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  1. Log Twenty-Eight:The Sneezing Colors One days after the main forces of the players has left the covenant in late autumn to search for the King's Jewel. Fishy have a premonition that something will happen, but it can't tell what it is. So Fishy swims around to look for people to help out, and only Bashir, Taitale, and Aiden are bored interested enough to follow Fishy. Dirk use his logical reasoning that since the Criamon Makara didn't come, then it must be something that's not worth his time. Fishy sense leads the team into the Garden of Grain and Apples, Southeast of the city. Where they meet a greeter that who voices his great discontent for his rival competitor from the Garden of Olive and Lemon at the Northeast. Fishy then seems to have a change of 'feel' and lead the team to the local market of the Hyperborean Quarter at the east of the city. There, they scouted for potential danger that might arise, but to no avil until the skeleton alarm of the covenant rings. It took them a while, but Fishy's stronger senses lead them to look up in the sky to see a snake-like line of various radiant colors swimming above the cloudsea swiftly toward the covenant. The team watches while the local soldiers that spotted the color rushes toward the edge with the ballista pre-mounted with a iron javelin ready to fire at the potential invader. The worst outcome has become reality, the colors pop out of the cloud sea and reveals to be a dragon with a second head as a tail! It sneezed. The team, being consist of companion and support mage, can’t do much but watches. Thankfully Makara rush toward the scene to save th--, no, he just here to ask about Fishy’s dinner, and then he run back to his lab full speed. Anyway, the dragon (Sneezed again) tries to fly into the covenant but the aegis blocked it. The ballista team fires their iron Javelin but it just bounce off the dragon’s mighty scale. Taitale inspire them to try again, this time with a silver javelin, because silver always works, right? The enraged sneezing dragons tries to slam at the aegis but still can’t get through, which gives everyone a good morale boost, enough that the ballista fire their javelin and… Ah, the aim was off (botch), but wait! The Dragon also flying too angrily to dodge the javelin in time (botch), which leads to a successful grazing! The silver arrow seems to work better and manage to knock a piece of scale off the dragon, but it’s falling toward the world below the cloud, so Taitale decides to wheel his flying chair out of the covenant and through great skill, luck, and confident, snatched the scale, which later analyze by Aiden and others to contain a spark of Muto vis. Taitale theorize that the reason the dragon sneezed so much is due to the coldness in the skysea and the dragon must had traveled a very long journey to reach us. The dragon realizes the weaponry of our covenant is effective against it, and tries to escape toward the skysea. However, Antonious has arrived with his hand holding on to his bath towel around his hip, still wet from the bath and he’s pissed. The team explains the situation to Antonious while he tries to cast a slumber spell on the escaping dragon. Too bad his gesture leads him to drop his bath towel and he have to waste his turn to get it. While the dragon in the skysea, Antonious manage to connect the dragon’s color with his magic and fling a slumber spell at it, but he botched, and manage to resist the twilight. Twilight decides to take his bath towel anyway. Bashir from that moment on, do his best to help cover Antonious’ manhood from being exposed by covering it with some cloth while Antonious ran and gesture around. It’s not an easy task, but he succeeds all the way. The slumber spell failed, either due to the lack of sight, twilight, or distractions. The party watches as the dragon swim toward the west, thinking the danger is over, but the dragon actually going toward the center of the city at the Plaza of Serene Wisdom to dive down in full power trying to breakthrough the aegis. The team has two turns to prevent the dragon’s attack, assuming it can breakthrough the aegis. Aiden try various spells at his disposal and learned a few valuable lessons of why it doesn’t work on a dragon, Taitale keep on inspiring the ballista team that are resetting up the javelin for a new position, Bashir still guarding the great secret of our glorious leader, and Antonious fling another slumber spell. The spell hits true to the mind of the dragon, and it falls asleep, but to the surprise of everyone, the second head on the tails takes over and do a spin to continue the dive in front, slamming through the aegis, causing some damage to the dragon with scales falling off it’s head. The ballista team missed due to the surprising spinning maneuver and Antonious fling a slumber spell at the second head in the last moment, it hits, but it failed to work. As the dragon almost touches the ground of the covenant, it turn into an Azure glow of light, and the City of Ivory and Jade has only shaken gently and for a few moment, wrap in this Azure glows before it dissipate into nothingness. The dragon is nowhere to be seen. Taitale’s preliminary research shown that the dragon seems did something to the covenant. He think the covenant aegis now have a hint of the dragon's flavor/smell. Antonious in rage, quickly rushing toward his lab, possibly to consort the prophecy, preserving some sort of arcane connection, or figuring out what’s happening to his covenant. Bashir got a tip for his good work. The birds hop out of their nest, look around and resume chipping as if nothing has happen. Life slowly returns to the city as the danger seems to be over, but demands for what exactly has happen are now the burdens of the Philosopher Kings.
  2. Log Twenty-Six: Search for the King's Jewel Part 1 Antonious is begin extraordinary nice. Too nice. He summoned Baruch and Silas to them being very nice and pour them really expensive wine, then 'ask' them to bring him back a jewel from the kind's crown within one week to prevent the fall of the covenant as told by the prophecy by sacrificing a member of the Guardian Family (which Aedith and you are part of) and have them guard it, thus ending the dragon problem. The team have different idea regarding the sacrifice, but for now, they will focus on getting the jewel. The reluctant duo then grab Ramon and Corbenik to help them in this quest. They have no clue where to go so the only relevant people like Gustbran and Aedith has joined the team on the flying Pegasus traveling using the skysea while the covenant shakes like crazy. By Aedith's memory, she lead the team to some location near Libellus, and they decide to land near a stone manor nearby which is the local red cap station. There they inquire about the current event before the lady captain pulled out a bounty identify Silas and Baruch as wanted by the Blackthorn covenant! A fight broke out as the team resist the arrest, and thankfully they gotten away safely cursing that they forgot about the bounty. Log Twenty-seven: Search for the King's Jewel Part 2 After escaping the ambush, Momo pop out of the basket to the team's surprise and joined the team in their hunt for the crown jewel. About twenty five miles north, in The Wash, the team spotted French flags: about thirty ships, clearly bristling with troops. Clearly the team that's hunting king John! A fog then appear at The Wash, which the team later determine it's an act of divine intervention! Despite the dog, a gifted archer spotted the pegasus and shoot it, but thankfully the pegasus avoided and they hastily land on the fog-covered market place. No alarm is raised since the archer think it's just a random flyby creature. Baruch Spotted the king's banner and Ramon scouted a stone tower with the royal banner flying over head. Two guards with poleaxes wait by the door. Momo was send to check out the inside which he got pass everyone easily with his charm and climbing up toward the king's room, he search around for the crown to no avail before settling down to sleep in a chest. The mages outside use magic to eavesdrop on the conversation of the noble within and discover the location of the king is currently traveling. After retrieving Momo, the team speeds toward the Terrington St Clement at the east, a crossing point over the rivers. From there, the team magic eavesdrop on group of people with horse at the church in the local village, which reveal one of them is the king preparing with his man to escape the pursuing French knight 15 minutes away. The team can't decide how to do this as the king and his men travels and come to a stop between a strong high tide of river that the king eventually decide to brave through. The tide suddenly rise up high and will swallow them all so the team takes action, which mostly reduce to 'forget the king, grab the jewels!' After a lot of fumbling around with the river, drowning, sinking, acrobatic, backflip with full armor, etc. (read log for detail). The team got a few jewel that wasn't what they are looking for, which is probably still in one of the bag on the Knight Sir William's horse. He's pursuing and trying to save the king at the moment, so the team will have to follow him.
  3. Congradution to your first step toward Kickstarter dwarven dominance!
  4. Hmm, looks like the second adventure it is. Edit: Nah, the first adventure would be a waste if Gustbran can't participate! Edit 2: Did we know what kind of mage is Antonious?
  5. Plaese post/summerize her adventure so I can run my plot of her without conflict. Oh geez, I wil have to check for the reminding member of the ciry first so it wasn't just a bunch of frail characters. Maybe assuming this is another season... Alternately, I have another shorter one that I can run if no one else have an adventure. I kinda want to hold this one back until later since it might complicate CJ's plot depend on the hidden agenda of CJ.
  6. Thanks, but... it have... problems...
  7. I wonder if Gustbran start training hard starting now, would he be able to become like Sir William by age 80?
  8. That's fine. Makara need to study up all those books anyway. Edit: I need the game log too unless you want to do the session summery.
  9. Since we inherit the vacant lab, then we’ve likely to have inherit some sort of lab tools from the previous generation that might be outdated or just degraded depends on how long it became vacant, which the grog doesn’t need to maintain the tools in the empty lab. I think. Besides, we’ve suppose to spend a season to personalize the lab, my lab tool like a tong might require to be longer because I am short or other means of holding it if I have paw instead of hand, inherited from a Criamon lab and there’s no way you can comprehend why the previous magi use a fork as a tong and it’s a +1 quality for him, or inherited from a necromancer that doesn’t care about decay or dirty moldy tool works like a +1 to him since every mage works differently. So I would say that we need to purchase/order a new personalize custom made set that fit for your mage. Price wise, it should be above street price since it’s specializing for you to use it better and easier. As for whether the grog upkeep covers it, I would say it is just maintenance but the rules seems to be ambiguous enough to go both way, so I suggest going for the less complex solution and say yes to grog both creating and maintaining the tools since our return of the covenant. We did hire them to do whatever we need. However, if our covenant is not resourceful enough to provide the ingredient the grog needs, then we do need to pay to order whatever they need to specifically make our tools, which goes back to my personalize intepretation, since some flambleu mage would want fireproof material for their tool and such.
  10. Updated my sheet, might change Momo's "lurk" to gaining pretense xp from someone once I figure out some creative story to earn some.
  11. I mean our artifact boat recovery, the one where we got the chicken.
  12. Makara: The Four Humours in Hermetic Theory 17 exp + 1 creo exp + 1 Muto exp (Secondary Insight) (used). Joins Momo on free time and praise the greatness of local pagan god. Spend 10 silvers for all Momo's expenses. Momo: Bragging to the local about his exaggerated role in defeating the extremist Apollo follower. Hired a bard cat and changed to some heroic dress to spread the great legend of Momo. Edit: End of Dragon Adventure Fishy: 'Convinced' by Momo to help spread his fame like a flying broadcaster. Edit: End of Dragon Adventure
  13. Makara: Studying Teach Your Apprentice: Mentem Momo: Pratice social skill 4 xp
  14. How much XP did we get for our Boat recovery trip on Winter 1214? It stack with the Gauntlet adventure xp? Edit: Also need the one for cloud airship.
  15. "You try telling the truth when five fully armed man with one that can use terrible magic want to skin you to death like the skinless guy back there, and beside, I am King, I have the divine right to be the messenger of god!"
  16. Log Twenty-Five: Mono and the Grey Men Summery Momo stalled for time by pretending to be a messenger of Apollo and tricked the group of rebel barely long enough that the team shows up to fight them. He used his power to turn two of the important character into a mouse, their leader Laibon the priest and Rahaf the captive woman. Dirk casts The Earth Carbuncle spell and send the rebels slamming up the ceiling except the tough and heavy Abaad which manage to stand his ground. Makara cast the Spams of the Uncontrolled spell to make the grog's hand shake uncontrollable and drops his weapon, which Momo seem as a safe chance to attack, so he claw slash the grog, but miss. Strange thing happened behind the scene as Momo landed, Abaad all of a sudden, starts wailing pitifully and falls to the ground, blood sloshes from within his armor in great waves, his voice trails off, and died. Everyone is shocked by this including Momo, but he quickly pretend he does this and brag the heck out of it. Unfortunately, Momo can't find the two escaped mouses and the team reached the room with the stone door that they can't open but the hyperborean text on the wall explain the history of this covenant, which is some Hyperborean magi doesn't want to join the Order and fled via this flying city. These magi stopped visiting the people eventually and a ghost of Abaris Air Traveler appeared to them and told them to leave the place, never speak to anyone of it, and destroy any evidence of its existence. He swore he would not let the city fall, and swore that he would exact vengeance on the Order. Then he retreated back through the door that the servants couldn't open The door also seems to be protected by strong mental altering effect and everyone is affected enough to not wanting to even touch the door. Dirk discover a Hyperborean hymn written on the wall and he will try to study it later, but for now the group decide to leave the cave, which they did safely.
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