overheating. Even now I wonder how that poor thing was still running. Some people shouldn't own computers.


    So, what kind of hat?

  15. ...Yeah, well a 1996 game isn't that demanding. Do you have a program that tells you the exact temperature of your components? If not, try Open Hardware monitor. If it is an overheating problem, could you get it cleaned?


    If it is a restart due to bad command, then you need another driver.


    I might come back with a different suggestion soon. Am typing on phone and the screen is tiny.

  16. Er...can I butt in with an opinion?


    The problem described seems very similar to the failsafes of a power source or motherboard. The worst an incompatible/bad game did for my computer was to restart it (bad command to the video card) but never proper shutdown, unless it seriously overheated (and I mean very serious) so you might want to check your motherboard and/or power source for failure. This is not an issue computers from 2006 would have, if they were not experiencing some damage.


    Did you test other games with it?

  17. "Crush all opposition without mercy to my established pecking order"


    ...Alright. Glad there isn't some sort of Academagia multiplayer. I assume that by Y5, the only students around would be your character and clique?


    You wouldn't like the Aranaz college best, would you? :P


    All my plans for Y2 are "continue adventures" and "use more illegal magic". Granted, my favourite college is Godina. All we want is to toss fireballs and learn how to fence. (and drink alcohol, but really doubt it would be in any earlier than Y4)

  18. @albert.


    If all else fails, at least you can open a kickass curio museum. That's one of my character's contingency plans if the warmage/assassin/thief/smuggler thing falls through. As for the demon in disguise (or at least illegal magic user) I have a few suspicions of my own...


    How much of a double-edged sword are we talking about here? From my calculations, some of my characters have over 5 Glory. Ooooh will they get songs written about them?

  19. So freespace....big plans for Y2?


    If a PC would choose not to create a clique, would this have an effect on the social interactions?


    Considering that cliques are a big thing in school and that, by the end of the year pretty much everyone is in one. I've so far managed to keep one of my characters away from one and instead made a whole 'mercenary loner' playthrough: no clique of close friends but friendly enough to be asked to do a lot of the adventures(especially since they all start asking with the line 'I've heard you're good at not getting killed'). Does this mean that, with no clique, no friends would send mail over the summer or invite you over?


    I suppose that since a clique would be a tight group, they'd take priority, AI wise, but for someone friends with people from Joana and Phillipe to Ana Flavia and Everwine, how would this play out? I imagine a party where every single of his friends would come....it would be a disaster. Especially with Rui there...


    And do relationships with friends degrade if you don't contact them over the summer, if not in your clique, even if you did their adventures?

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