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  1. Hai, would you two like me to kickstart a new thread about your utopia government so you all can talk over there? Good, that would be $200,000 in cash. I also accept paypal.
  2. Can't wait to figure out how to resist your intimidation because I don't think I can have a personality that's like +20.
  3. Finally finish my magical animal stat, now to make my companion...
  4. ...Wait, so the prophecy want us to prevent magna carta from happening? And the Drake are actually the good guys?
  5. I have the Magical Animal Companion flaw, so I assume I already determined it, but it does seems to be up to CJ, so I might as well build it now and let him approve it or something. Just want to make sure that Magical Animal Companion doesn't equal Companion character right?
  6. Oh man, I'm so busy building my familiar and companion. The little spare time at the end of winter is just the amount of time for Makara to meet this companion, hopefully.
  7. Oh you are talking about magic skill instead of spell buff. Nevermind.
  8. Permanent increase and temporary buff has it pro and con, and for us that focus on improving skill, we statistically should have a easier time at later year as we have a higher score in skills which require less boost with magic compare to people that depend on magic to solve all their problem, which they will overall spend more turns on casting spell repeatably to solve each problem as the years goes on. They also won't be able to handle random event since they can't prepare a temporary buff for it statistically.
  9. Yeah, with a substitute gm. CJ said we can go for it if he's can't made it.
  10. Now is actually a good point for sub gm side quest since everything is resolved or delayable.
  11. I should make a companion too one of these days. Edit: Oh and I figure out how to get multiple log in. Just attach one of these servers and use those to log into the room, and you get the extra char on a second tab.
  12. With that, all char's (except helpax) description is hot linked to player name in the log.
  13. Makara is the male insane(?) Criamon. Following the Path of Walking Backward. He is mainly the low level spell generalist that will cover the creative solution of the team. He was cursed by a devil in the past as a child and gain the ability to talk to animal and pure element so all these thousands of noise eventually broke his mind, thankfully he's slightly recover now that Parma Magica (magic shield) borrow from his paren who saved him, which allow him to block off the noise at will and gets some peace. He have a flying fish familiar because.
  14. There's also a successful one in the past call Roll20. Before all these, there's also maptool, but Roll20 seems to be more superior.
  15. Don't forget to voice your saison plan here. Yeah, always, especially now that helpax has gone and we just arrived back home at the convenant, you are at perfect timing in fact.
  16. Makara would probably just ask the wall, floor, etc. if there's trap around. Wall and floor probably won't understand it and need explanation, and so Makara would provide an example to them by activate a trap, hurt himself, and wa la.
  17. I think getting horribly mutilated injured would cost you a few wasted seisons to recover, so you probably should just wait until you are really ready or find a good trap seeker or you tap your path's power first. Imagine you botching in the lab... imagine it.
  18. Calpurnia's path of seeming will actually lead her toward this, so waiting for her to be initiated is also an option.
  19. I think CJ might had missed that when he check the sheet. Someone also told me that I'm actually one point off from learning some of the spell I have in char gen.
  20. I will help Calpurnia clear her lab since it's a Criamon Lab that I might learn something useful before setting my own lab. I would read the House Criamon Lore book and then focus on initiate into the Secret of my path.
  21. Okay got it, Here it is. Freespace please hotlink the link to your summery.
  22. Oh, didn't know CJ is 0000, always thought that was just the base reference.
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