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  1. Thankies! I updated my first post with the file~
  2. Hey everyone, I've made a cheat file for use in my subsequent playthroughs now that I've beaten the game several times. Plus my bf kept failing at the obstacles and was getting mighty frustrated so... this one's for you! XD I'd like permission to post the file here, otherwise I guess people can pm me and I guess I can email the file ^^ edit- since I got permission, have fun! Drop the file into your Scheherazade\game folder. You must start a new game for this to work I believe. Basically what it does is add +90 general skills to all inspirations; obviously this makes the game ridiculously easy.
  3. Typo report- Near the ending when Steven sends you a present, he calls his brother Stephen instead of Stephan.
  4. I'd like to see a gallery for the endings!
  5. I finished Roland's first and I'm almost finished with Ahmose. I'm pretty much loving all the characters (except maybe Sterling- he's infuriating!). I actually thought Zul al Zan would make a pretty nice romance option XD;
  6. I'm enjoying the game very much so far xD I'm happy to say that my bf likes it too even though he usually dislikes heavily text-based games. Anyway, I've found a bug with Felix's adventure in Australia. In my game, Kate Leigh is already arrested and Felix/Nardu note that she's arrested but she shows up in the scene when the thug is harassing Nardu and you save him.
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