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  1. There's a spell to protect against it, I forgot what level of Mastery you need though. But I don't think there's one to turn it around.
  2. While reading this thread, a few question popped into my head. A - Re: Bathing. Are there things like bath houses? Maybe not at the school currently, but in the past? B - Are there other forbidden arts? If so, might they make an appearance in year 2 or later? And would they be fun to use? C - Do the islands ever have... i'm not sure how to phrase this: quakes? Natural, storm related or magical? D - If you can tell us, has Cyve progressed somewhat similarly or radically different from the islands? (Cultural, technological/magical, etc.) And what do they think of the islands? (Of course, I suppose it could be an apocalyptic wasteland down below.)
  3. H-hello! I started playing recently (as in, just last week) and i'm terribly addicted to it already. Hmm, I would like to say that i'm enjoying it very much and I look forward to more Gates and Mastery Year 2, whenever it comes out.
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