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  1. Oh take your time, I don't mind being richer for a couple of months.
  2. To replicate #2, 1) Equip the identified wand 2) Select the wand and hold on it for a second 3) Drag it out really quick and if it didn't drag the wand, then you succeed and just need keep holding it and wait 1-4 seconds for the first item to be dragged. For #3/4 1) Do #2 2) Once you have item one dragged, put the item (your mouse) in the other hand slot. 3) Repeat #2 for more duplicate. 4) Click the sell button to sell the wand. 5) Extra slot with the wands. Profit. Say hello to the richest student in academagia.
  3. Write it down in the mod ideas thread and someone might pick it up before you do it!
  4. Looking at the personality list in the mod tool, it seem they won't use skill that they are not assign to or at least will have the lowest prioritize. They do have a problem passing mid term before...
  5. File sent, I really like this item...
  6. 1) The Dancer's Wand from the mystery package doesn't have a image. 2) When in shop mode, clicking on the identified wand cause the mouse to select other item in my inventory instead. 3) After some buying and selling, I somehow ended up with 3 hand slot each holding the dancer wand, but only one effect apply to my char. 4) Clicking on the slot does nothing but after a few more clicking, I somehow duplicated the wand with the shop displaying buying price for both of them when I selected them, and I think my comp crushed after trying to equip the duplicate. 5) Load the game again and #2 still happen, and I don't dare to trigger whatever else. 6) Everything else work fine after that and inventory mode is fine too. I have the save, but how to send it to you or attach it?
  7. Sorry for not clarifying it, that was suppose to be edit 2 on that Turn Artifact Registry Into Shop post and I failed to notice the disconnection.
  8. That's where creativity comes in to take care of the limitations. Edit: About the shop exploit. Let's say this government use a special economy system where all shop is own by government and merchant are just worker who must sell back the same price they buy by some fair trade law. Then year 2 where the limitation is fixed, the government switch to a new economy system for some reason like Coup de Grace or new king or new standard of the globalize trading system.
  9. Then how about making the Artifact Registry into a shop with a 10 Pim extra cost buying it back or pay 10 pim before going into shop mode. Edit: Or just make it free like some government/private-cooperation sponsored center.
  10. Oh I thought the exploit was like a Easter egg cause it logical to sell it to shopkeeper, then they id it to sell it. Of course there is the same buy/sale price that make it exploitable, but I feel it's pretty logical otherwise. Speaking of ID-ing stuff, why can't we Id everything in one go for that umm....ID place where we pay a fee.
  11. There used to be a cool episode call Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real on animal planet where the expert try to explain scientifically how the dragon works and their habitat in full 3D animation. The fire breathing part explain that the dragon have grinding teeth to eat platinum ore to create high amount of hydrogen in their lung then some anti-fire organ block their lung when they breath fire.
  12. So that's where the engineering skill is for in this magical world, and hopefully the later year of the school will include advance enchantment classes that teach magical clockwork device.
  13. Now I want a steam-powered robot as my familiar...if that is canon with the system. Maybe a soul powered robot.
  14. Thanks for the help.
  15. Can you tell me the effect so I can write it base on the effect?
  16. The roundabout way to do this is -1 foodstock per month or make a mandatory event like those "holiday" at the end of the month and code a -1 foodstock to the result. Would be interesting if you code this into every event that require the dragon to use a lot of energy. Replace day name with week, so your dragon do three things a week, then if we could make the game calender only display six day, we can replace month name like Athonos as half a year. Either some script hex or image replacement... If not, then we can assume one year is 16 months....
  17. Okay, guess I will invest my time on something else after I finish this with a religion option and other obvious one. Edit: Can't find data about remake spell, so I can't make that option.
  18. Added Ambush subskill. Wait, acquired spell can be use to solve event!? Yeah, I am planning to make a exit for EVERY sub skill, so this will be a really long page.
  19. Your parent either loved or hated you enough that they suggested STRONGLY for you go to the Temple of Iudocia over the weekend with your allowance at stake, for some good two hours long epically boring sermon talking about complicated genealogy of some long dead prophet mages. You took a seat at the corner furthest to the audience and make enough gesture for your parent's friends to know you are there. Half an hour into the sermon where the preacher begin to retold the story of the savior Medeka, you become so dazed out that you fall off your seat! Everyone is wondering what is happening and are close to locating the source, what to do? Unlock: Temple of Iudocia Exit: Apologize and go back to your seat. Success: How embarrassing! You heard some elderly murmur about how kids these days lack faith and discipline, which they are right because you fall asleep again within minutes. Snoring loudly enough to get booted out. +1 Stress -10 Parent Approval. Failure: No failure. Exit: Cleanse (Spell). Keep yourself awake with a spell. Success: You apologize and go back to your seat, but you are still sleepy from the boring lecture, so you carefully cast the cleanse spell to refresh your mind long enough to survive the lecture. Failure: You apologize and go back to your seat, but you are still sleepy from the boring lecture, so you quickly cast the cleanse spell to refresh your mind, but you messed up and your hand become very itchy. You spend the rest of the sermon rubbing your hand together and faking like you are praying when you make too much noise. +2 Stress Pray. Pray to god for guidance! Success: You prayed with all your heart and within your faithful devoted heart, you can feel a beautiful motion of lines circulating and titillating in a structured yet unrestricted action. Unlock Beseech Unlock Beseech Option +1 Pray +1 Piety Failure: You prayed half halfheartedly, worrying more about what the people will think when they see you pray on the floor like an idiot. You decide to stop and look for alternative with much less time to act. -1 Piety Success chance of all action reduced for this turn by 20% Beseech (Pheme). Repeat the beautiful motions you witnessed in your heart. Success: Lights of miraculous warm fiddle around your hand like fairies dancing to your orchestral of love. Just when the preacher is about to say that magical casting by non-personnel in temple is forbidden, grand light of warmness shot out of the statue of Medeka and enveloped you in the glow of caring love. You feel that you are ready to perform the final phase of the motion in your heart. Remove all option Unlock Remake Unlock Remake Option Failure: No failure. Exit: Remake (Spell). Release your symphony of faith! Success: Everyone is awe at the sight of your brilliant grow of light dancing around you and the gentle waves of your hand like it exist to be there to comfort their painful souls. You on the other hand, feel great power rise within you, your mind become sharp and powerful, your body can endure the pain of the world, and your soul and take on the sin of world. Suddenly, demon's arise from the ground and trying to strike at you! But within the moment of impact, you are transferred to the local forest and you heard a voice, "you are not ready, but we have brought you time by erasing everyone's memories. Become strong and stay faithful until the year of Miinera." You make a promise in your heart that you will be ready for the ultimate crusade in year five. -99 Stress + 1 Piety, Oratory, and Theology. Failure: You tried to perform the final act of the motions, but demon's arise from the ground and trying to strike at you and within the moment of impact, you are transferred to the local forest. You heard a voice, "you are not ready, but we have brought you time by erasing everyone's memories. Become strong and stay faithful until the year of Miinera." You make a promise in your heart that you will be ready for the ultimate crusade in year five. -2 Stress Exit: Etiquette. Stand up and apologize in the most courtly fashion possible. Success: Your elegant display of body gesture is rewarded with forgiveness from everyone and you calmly sat down in style. +5 Parental Approvals +1 Etiquette Failure: You made some exaggerating movement and make quite a few people uncomfortable, the preacher told you to stop playing and sit down. -5 Parental Approvals +1 Stress Exit: Theology. Stand up and ask the preacher to let your preach the story of Medeka. Success: Your motivation touched the preacher, and so he let you the honor of preacher after he assured that you know enough about the story. Remove: All option Unlock: Oratory option +1 Theology Failure: Your motivation touched the preacher, but you fail to proof that you can even recite a page of the story. +1 Stress Exit: Oratory. Recite the grand story of Medeka. Success: Not only does you retold the story in great detail, you spoke in such an awe inspiring perspective like you are an angel sent from heaven. Everyone is so touched by your words that they give you a heartwarming applause and the preacher offer you to work as an orator of the temple. -2 stress +10 Parental Approvals +1 Oratory Unlock: Work as the Temple Orator Failure: You tried your best, but you just can't muster the right tone to match the emotions of the story, but the preacher give you a pat at the back and say well done. -1 Oratory +5 Parental Approvals Work as the Temple Orator You impressed some temple authority enough to get a job as the orator with the benefit of 1 skill step expansion to Piety, Oratory, Theology, and some pims based on your performance. Exit: Mimicry. Fake some animal noise. Success: You made some chipping noise of the birds and everyone looked up for the source while you quickly sat back at your seat. +1 Mimicry Failure: You made some really creepy noises, which cause the preacher to think that you are possessed by the devil and force you to go through a six hours long exorcism. At least you get to listen to the whole content of the book of Holy Scripture being yell at your face in one sitting while being watered by a gallon of holy water. -1 Mimicry +2 Stresses -1 Vitality -5 Parental Approvals -Remove all negative spell effect +2 random Religious SS Exit: Move Silently. Try to move away without anyone noticing. Success: You got out of the hot spot, and you also sneak out of the temple, have a drink at a nearby coffee shop, and sneak back in just when the sermon is over. +1 Move Silently -1 Stress Failure: You try to move away silently, but you still make enough noise for EVERYONE to see you acting suspiciously. You will have to explain everything and apologize a lot when you are being interrogated. -1 Move Silently +2 Stresses -10 Parental Approvals Exit: Traps. Put a spring trap at your seat and blame it for your fall. Success: You call the preacher over and told him someone set a timed spring trap at your seat and knocked you out of your chair. The preacher apologize for the oversight and sent you to the private first class royal infirmary with all expense in the temple's tab. +1 Trap -99 Stress Remove all Negative Emotion Failure: You try to make the trap looks like it is activated, but you accidentally activated it and the spring sprung your arms out of to a weird angle, which the word painful is an understatement. -2 Vitality +1 Stress -5 Parental Approvals
  20. Knowing the familiar stay with us the whole five years justify the 3X difficulties to complete it's adventure due to their slow skill gain, but for now with only one year of them not being useful and such, maybe you can make them easy to raise until year two is released so we can enjoy the familiar's potential in this year instead. Maybe some easy code to +2 to all familiar stats? If is too much trouble, I can manually change all the familiar stat to +2 with the incoming mod tool.
  21. Oh that's a nice idea, like if I put a meat at academia entrance, it will unlock the dog event. Or if I put relaxation incense at Academia hall, then every time I use a action with the location of Academia hall will also include the effect of -1 stress from the incense. (Incense last for 2 two days)
  22. Isn't it basically 30 Mb = cumulative and 2-3 Mb = solo patch?
  23. The only time I get something like is when I got out of the game and run a lots of resource heavy program at the back so the game lack the resource to load things up properly and give up with a blank instead. Maybe turn off all your virus programs and other resource heavy stuff.
  24. Nyaa

    Idea Pool

    Surely someone will do this eventually, so here's a hopefully helpful outline. Name: Total Conversion Mod: Harry Potter Content: Mega project of renaming many things, and add/removing lots of things, but the transition should be smooth since this game is somewhat inspire by it. Estimated Outline -Collage rename to House -7 Collages reduce to 4 Houses with three collage worth of the students either deleted or split it into the 4 houses along with the additional student mentioned in the book. - The sorting hat is the one who decide which house you go into base on your strongest stats during the opening event unless you have two or more eligible equal stats where he will let you choose. - Gryffindor values courage, bravery, loyalty, nerve and chivalry. (Strength, Fitness) - Hufflepuff values hard work, tolerance, loyalty, and fair play. (Charm, Luck) - Ravenclaw values intelligence, creativity, learning, and wit. (Intelligence, Insight) - Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness and most of all pure wizard blood. (Finesse, Insight or Pureblood background) Possible class rename to actual Hogwarts class to reuse as much events as possible. The one that is not mentioned can be extra class offered at Hogwarts. Class -Transfiguration --> Revision -Defence Against the Dark Arts --> Negation -Charms --> Incantation and Glamour -Chemistry --> Potion -Astronomy --> Divination + Astronomy -History --> History of Magic -Botony --> Herbology -Arithmetic --> Arithmancy -Mastery --> Ancient Runes -Animal Handling + Zoology --> Care of Magical Creatures -No idea, maybe Society? --> Muggle Studies -Rimble --> Flying -Enchantment --> Apparition House points Awarded to students at Hogwarts that do good deeds, correctly answer a question in class, or win a Quidditch. Most of this is covered in event, so we just need to add a yearly "holiday" quidditch event with the reward being 10 house points. Prefect and Headboy/Headgirl Prefect is unlocked in some event and are permanent, but they can only deduct point from own house, and then become Headboy/headgirl when you pass the midterm with 120 (with at 10 points deducted from their own house ), which they can now can passively deduct points for each student who received a reprimand unless other headboy/headgirl caught him/her first. Unlock Prefect's Bathroom. Miscellaneous -Pim --> Galleon -Rimble --> Quidditch -Merit --> Points Events: Each year right before the final exam, the player and his clique are force to join an continuous adventure again some forces of evil(set all slots to adventure and lock it like detention) where you can use your clique's skill to solve the problem for you (something like familiar adventure) but will sacrifice your friend if you or he/she failed. However, you get to try it again with lower difficulty. If you run out of friend to sac. and you still can't beat the adventure, then you get a game over. To be fair, each adventure have large amount of skill exit (5-7 choices), but at a hard difficulties of 8,9, or 10. The sacrifice stat is reset every year. You gain 20 House Points if you didn't sacrifice any cliques members and each members get 10 points for their house or you and each member get 10 points. So it is good to have clique for your own house instead. (X2 amount for next year) Next year, uncap the skill to 20 and so on for each year, rinse and repeat until year 7 and you win. Extra Idea Rivalry Gryffindor is Rival with Slytherin and Hufflepuff is rival with Ravenclaw. -Each professor have preference for a house and will give extra points to their house more often and deduct more on the rival house. -Student on the rival house will LOVE to bully their rivals. A lot. (Make sure each house have equal amount of charm type student) Year 8-10 For more epic level, year 8-10 uncap skill to 80-100 with you as an adult with a chosen job trying to make money through work or dungeoneering to buy yourself a house (50,000-1 million castle), workshop, a shop, etc. with the shop system and get married, have a children, and play it all over again as your children with 1/20 of your combine father and mother stats. Oh yeah, you need skill 90 to kill that dragon and 110 for extra strongest hidden bonus boss. Marriage with a girl require some combination of high relationship, good house, charm skill, glory point, and parent approval (x1.5 current to simulate the female side).
  25. Warning: Power build characters, so they will be spoilers. Changed to weak normal start so the con will be more apparent. Okay, As a experiment to compare knowledge and magical usefulness, I rolled two characters with the goal of raising one as a knowledge type and another as the Battlemage type. Hopefully, this will be an interesting comparison. I would like some extra insight to how to raise each of them properly in case I miss anything. Starting Statistic Warlock : Heroic warrior and leader in the battlefield who don't care much about imperial Etiquette and the law. Stat Fitness: 2 Finesse: 2 Charm: 2 Strength: 2 Intelligence: 1 Insight: 1 Luck: 1 All points are spend into skills background. Collage: Goldina Class: Astrology, Athletic, Incantation, Music, Negation, Revision Possible Skill Focus: Class skills, Ambush, Animal Husbandry, Archery, Composure, Concentration, Courage, Duel Conduct, Endurance, Explore, Interrogation, Knots, Leadership, Balckmail, Patrol, Patience, Plot, Raid, Rimbal, Tactics, Voice, Wit, Wrestling. Mage of Knowledge: Ask her if you don't know something, but she's not the talkative type nor is she an artist. Stat Fitness: 1 Finese: 2 Charm: 1 Strength: 1 Intelligence: 2 Insight: 2 Luck: 2 All points are spend into skills background. Collage: Aranaz Class: Arithmetic, Astrology, Botany, Calligraphy, History, Zoology Possible Skill Focus: Class skills, Accounting, Administration, Analyze, Anthropology, Architecture, Bassan, Biology, Bookbinding, Cartography, Cryptology, Drafting, Elumian, Geometry, Knowledge of Materials, Logic, Magical Appraisal, Patience, Theology, Traps.
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