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  1. Would prefer the clock to have one of those artistic time dial design.
  2. Alternatively, maybe a search bar for us to type in the topic/word that we want to search and have the result in links.
  3. Although I do prefer those lovely art to be coherent by the same artist, so I guess that can't be helped. But Beethoven just get my blood boiling~ Somehow the harry potter music gave me the chill when I play it along with the game....maybe it's more suitable for a dark/evil setting or subtle atmosphere. Edit: Oh well, is up to the mod team to sneak in the stuffs.
  4. But there are royalty free music/art online that can use for free in commercial product as long as you credit the artist. Especially those old classical public domain mozart music and such. MOZART!
  5. Maybe cause I restarted my char, but it load almost instantly, so it definably faster! Great job!
  6. How about some achievement rewards that is more visually/sensory to the user than in game reward like pims and stats? For example, when a certain parent skill reached certain level, the following is unlocked: Music: The game plays a different music each turn with each level unlock a new music. Alternatively, you can buy the unlockable in a music shop. Arithmetic: Random transparent plus, minus, divide, and multiply signs appear at the background. (System: Un-hide PNG file) Something like this. Gate: Maybe disable the dragon image on the top and use that as the reward for mastering gate to hint that you can summon a dragon in the future. Religion: Angel wing grow out of your portrait. Something badass like this. PS: Holy Smoke, started a new char in Goldina and gotten King Goldina Shield(mystery packet) and a dragon! I am keeping this save!
  7. Remake of a scene from Matrix, name are changed to avoid legal issue. The matrix awakening After another normal day of magical spell-casting, luring another professor into another trap hole, and gotten another reprimand, you sat down at a seat in the cafeteria for lunch with your favorite I-am-still-alive themed rabbit stew. A dark figure sat down across the table in front of you, he is a bald middle aged men wearing a long black leather vest and his eyes are invisible behind the circular mirrored glasses. “At last.” – says the men with a smile and reached out his hand offering a handshake. You reluctantly shake his hand, wondering if he is a visitor or a new professor. “Welcome, @player_name@. I am Morpious, and I can see it in your eyes that you have a look of a person who will accept what he sees because you are expecting to wake up.” What is he talking about? What is this waking up nonsense? Strangely, you have a feeling that he has a very important answer only he can provide. “I don’t have much time left, but you have a gift, and by unlocking this potential, you will be free.” “Free from what?” you asked. “From the Lucid.” You look at his eyes but you only see a reflection of yourself. Nervously, you ask what is the Lucid. “The Lucid is everywhere, this room, your stew, your homework; everything is a fabricating to blind you from the truth. It’s the feeling you have had all your life, that feeling something was wrong with the world.” You ask what the truth is, but suddenly the cafeteria becomes empty and hundreds of men in black robe rushing in from the entrance, exit, and windows. “Unfortunately we are running out of time, you have to see it for yourself. “How?” you asked. Morpious drop a black pill on the left side of your stew and drop a green pill on the right side of your stew. “You take the black pill and the story ends with you waking up in your bed and you believe what you want to believe.” One of the men in black yells, “Stop! He is a lunatic who’s trying to drugs students! Don’t believe him!” “You take the green pill and you stay in wonderland, but I will show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” Wow, he really is trying to sell drugs! You obviously don’t want to takes any of his pills, but something about this situation feels weird. Exit 1: Take the stew instead. Clearly he is a lunatic and those men in black robe will take care of him, so you took your stew to another table far away and let the men take cares of him. One of the men in black comes up to you later and tell you he has been arrested and he promise to make sure you will never ever see Mobious again. Sounds good to you. Event End Exit 2: Drug is bad. You are not going to take drug because it’s bad and so you choose to take your stew instead and move to another table while avoiding the men in black robe to continue the screaming rabbit feast while they surround the lunatic. Event End Observation: Something is wrong. Success: This situation is not right; a wanted druggist is giving drugs to you and hundred of men in black robe come in from every direction to arrest him, yet he is cleanly unflustered by the event and patiently waiting for your answer. Unlock: Courage Option Unlock: Creativity Option Fail: If it takes all these men to arrest him, maybe this Mobious guy is dangerous and probably an international wanted criminal. Unlock: Incantation Option Exit 3: Incantation: Blast the crazy drugger! Success: You raise your wand at his face and cast a quick stunner spell to disable him long enough for the men in black to restraint him into their custody. One of the black robed men walk up to you and thanks for your assistance and told you they will interrogate him to reveal the rest of his friends especially the cult leader Neo the Chosen One, so you will never ever see anyone one of them ever again. +1 Incantation Fail: You try to blast him with a spell but he simply dodges it to the side. “How unfortunate.” He says, then jump vertically up through the ceiling and make a big hole through the roof. What kind of spell is that!? -1 Incantation Perception : This is an impossible! Success: You understand that the students is being teleported out of the cafeteria, but if all these black robed men are law enforcements, then why the professors is not assisting them? More importantly, why would you enjoy eating something stupid like a still-alive rabbit stew!? Unlock: Awareness Option Fail: Actually, this is just a high profile arrest that you rarely sees, so that's why you feel like it’s impossible. -1 Perception Exit 4: Courage: Take the green pill. Success: “Nooooo!” the men in blacks yells in unison as you swallow down the pill. Your vision dampens while the world swirl around you and you woke up in sweat. What an interesting dream! +1 Courage Fail You just can’t do it; what if this is all there is to it and they are really just drug and those men are just regular agent. “I see you are not ready, how unfortunate.” He says, then jump vertically up through the ceiling and make a big hole through the roof. What kind of spell is that!? -1 Courage Exit 5: Courage: Take the Black pill. Success: “Yessss!” the men in blacks yells in unison as you swallow down the pill. Your vision dampens while the world swirl around you and you woke up feeling refreashed. What an interesting dream! -1 Stress Fail You just can’t do it; what if this is all there is to it and they are really just drug and those men are just regular agent. “I see you are hesitant, maybe next time.” He says, and then jump vertically up through the ceiling and make a big hole through the roof. What kind of spell is that!? -1 Courage Exit 6: Creativity: Take both pills! As a person who aspires for greater curiosity and pursuit of excitement, you wonder what will happen if you take BOTH pills? People do say drugs help the artist sees in a different perspective. Success: If the black pill will make you retain reality, then you should take the black one first and then the green pill to ease up on the effect. Then Mobious and the all of the men in black robes turned into rabbits. RABBITS! “Well, that’s a first, this should be interesting.” Says the Mobious rabbit, and then it jump up through the ceiling and make a big hole through the roof. Cool~~~ +1 Creativity Fail: If the green pill will make you go wild and the black one helps you retain reality, then you figure you should swallow the green first and then the black to wake you up later. Your world turned upside down, everyone is laughing at you, everyone is poking at your nose, everyone giving you a rabbit stew for no reason and then climb on top of each other to form a S-shape tower while you put the stews away. Huh? what happening? You wake up being late to class. +1 Perception +2 Stresses Awareness: This is not reality? Success: Of course! This is obviously a dream! And you are aware of it! Maybe you can try the lucid dreaming thing you read about! Unlock Concentration Option. Fail: You feel this is real, and this place will turn into a battleground very soon! Exit 7: Concentration: Focus and let’s do this! Success: You concentrate and turn yourself to become the Super Wizard and begin blasting powerful columns of flame ray at the men in black robe and incarnated them all. Boy, you always wanted to do that! “Interesting, it seems like you don’t need the pills after all.” You agree and will yourself to wake up feeling refreshed. -1 Stress +1 Concentration Unlock: Lucid Dreaming(Passive) Fail: You tried hard, but you can’t get yourself to transform into Sir Almighty and woke up from being trampled by those men in black robe. +1 Stress Lucid Dreaming: With the help of a proper rest, you can control dream to your heart's content! Rest actions now include a positive emotion.
  8. Well the main problem is probably the lack of good training place/action for familiar like Go outside the fence. (+1 SS explore, +1 familiar SS explore, +1 familiar SS ambush, +1 stress) I also don't like the fact that my familiar is doing nothing while I am going to class, so It would be great if I can pay 400 Pims per month for some familiar trainer to teach him 1 random SS per day, 250 Pims per month to familiar daycare center for 1 random SS per two day, 100 Pims per month to for some student to do whatever minimum grooming to raise that 1 random SS each week, or 0 pims for it to hang around and gain 1 random SS once per month. Preferably the choice to choose which skill to raise for those payable option except bond skill.
  9. [removed image since it have my name in it] So Aveline use ruthless critic to bullied me (-2 Confidences) and Cosetta (-2 attributes, ouch!). Then Shery use his familiar ability that can sniff out unhappy or distress people and roll conversation/charm to reduce my stress by one and expand me and Shery confidence by one step. Pretty heartwarming. But after that, Shery reteaching a few stuff to himself and same for me. Note: My guess is the familiar ability bugged.
  10. Let the master list grow! Academagia: Bell Tower Interior +1 SS Clockwork +1 SS Perfect Timing +1 random Patrol SS Unlock with skill 2 Architecture (Engineering) Imperial Palace: Hall of Elumia +1 SS to Famous Poetry +1 SS to Famous Prose +1 SS to Famous Songs Unlock: Explore Imperial Reserve (4 difficulties) Imperial Palace: Dining Hall +2 SS to Etiquette +1 SS to Recipe Unlock: Explore Imperial Reserve (4 difficulties) Register at Master Whip's Studio A) Fitness/Dance Vs 11 Success: +1 SS Dance +1 SS Concentration +1 Stress Pay 400 pims Unlock Whip's Studio Unlock: Explore Imperial Reserve (0 difficulties) Master Whip's Studio +1 SS Dance +1 SS Satyric Revelry +1 SS Endurance +1 SS Famous Songs +1 Fitness (4% Chance) +1 Charm (4% Chance) Unlock: Register at Master Whip's Studio Museum of Men +1 SS History sub-skill +1 SS Archeology +1 SS Anthropology Unlock: Search City of Mineta (5 Difficulties) Work at the circus +10 Pims +1 SS Acting +1 SS Playfulness +1 SS Voice -1 Stress Unlock: Visit Jornadathal's Circus: Freak Show
  11. I don't know exactly how it work, but they sometime put the detention like two or three weeks later. Check your calender to see if you have one for the next few weeks.
  12. Not sure how all the stats will work in year two, and I can't find a clear topic about it, but would it be a good idea to just keep using the same formula except now the stats is uncap to 20 while all the rolls for year one events is basically double difficulties so we can keep reusing everything like events from year one. It would also make sense for the stats to start so low at 1 = normal at year one and become 1 = bad at year two. Edit: And make familiar skill add on much much more important and meaningful...like investing in year one so you can reap the reward boost in year two when the skill is uncapped to 20 with the weak student who spend time with familiar suddenly have higher skill than those who don't.
  13. Well, I will also take a dib at solving this problem even when I am not knowledgeable at programming, but is worth the try. (Roll INT+Logic+observation vs programming) Too long didn't read: Most of my assumption is the game is loading every single thing at once, didn't keep the data, and/or unnecessarily running data against data. 1) Does the system keep all the loaded information for schedule planning screen? Because it feel like the computer just delete everything when we move on to the event/result screen and then reload everything from scratch, which could be solved by storing the information in the ram or certain harddisk space as data instead and simply add all the new gain/lost value to the data when we gone back to the planning screen. Roll Fail = +1 Stress 2) When the game load for a random event, does it load up all the data/script/everything of the 4000+ event ? My suggestion would be breaking up events in separate spaces like "folder" and let the computer roll a dice to choose a folder then roll another dice to pick the event inside the chosen folder. Might save a second or two. Roll Fail = +1 Stress Now I am interested to look at the background coding or command console to see what the hell is loading behind 8+ still images, 40+ skills, 40+ commands, and 1 background music. (+1 Stress) Edit: 3) Is the shop section a separate loading too? Because there's definitely a slowdown with just loading to the second and third shop. (+1 Stress) Side bug report: The game crush after I load a save while in shop mode for both patch 8 and 9. The warning is "System Error Occurred. Application will be terminated." (+1 Stress) Edit 2: Oh right, the system is running this for every single student in the school...that make senses now. (-2 Stress)
  14. Nyaa


    The muffin man quest is my favorite so far! 1) Default Name: Mr.Muffin Type: Food Breed: Cornbread 2) Artwork (Not my work) 3) Stat: 1 to Insight, 4 to Charm (0 to other stats) 4) Familiar: I hate you, bro! After an heated argument with you about the ethnicity of bread-slaughtering, Mr.Muffin attempt to leave your room and find a new master. But first, he will have to convince the cleaning lady to give him a ride and who knows what he will encounters in his adventure of the school. 5) Where in the world is Mr.Muffin! Mr.Muffin was left all alone, somewhere in the cafeteria filled with hungry students and their herbivores familiar! 6) Special Ability: Talk as one Mr.Muffin may be annoying, but you two finally sorted out the differences and become best buddies, so you allow him to occasionally join or assist in any conversations. If bond of food silver is 10, +1 Charm and +10%Chance of Success on any Social Action. 7) Duel Ability: Annoyance Mr.Muffin just won't stop blabbering and annoy your opponents to no end! Luckily, you're already used to his constant annoyance, so it won't affect you. Opponent must make a concentrate check vs. Mr.Muffin's Charm+(Insult/3) or suffer a 10% spell casting failure this turn.
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