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    Don't know if there any place that train that, but you can befriend Aymeri Couer from Aranaz to get it or from random event or adventure.
  2. New computer? Make sure you have the latest .net framework and try running the game in administrator mode.
  3. FYI, there will never be a wording that use as a combination of skills in the formula.
  4. Everything is still there. The wiki is accurate, but usually lack a lots of information too.
  5. Nyaa

    Patch 16. Bugs

    I gave it a try and the second game just crushed when I load my second save while the first one is fine. Just when I thought I can find a lots of new bugs this way...
  6. Speaking of slot generation, why not just make all slot available at the beginning?
  7. -Are you playing a new game with the newest patch? -Most ability can only be use when you equip them. -If you hold too much stuff that surpass your concealment stat, then some professor will confiscated it.
  8. Nyaa

    Bugs in Patch 14

    Edit: Nevermind, I missed the point. Also off-topic.
  9. Thanks, that's good to know. And for a second there I thought you mean 2) Depend on my whim. lol
  10. Can I have a list of non-standard school curriculum subject as outlined by the Praetexta Council? I think all incoming student should at least know what they can or cannot learn in this collage.
  11. Nyaa

    Bugs in Patch 14

    I thought we the player can just differentiate it by the fact that a skill check will have a (Skill) next to the action. Like (Climb) Climb the tree!
  12. One shot stuff is good, cheap and gets the job done. Speaking of inventory space, how about certain equipment slot can only be unlocked through surgeries?
  13. Both, and simple augmentation that boost a skill like climb rank 1-->10 with spider leg. Don't know much about shadowrun so I can't contribute much...
  14. 1) Interchangeable cyberware would be more faithful to the original and make inventory, shopping, and equipment more fun to play with. 2) Magic loss, no restriction sucks. 3) Nightmare ware is a hell yes, I would guess that works like Side-effect-ware except dropping charm like crazy. Fashion ware on the other hand, will raise charm. Subtle-ware should be weak or expansive.
  15. Nyaa

    The Engine

    There is no demo so you can only buy it at Here by clicking on the "Buy From Us" banner to purchase the game for a limited time offer of $14.99. And do you mean how to play the game ?
  16. Looking at the mod tool, no. They are coded to have a strong preference at doing certain task and will do it unless you use something like geas to prevent them from doing it.
  17. Nyaa

    The Engine

    Like...making a game? They would need to hire or have someone work on the following jobs. Director/Production manager: The person who keep things in order and on schedule. Probably Legate of Mineta. Artist/Background artist: I think they hire part-time deviantart artist on a pay per drawing basis. Scenario writer: 60+ writers, I hope they keep track of all the lore and stuff. Most of the budget probably goes here. Scripter/Programmer: Make the game system and debug. Composer: Make the music. Sound Effects/Voice Actor: Skipped so far. Debugger/Game tester: The team or someone.
  18. Nyaa

    The Engine

    If you mean how it all works, then you can take a look with the mod tool. You just need the first two file, Mod Base and the mod tool to check things out. The third one for publishing and the forth one is an old patch that you don't need. Edit: If you mean programing script and stuff, then I don't know.
  19. Nyaa

    The Engine

    User Guide and Video that explain the UI. Update it to the latest patch. I agree the UI is quite a bit...messy so far, but hopefully it will be much better in year two. Edit: Game like this always have huge save file, not that it will matter since it only delay one or two extra seconds at end game when you save.
  20. Oh, Awww...just when I thought I find something that you can easily spoil. Well, I better hear some triple orchestra at year five.
  21. This game have some interesting music that I just won't get bored no matter how many time I heard it in the game. Anyway, I wonder how will the music evolve over each and every year? Will it become stronger and more emotional or something like it? Please Torture Probe the musician for some information if any know him. *wink* *wink*
  22. I've been wondering if the modding of things like player portrait, music, systems stats, and whatever will cause any error when we sent you a save as a bug report?
  23. ^ Again, not the right thread for clique discussion. To answer your question, it is base on their relationship with each other, and I don't think there's a way to check it.
  24. ^ Hmm...wrong thread for clique discussion, but I guess you build it too large and they current friendship is not strong enough to last, and so they all broke up.
  25. I think the best compromise to this problem is to only ask if the player save it to a save file that is not the newest.
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