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  1. On 10/29/2020 at 5:55 AM, Schwarzbart said:

    The Amazing Cultivation Simulator is now put to a release in November. But the news sound more like some situation (running out of money?) force them to do the release 1 month early instead that they are happy with the version they will have to put as 1.0 .

    It's a parody on Cyberpunk 2077's delayed announcement. The same yellow background too.

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  2. I never left.


    There's no planned date yet. The dev said the current product is 50% done, so it could be a while. The core are all done and playable. Still playing the first generation Taiwu roaming around multiple regions to fight bandit, collect resource, build my village, learn/steal kung fu, and ONE MORE TURN training while my age and health slowly chips away...

  3. That is the sequel to Heroes of Jin Yong, an older series that focus more on open world map roaming and triggering plots based on Jin Yong's novel. The same MC, Little Shrimp, is the guy that Tales Of Wuxia' MC admired at the statue. This game will be out in Chinese at October.


    The real sequel is the next game that is developing for 2019. This title will focus more on 'martial art school life.'


    Stats and three personality scale.



    Suppose to have Female MC. The art style is very...



    Persona 5.


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  4. The discounted price is usually about the same price that backer paid anyway, and the extra cost is usually from the publisher fee and stuff. They might get a bit more profit in the long term by charging it higher for a longer period, but the game has already made back its cost thanks to kickstarter, and getting massive boost of money from discount sales will help a lot with quickly funding the next project. It's not like you can't keep doing discount special for the next 50 years, look at the current summer Steam Sales.


    Looking long term again, more faster funding to develop and pump out games faster could be better than keeping a few old game at higher prices while developing slowly.

  5. You are making an extreme example there. If a family can't afford all three things you listed, then they should satisfy for government aid programs and even domestic/foreign aid program like One Laptop per Child.


    To address the last two points, even in the USA, 1 in 4 kids still grow up Illiterate, which can lead to the first three extreme condition you mentioned. If every country's education system is working and successful as intended, we probably won't need this kickstarter in the first place.

  6. Is it me or the ''we can bring reading rainbow to every child everywhere''... is US only? :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    To anyone that have internet to access it online for free on their pc. The 1 mil goal also include providing all of them for free to 1500 school that can't afford it because school licensing fee works differently at a subscription bases or something.

  7. Glamour main skill description.


    "one must have at lease a middling feel for the art."

    It would have a deep meaning with a comma: "One must have at lease, a middling feel for the art."

  8. Glamour for one-man stage play. Conjure a dozen illusion dancers and illusional orchestra.


    Good graces with the rich might need Aesthetics, a couple of choice social skill (Flattery, Conversation, Gossip, etc.)

    , Bureaucracy, Civil, Composure, Confidence, Cosmetics, Court Fashion, Court Hairstyle, Famous Songs, Famous Poetry, Famous Prose, Perfumes, Politics.


    You can skip court and law/politic stuff if you don't care about fame. Although the richest people usually hang around court events.

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