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  1. We could always begin exploring our covenant's unexplored area and reading the Covenant lore book is one of Makara's priority anyway. Any subt GM can just turn it into a classic D&D dungeon exploration if they want to make a banal uninteresting decent session. Just need to contact CJ about his plan for the unexplored area first.
  2. I think I will keep the dice number from now on. Log Fourteen: Boat Rescue Gaiden Going back a bit to the Late Winter of 1214 since that's where our flying covenant are closest for the retrieval of our flying boat that we abandoned near the waterfall. Not all members participate in this mission since they are busy, so only Makara, Ramon, Gustbran, and Silas us here to grab the boat home. We have a short briefing from our boss Antonius and Makara's paren Helena with the task of getting our enchanted flying boat back and instructed us all how to make the boat fly. The team then immediately ride the enlarged Pegusus with clouded illusion on the enlarged saddle down to the waterfall where the boat is abandoned. We spotted another drake on our way, but the cloud illusion works as always. Upon arriving at the place, we notice that the boat is gone and trace of the water and footprint shows that someone has taken our boat not too long ago! Our combine tracking skill manage to lead up to a hut over the hill and we dig around the hut to find nothing, but we did hear a weird "gluck" noise while we search the hut, so we went out to approach the source. A giant monster White Chicken jumped in front of us out of nowhere. Gustbran tries to stab it but the monster dodged it and Makara shoot a 10-inch rock at it into it's belly before he heard the nearby rooster is saying "I am William II of Epworth, lord of these lands. Why do you disturb us? Are you attacking my flock? Why are you here? Go away, or you shall incur the wrath of Gorgamoth, here!" Makara immediately tell everyone to cease and deal with this diplomatically. Apparently the chicken lord and his flock found the boat and use it upside-down as a comfortable hen-house, which the lord reluctantly would trade for the healing of a certain injured hen in the house, and Makara sweeten the deal when the lord chicken express wishes to find a better place to live, so the chickens will live in our covenant soon along arrangement of good supplies of eggs for feed just like the previous caretaker that abandoned them, possibly from Libellas nearby. Suddenly a loud bell rang from possibly Libellas, so Ramon go back to check his Pegasus, Silas goes to investigate the bell while Makara inspect the injured hen in the henhouse hidden inside the fake hill with an illusion. Makara found the hen's leg is twisted horribly and he doesn't have vis in hand to cast the ritual animal healing spell, so he spont a magic to ease the pain for now. Meanwhile heading into the forest, Silas bump into a man and Silas let it go since the man seems to be in a real hurry. This man is Aiden, a fairy mage of the player Freespace. Emerging from the forest, Aiden sees "two people you don't know standing by your chicken coop with a huge monster chicken, except there's no chicken coop, there's just a hill". Aiden ignore the weird scenery and rush back into his hut to grab his vis and Libellas' defense plan from his secret safe. We begins to hear loud noises of hounds pursuing something from the forest, Ramon just in time to came back while Makara and Gustbran flip the boat upright to board it. The hound is approaching, the chickens are scared and rushes onto the boat, and Silas accept Aiden's bribe of some vis to let him ride on his Pegasus. We fly off just in time and are now going home with our boat along with some interesting passengers. Edit: Fixed.
  3. I would dig that, but unfortunately this session happen in winter, Paris session happen in spring, so next session will have to be summer, so paris event would require to be resolved within spring.
  4. Or a double conclusion for both and move on to summer.
  5. I will explain how Magic Character Advance. Upon becoming magical being, they can't learn new things like normal people anymore. This mean no studying book (except mystery cult book written for themself) or learn from teachers. They can still gain xp from adventure, HOWEVER, they first must subtract their Magic Might from it. Formula: Xp you gain - (Might - (vis consume X2)) Ex: A character with 10 Magic Might that gain 15 xp must -10 from the xp when they decide to spend it, so it will resulting you having only 5 points xp. To get around this limitation, your char can consume a pawn of vis, each reduce the penalty by two. Ex: Same example from above, but decide to eat 5 pawn of vis, then it will get 15 xp for his skill since the 5 pawn of vis negated the -10. Edit: If the char is gifted, they can learn supernatural ability, but they must subtract the sum of all their supernatural ability scores as penalty along with their might penalty. You can spend vis to negate this too but you can spend no more than your magic might per session. They can also initiate to mystery cult and gain virtue/flaw normally. Edit 2: You can also spend your xp to do a thing call transformation, which is basically swapping virtue/flaws or even gaining it (expensive). The new virtue/flaw must fit the character theme though.
  6. I got CJ approval to post this, so here is the best summery of pretty much everything by Mors Rattus. Summaries of Houses, Realms, Philosophy, and religion. Step-by-Step guide to char creation (corebook stuff only) Wish you well, CJ.
  7. By the way, aren't we suppose to serves the Stonehenge Covenant for a few years as part of the deal that they gauntlet us?
  8. Makara will study the Covenant book The Secrets of the City or just go for initiation on his path if he can find a mystagogoe. Fishy and Momo will keep swimming and summer naps/watching someone interesting. Both ready for adventuring. Note: Momo joined.
  9. Probably should keep your mage studying for the season unless the adventure need some magical solution that other can't provide. ... or make more char! Best case scenario: Fly to boat, shrink boat, pocket it, fly back home. This will never happen.
  10. I would guess that it need equivalent amount of forces to cancel out each other, so please make a 50-80 difficulty negation roll.
  11. Low tea seems like a nice subskill for Etiquette. So much evening tea talk for our gentleman mages. *wear top hat and monocle*
  12. I'm sure knowing about it in advance and can't really talk about it is more agonizing.
  13. I believe the extra flaw are mostly use to set up the 'rule' and 'weakness' of your fairie, but that's just char with faerie blood. Pure fairy Magus: 1 free, then up to 20 points of virtue paid with flaw at 2 virtue per flaw. Pure fairy companion: 10 points virtue balanced by flaws. Edit: It's also really hard to raise their 'skill' stat, so that might be another reason they started out stronger. They pretty much is a legend already in the first place.
  14. Faerie blood is another whole can of worms. I'm also getting stuck on fairies stuff.
  15. Updated the log and everything new.
  16. Background of Fishy. Fishy is just a regular flying fish that enjoys gliding above the sea feeling surprior to the other fish that can't do the same, he was the best flyer in his group that were able to glide up 10 inches up the sea surface, the highest record of his clan, before falling back because it wasn't real flying. He's very proud of his accomplishment and wished to be able to do more than it ever, so he practiced hard day after day, but to no avail as his physical limit prevented him from surpassing the physical law. Criamon Helena saw this strange sight of a single fish that repeateably tries to fly and brought Makara to inquire the fish's motion, which Makara transalted as the fish wanted to fly, so Helena offer a deal with the fish (possible the flying fish of virtue) that he come serve with them and she will try to grant him the ability to fly. Fishy quickly agreed to the proposal and let Helena wrap him in powerful magical aura that twist his nature and successfully turn him into a magical flying fish that can swim and glide in the air. Fishy is overjoyed and promise to be a good fishy to his benifactor, which Helena ask him to help out Makara in whatever way he can in the near future.
  17. Some downtime events, lots of fighting and Makara's other char are revealed. Log Thirteen: What happened in SPRING 1215 Event One: The Cloud That Dodged Everyone is minding their own business when our covenant alarm (Chimes in the Temple make with gilded bones of the ancient Kings) sounded and we saw on a sky that there's a weird cloud that's moving away from the covenant, but it's more like dodging it. Grogs are manning the ballista while we all gather at The Emerald Tower, Baruch powerful spell seems to not work on the cloud and Ramon ride his Pegasus to check out the church size cloud. The cloud then shoot a fireball at Ramon group, which they dodge speedily. Baruch manage to figure out it's an illusion, there seems to be some mage in there and looks like dwarf with wand, which Silas promptly make it sleep with a spell after Baruch blow the enemy ship off balance with his powerful wind. Since the shot from the ballista failed to hit the cloud, Makara enchant the next javelin to be mirror-like with illusion to make it harder to spot, but sadly the enemy barely manage to dodge it. We also realize how crappy our crossbow grog are. In the meantime, Fishy, Makara's magical flying fish familiar come to watch with the group. Ramon manage to stab one of the mage with his spear and suddenly the ship vanished, presumably a Leap of Homecoming spell is activated when the mage is in great danger. Later on, we goes to a emergency meeting with our bipolar boss, Antonius, whom is suspicious of the Tremere ambassador, Amaranth, of involvement, which she offer to fix up an arcane connection using the blood on the spear to prove her innocent. Event Two: High Class French Fries Our Covenant flies it's random yet specific path and seems to circling Paris, the Capital of France. Half of the player got to go so it's only Makara, Silas, Corbenik, Gustbran, and Ramon, three mundane, one normal gift and one gentle gift. We landed some distance away from the city and got into the city after paying the toll to some gate lady and she recommend us to stay at the inn her cousin opens, which we later realize it's in the red light district and so we rolled folk ken to find the most expensive inn in town. The french innkeeper really looks down at magus, he even turned a group away not too long ago because they don't like the food that's pretty weird for the non-high class, but the inn service is excellence, Troubadour play music while you eat, maid to serve you, Stuffed Peacock dinner... Only Makara decide to go to another inn a block away that the innkeeper mentions a guest was assaulted in the night with a stick of celery, which sounds like his kind of place. There his companion contacted him and joined him. The others at the high class inn are enjoying their meal when all sort of things goes wrong, food smell rotten, wall become dirty, people puking, vomiting all over the inn while Makara is contacted by his new companion who inform him that the apprentices from before has come back to prank the innkeeper, and Makara decide to go to sleep instead and sees a dream of people being exiled and killed by the crusade After dispelling the illusion, Gustbran group proceed to grab those apprentices outside and beat them up badly. Gustbran punched with his fist so hard that one student is near death, so one is dying, one Corbenik has grappled, and one is on the floor bleeding. They surrender. Gustbran tries to use Chirurgery to heal the dying guy, but he Botched, somehow choked the poor sap to death instead. Makara's companion decide to wake him up and they finally arrive at the scene too late. We bring them into the inn, address the wounded, and a few questioning later, the apprentice say they are: -The grappled student is Augustus apprentice of Jerbiton, and Damocles the Terrible is his parens -The bleeding student that is now recovering is Basil Diogenes of the House Jerbiton, Apprentice to Laura of Venetia. -The dead student was Larick of Jerbiton, apprentice to a maga of Hibernia
  18. No, only Edith. I am only in charge of making sure Gustbran have a bath as Antonius demanded.
  19. We still probably will pisses off maga of Hibernia for killing his apprentice, also Gustbran really should be more careful going outside in case someone know him.
  20. Nice chapter of how a cool a lab inside a tower is. Log Twelve: The Legacy of Goricious Pretty much the whole team decide to help out Calpurnia to clear out her soon-to-be new lab, as we were admiring the tower internal design, we heard glass breaking noise from the lab, and we rushed to check it out. We found a girl name Amaranth (player companion) that said she is from House Tremere and she was teleported here accidentally. We are quiet suspicious since there seems to be some weird things going on at the background rolling like demon lord making a roll, dragon making a roll, and Calpurnia anti devil spell didn't work or something. Calpurnia had enough of this BS and ask Amaranth and Makara (who is currently jumping to reach the stars on the ceiling) to get out, which they do, except Makara stayed in the tower hoping Calpurnia would let him play with the stars more. On the way, we meet Taitale (player companion), who is a math guy that worked out that the city will flip upside down in a few hours, and anyone not indoor will fall to their death! We took these two new faces to our bipolar boss, Antonius. Our boss threaten to throw Taitale and his family off the city if Taitale prediction failed, and will throw Amaranth too if no one will vouch for Amaranth to stay in the city. Baruch eventually vouched for him, but for now, he's busy casting a storm to make people stay indoor since not everyone understand Latin and the loud voice spell ended up causing a little panic in the city. Meanwhile some of our member were assaulted by thugs, we are dealing welly against them especially our new One Spear Pony Gustbran open a hole to the gut again. Corbenik (Calpurnia's Companion) is a passing by knight or something who joined in to help us out against the thugs and we manage to emerge unharmed, but Baruch was ultimately distracted and BOTCHED his concentration on the stormy weather spell, which cause a powerful hurricane to slam against the Tower of Flaming Passion, which is what Calpurnia and Makara is in. They are eventually safe and the messed up storm hurricane seems to realign the city from flipping for a while, Taitale is now in trouble because his prediction is prevented from coming true. Thankfully, we manage to barely convince (with confidence) our bipolar boss that is the case, which he laugh happily acknowledging the strangeness of the incident. For now, we have brought ourselves sometime to figure out what to do for the rest of the winter and a free season in spring.
  21. Would be great if whoever can post their new companion/character description here so I can hotlink it.
  22. Sure, I don't think I really need to touch the star to begin with, but touching might help, and it's a serious enough thing that Makara will agree to be serious on this like he is at the gauntlet. I CAN'T GUARANTEE IF HE WILL BE NAKED AGAIN THOUGH!
  23. Makara already figure out what it is actually, but you dunno that
  24. Sure. Not like you can take knowledge.
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