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  1. I am not sure how year two works, but I would assume something like increasing the caps of all skill to 20, so you won't start as a genius because 10 skill rank is the new 0 rank to us (probably work as rank 5 black color in event thought). The attributes learning modified will also scale up according so unless you blatantly cheat with mod tool, min/maxing will not gets everything done, and it will only get a couple more things done, Ex: max 6-12 more subskills and finish 3 more adventure than normal player . Edit: Of course, going by the trend the mix/max person will get 6-12 more sub skill EACH years, but hey, they work hard for it. Edit 2: On second thought, since rank is at 20, we can only max 3-6 in year two and then 1-3 in year three, which then year 4 just to maintain current sets of skills while normal player should be maxing 1-3 new skills per year evenly due to lower bunch of skills to maintain, so in the end we are pretty even except we gets it early. This also considered that we can gain more ss in places in year two and so on.
  2. Did you apply the latest patch, the choices should had color coded so you know which one will have better chance.
  3. You are just unlucky or maybe you are in Durand and Aranaz really hate you guys and vice verse. I only gotten bully like 8 times or less in a whole year with the traitor and bitter rival background with 1 charm, so you must had done something that make you stand out or you just become some bullies favorite target because you never fight back or increase the relationship to reduce the chance of getting bullied.
  4. Guess I will give another round of spending some time breaking the game... creatively.
  5. Now that most of the bug is fixed, does that mean you can relocate more coding member to year 2 development and year 1 improvement?
  6. Nyaa


    Nah, you would get the new skill regardless. Which two did you research?
  7. Why not open a save menu to ask if the player want to save or not so it would not be automatic?
  8. I think it would be easier if we make a "Invite Clique" action that force bring everyone to one of your ability like job/library/location and the system run a roll against their AI preference/relationship to see if they will accept or reject and everyone who come with you will gain whatever stat that place have to offer and also one relationship point if they gain three stats that they like or make more than 100 pims in a job. Once a month only, of course.
  9. With some control on the player side, how about it automatically start the event when the relationship reach rank 10. Edit: We still can trigger it normally of course.
  10. 89157Z; Oh, so is like easy mode for the game? Then make a hard mode for me too! (with bonus for completing it of course)
  11. Regarding the blind choice, I have to agree. As a fully enrolled student, I should be able to know what kind of final magical Major the collage will eventually lead me into and at least able to see what the classes next year will offer to plan accordingly. For example, I plan to learn Song Glamour and I only blindly know that it require Music and Glamour, but it is a song so maybe I need voice skill and maybe Eluman or some grammar language too? Regarding the supporting cast, I would rather the game put greater emphasis on your friendship within your friend in collage and clique than random student unless it is picking best relation for best friend and worst relation for rival. A collage or clique adventure where the theme is about unity and some heartwarming moment getting in/out of trouble would be great on the emotional attachment of the player.
  12. The list of action and ability is getting ridiculously long near the end game especially for those who use exploration a lot and if all these pass on to next year and it keep stacking it up like that every year, it would become a horrible mess. So I want to ask for a function for player to remove a skill/ability from the list put them in a dumpster stat box or a new menu tag that hold them there. If that's not possible, I would rather you make an ability that delete those skill while reminding the system I already learned that. Not exactly a huge problem in year one, but it will be in year two.
  13. Nyaa


    It should have show it in the result page right after the information about you gaining rank 10 study/research points on that subject.
  14. Nyaa

    Skill roll v 17

    ...yeah, that's is why I don't bother with it in year one and won't recommend it to newbie.
  15. Nyaa

    Skill roll v 17

    89157Z: I thought you also need to raise the corresponding Bond Of____skill to get it.
  16. Legate: Yet you tease us with the Message of the Winds Spell. GunslingerV: Wow you even touch Gates...bravo for your dedication.
  17. Realistically, one of those 11 members will have to successfully befriend you to get you back in, which is...quite impossible at this point. I would suggest you load back and use spell to buff your charm and other social skill to keep yourself in while making everyone in the clique become friend with each other by using ability like gossip. Edit: Ah you succeed, try and break some record please!
  18. Is that girl isn't it? THAT GIRL!!!!!! I find it true too in my case, but usually too high score for Aranaz to makes a difference.
  19. Eh...that's true. The word experience is overused and can't convey it correctly in term of skill steps. Although Increase is still sound to me like permanent while expand sounded like temporary. Kinda like expand and contrast of a balloon, which is not a permanent thing, but is not really a big issue, so I regress my digress.
  20. Actually, the next adventure does use that skill I mentioned or you will have to solve it with
  21. You can raise attribute by Also, you mentor just suggest you take SOME strength "for the next time we meet". Specifically the
  22. Yes, is pretty confusing and go against the terms I learned from other games. Edit: Please change it year 2, I won't mind.
  23. Expand skill: You gain a permanent increase to that skill level. SS (Skill Step): Skills need a certain amount of SS to increase to the next level, determined by the dominant attribute and a skill difficulty. Increase skill: You gain a temporary increase to that skill, make good use of it before it's gone again.
  24. On a programming standpoint, you are importing every stats of every students to the next game (assuming they won't start fresh). The student will continue with whatever AI is programmed in year two, but with all the pain and bruises they got from year one. So you will have to mod year two again to make them rival each other again. Nothing lost unless the other student stats didn't import.
  25. It suppose to be hard at the beginning, but remember that failures also helps you growth, as they also give a ss boost to your failed skill. Sometime the give up option give positive benefit too. Oh yes, us power players are good to go in a month or two with greens in 6/10 events. You probably is studying at gain 1 ss per action instead of 2-3 ss per action and most importantly, make sure your attribute is good enough to learn the skill because the lower your corresponding attribute, the more training points it need to level up a skill. Remember your mentor? Do his adventure.
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