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  1. I think it's best we just reveal our virtue and flaw unless it's a secret or surprise or important for potential pvp like certamen. Any hangover drug? Or magic that temporary remove that?
  2. How about your brawl skill? Riding might be a nice boost to your overall combat aspect. Edit: Oh and your Chirurgy skill (Chocking specialization)
  3. Already claimed and updated by you. Our guards definitely suck at shooting things. As shown in the enemy airship event.
  4. Momo will try to gain Pretense by copying Gustbran's training. Whatever weaponry he decides to learn. Edit: Copying a 'Momentous personal experience' is such a tough one to interpret.
  5. Just want to be clear, are the mage the one that spread Christianity here? And who's responsible for that?
  6. I mean playing both at the same time.
  7. Fishy follow Dirk's plan. It also calls Momo for help, but it's up to (gm) him if he will join in or not.
  8. Due to sudden realization that Fishy doesn't have any language skill. Makara will do familiar bond on Fishy now so it can gain all the languages of Makara via the bond. Familiar Bond Lab Total: Muto + Aquam + Intelligence + Magic Theory + Aura Modifier 5 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 4 = 21 Familiar Bond Level: Familiar Might + 25 + (5X size) 15 + 25 + (-25) = 15 Makara spent 3 Muto vis for the ritual. Cords: The Golden Cord: +1 The Bronze Cord: +2 Edit: Hiccup adventure.
  9. Oh I can do both day, just saying it would be nice if we can do both days with another gm on Saturday.
  10. Would be great if someone else want to do Saturday too.
  11. It's like the only ars magica wiki on the net. Too bad it doesn't address everything or very bare bone on stuffs so 60% of the time I still ends up looking up the book instead. Yes.
  12. The sober Fishy is like "Wahhh, Momo lied. He said drinking alcohol will make your trouble go away! Now I just got in more trouble! That lying furball!" Fishy is having a jealousy problem with Makara paying all his attention to Momo lately. Fishy have to stand out! Fishy will go to adventure like Momo and brag about it to Makara! Fishy was swimming to the prison to apologize for the drunken athletes that it defeated heroically, but it overheard the conversation of Dirk and swim straight to him to ask for involvement in this adventure sounding event!
  13. Also, if I were to gm this plot, the city will end in flame and our boss Antonious will be wrestling with the god Apollo on top of the crumbled ruby tower all naked... probably. Calpurnia would scream for all this to stop, and I will ignore her.
  14. I suggest a cheatsheet of relevant formulas that you would need for the session. Fishy feels more confident and it's sleeping with Brother Gui or something.
  15. Just finish listening. Nice podcast. I like Ars Magica's rules too, it's quite liberating in a sense than all the limitations can be removed via hermetic breakthrough so there's no shackle of rules if the gm is up for it, but the game with the hermetic limitation itself still far surpass the power level you will never archive from other games with the exception of game that start you out as a god. I've been thinking of crossing settings and rules with other games and it seems very compatible in my head, most probably due to the open nature of the rules that doesn't restrict creativity in any form. There's just so much things you can design it yourself and won't feel restricted by it except by the character creation points for game balance of course. Speaking of character creation, magic realm character creation is very fulfilling in creating a character with all the power/stat you need with the flaw of very difficult advancement for the character after creation. Faerie character is the opposite as it's quite unfulfilling in creating what you want as a whole (power level wise), but it has no limit in potential to advance toward infinity, just quite tricky to do it. Normal character creation is in the middle, half satisfying fulfillment in creation, but powerful potential at the end of their lifespan.
  16. Background of Momo: Momo is a a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. He wears a dirty cape and a crown made of paper. Fairy Tale Origin: The King of the Cats
  17. I try to log back in but no one is in the room.
  18. Where's everyone suddenly gone to?
  19. Uhhh... I've been waking up at 8AM (-5 GMT) since my daylight saving time, but if your daylight saving negate my daylight saving then I might have to go back to 7AM. Edit: I will just wake at 7:30 because 6:50 is too rough.
  20. Makara Busy in Calpurnia's lab in her absence with or without per-approval. Something has changed. The reality known as Makara has changed. Something else came out. It's Makara. But he is a different Makara. He seems. Nicer? Smell better too. Did he play with Calpurnia perfume? Because he's like the embodiment of Febreeze. The guard certainly dig this acceptable manly smell. In fact, a bunch of mouse is drawn to him, and pigeon sits on his shoulder on the street. Cats rub him like he is catnip. Fishy Lost his appetite for meal after seeing Makara. Edit: The Hyperborean rebels adventure Momo OH YES, MAKARA, OH YES. PLEASE RUB ME, LET ME RUB YOU, PURRRRR! The following has been approved by CJ. Edit: The Hyperborean rebels adventure
  21. So Calpurnia is coming back on spring or not? Momo did hinted he will have the team come back to get her at night, presumably to rescue/kidnap her. A very Criamon deal.
  22. Calpurnia/troll tale part one resolved. They have a riddle contest. Calpurnia won mostly thanks to Enigmatic Wisdom and the troll now belongs to Calpurnia.
  23. Calpurnia/troll tale part one resolved. They have a riddle contest. Calpurnia won mostly thanks to Enigmatic Wisdom and the troll now belongs to Calpurnia. Fixed.
  24. You mean two days from now? Edit: Nevermind, probably timezone shenanigan
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