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  1. Makara won't have his magic goes above 10 so he's probably not a good candidate for Wizard's Communion.
  2. Okay, I will add another 480 silver since winter 1215 is over.
  3. I will take 4 muto, call me when you figure out the exchange rate for money to vis. We started last winter so do we get 120 x 4 silver now since I didn't add it per season?
  4. Hmm... I wonder how much it cost to get rid of the covenant crumbling hook... 100,000?
  5. I don't know what kind of purchase would I even need to spend more then 50 Mythic Pennies/silvers per year unless it's some big purchase, so per year for me seems like the way to go. Is there some sort of wizard shopping list I don't know?
  6. Now that you have a chance to be in the wild for a while, might be a good time to build up those criamon path's initiation requirement. Funny how your first one require you to live in a cave and you are doing just that.
  7. We better figure out if Calpurnia is back by then or not.
  8. I assume there's a fine print somewhere that state only when the member start contributing would they start getting pay. That or he receive 1 vis for one season. Also we would have to mail Class who left the covenant some vis in that case.
  9. Noooo our giant flying bird is goneeeeee. Now we will have to fly with the magic boat instead. We really should figure out someway to pilot the boat without needing to roll for failure.
  10. @Schwarzbart: Oh, you mean permanently?
  11. Added. Anyone missing in the list should speak up. Just realize Schwartzbart is playing two mage and one companion.
  12. New log posted. Just notice Aiden's char entry is missing. Please post a description for it, freespace.
  13. Log Twenty-One: Princess Ice, now Queen Ice It was a normal spring season in the City of Ivory and Jade until it's plagued by an epidemic that cause the the citizens in the city to rapidly infected with a unstopping hiccup follows by rigorous dancing and loud hooping. It doesn't take long before most of the city are having a festival-like group dancing in a drake like pattern. This is a worrisome development as all the mage available manage to figures out this is cause by a curse of some faeries, and our Taitale knows the cure is a certain moss that grew on a mountain that can cures this curse by applying on the patient's forehead as a paste. With no better plan as even the boss Antonious is infected enough to tear off his robe to join the dance, Dirk cast a ward against wood fairies on the city while the group sets off on their flying boat to the nearby northern mountain of Scandinavia, home of rune wizard and viking. The group consist of Baruch the one-shot pony, Calpurnia the ice princess, Dirk the Verditius Mage, Aiden the faerie mage, and Momo the faerie king of cats. We landed on top of the mountain, investigate the area with the following results: - Baruch and Dirk almost fall off the cliff, well, Baruch did, but he can fly. Baruch later found some of the moss in the cave with a troll in it. The cave seems to have the power to shrink people down an inch. - Momo playing and singing with a faerie fish. - Calpurnia found a horn near a bush. Dirk who stayed outside and Momo has both identify the horn as faerie and recently made, and Momo strongly urged Calpurnia to blow it because curiosity kills the cat Calpurnia. Under pressures and curiosity, Calpurnia decides to blow it while Baruch and Dirk ran away from the cave as the troll chasing them out. The troll respond was asking "what's the message? Where is my letter?" Apparently, this is a post horn owned by the troll, kinda like his mailbox. Calpurnia wants to keep it so Momo try to negotiate, and the troll, fearful of the king of cats, happily and swiftly accept to trade Calpurnia for the horn. Calpurnia is reluctant to become the troll's personal post message girl but ultimately decide to accept the deal fully expecting some sort of way to get out of this soon... Oh yes, this troll that call her ugly and looks exactly like his troll Aunt Ingrid is not going to live long at all. Note: It's against the hermetic law or something to kill the troll outright, so she is waiting for a chance to 'self-defense' or something. Oh yes, she will also have her revenge on Momo and the others that's confuse by the weird deal. How will this faerie tales develop? Stay tune. Edit: Calpurnia/troll tale part one resolved. They have a riddle contest. Calpurnia won mostly thanks to Enigmatic Wisdom and the troll now belongs to Calpurnia.
  14. Suddenly the horn fits you so well. And no, I don't think we make the deal yet. Nor has CJ identify those two books for us yet.
  15. Yes, just leaving everything to Makara, he will have a fun time with the stars in your lab. Assuming you are gone for a whole season. You might want to write up what happened yourself since you are technically the protagonist of this fairy story now.
  16. Posted my time, might have to leave early on some sunday.
  17. Oh I thought you mean we have 4 people total, nevermind.
  18. I'm not sure why having 3 players doesn't make sense. Do you mean your adventure need more than 3 people to handle it?
  19. We are making too much assumption for other people's time.
  20. Best wishes to his recovery. We shall have a pub brawl crawl in his honor.
  21. So what exactly are we doing tomorrow in case CJ is not here? And what season is it?
  22. We should look into our friday and sunday option again. Won't kill the plot, but CJ won't be able to go back to his plot for at least ten sessions.
  23. Just thought up a good story for the current dragon main plot, so if CJ ever decides he can't gm anymore, I will take up the banner.
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