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  1. Makara take 3 animal.
  2. Herbam book call "The Gentle Art of Flowers: A Primer in Herbam".
  3. Maybe we will find more vis source when we explore the covenant. I take dibs on animal vis.
  4. Make a magic character, you will never have to bother with their stats since their growth are near impossible at high rating and they are powerful enough to last the whole game as it is.
  5. Dear CJ, do you know cat are healer that spam group heal spell? I think Momo will learn this someday...
  6. Log Nineteen: German Market The team is tasked to travel to Nuremberga to pick up a new Verditius mage that would be helpful in fixing our falling covenant problem. He name is Dirk and we manage to meet up with him in a herbal shop without much difficulties other than the moon on the morning sky suddenly got darken for a moment and Makara being Makara all over it. Well, this is refreshingly short to summarize for once. Mostly due to team incompetence at basic preparedness and curiosity. Log Twenty: Nuremberga Market We go shopping while dirk pack his stuff. Gustbran brought superior quality spearhead while Baruch tries to find fairy herbs and gives up. Then we fly home with Dirk and Antonious ask our opinion about building a large enchantment lab for Dirk, we approve. Makara got approval to explore the catacomb. Can't wait to die in pitfall.
  7. Oh, I thought stress dice only enable botch, nevermind.
  8. I think CJ also missed the doubling roll for your crushing damage.
  9. Hahaha what is this pityful 40 might? Let's make it 400 might. Baruch can handle it.
  10. Just swapped to night shift tomorrow, let's kill some drake tomorrow!
  11. I also cut out a lots of other sufferings the other knights has gone through.
  12. Let me tell you a tale of the worst rescue/kidnapping ever attempted Log Seventeen: Visit Nunnery Part A Brother Gui, the person that ask us to rescue Anna is now traveling with us toward the nunnery. We agree to check it out and rescue her if she really need to be rescued and not just Gui making things up. The complex plot are reexplained by Gui. We reached the place pretty quickly with the flying boat in disguise and debated whether to wait till morning and send someone to ask her first, but since the nunnery only allow female to go in, we decide to at least scout the place first. Class flies in his owl form to check the top while Silas sneak around to check around, but he was spotted by armored guards. The guards are sure of mage infiltration after they saw some of their fellow felled asleep by Baruch's spell. Log Eighteen: Visit Nunnery Part B All the knight and horses are mighty scares of our mage and they all tries to run away comically. Baruch cast a powerful wind spell and maintaining it to blast the gate shut to prevent the other knights from leaving the manor. A few fight with the guard close by and the team rushes to the nunnery. The monastery's holy aura is really tough on spellcasting, so most of the team can't cast their spell here! The shouting is getting louder at the covenant, and Makara back at the boat hidden in the fog illusion in the forest nearby is ready to extract the team any time. The team knock on the door to ask for entrance, but the Mother Superior tell them to get out because men is forbidden. Someone decide to cast a spell to make her confuse since we are too weak to cast any strong spell. Meanwhile, Baruch stop his spell and get back to the boat except the fog is too big to find it and so he yell at Makara to get to the Covenant, which Makara then flies the boat back to the City of Ivory and Jade. Baruch face-palmed. Baruch manage to clarify in time and Makara turn back, Using Edith as a excuse on the confused Mother to let them in, she opened the gate and let them in while singing a little song to herself. Makara landed the boat on the roof of the nunnery. Botched. It crushed into the room below, now slowly sinking. Baruch immediately blow more knights away with his wind. Makara pets the hell out of the boat to rise up again. Gui setting up the carriage for escape. Silas tries to chat up with the running and yelling around nuns, Class keep sizing up into a giant owl on the sky, only the confused nun is confuse enough to bother answering the question about Arabella: she is locked in the cell under the store room! The grogs are crawling against the Baruch wind, Amaranth is calming the nuns, Corbenik is pulling hard on the boat out of the thatch, Silas and Edith manage to Arabella out, but a veteran looking knight emerge from the door! Gustbran tries to stab it but the knight easily dodged his spear and countered, which gonna cause 8 points of damage to Gustbran, but Gustbran 6 point armor + 3 badass to soak it off. Edith/Gui/Anna team rush toward the carriage horse and realize it's not fully harnessed, giant-owl Class swooping down to haul the boat up while everyone hanging on, lots of magic has been cast with fatigue, our mage pretty worn out, Gui/Anna team manage to get the carriage going by the horse is scared by the incoming giant owl and running down hill, which will lead to a crush. Gustbran run to the carriage and jump onto the back. Class pick up the woman since it can only pick one person at a time at high speed, Gustbran tries to jump onto one of the horse for riding, but botched and entangle on the harness, he and the carriage crush into the watery grave. Gustbran and Gui is drowning but eventually rescued by Class. After the successful kidnap and rescue, the team quickly flies back home.
  13. Makara: 1214: Winter: Gaulet Adventure 16 exp (used) 1215 Spring: Criamon Lore Book +11 exp from Summa (used) 1215 Summer: Ivory & Jade Covenant Lore Book +10 exp from summa (used) 1215 Fall: Ivory & Jade Covenant Lore Book +10 exp from summa (used) 1215 Winter: Ivory & Jade Covenant Lore Book +10 exp from summa (used) 1216 Spring: Familiar Bond (Fishy) 1216 Summer: Catacomb Adventure 3 exp + Mystery Cult Initiation (unused) 1216 Fall: The Four Humours in Hermetic Theory 17 exp + 1 creo exp + 1 Muto exp (Secondary Insight) (used) 1216 Winter: Teach Your Apprentice: Mentem 15 exp + 1 Intellego exp + 1 creo exp (Secondary Insight) (used) Momo: 1215 Summer: Introduction at Paris event, Paris Adventure 6 exp (unused) 1215 Fall: Lurk 1215 Winter: Lurk 1216 Spring: Adventure. Troll & hiccups 5 exp (Unused) 1216 Summer: Catacomb Adventure 3 exp (Unused) 1216 Fall: Fame building 1216 Winter: Fishy: 1215 Spring : Introduction at Cloud Airship Adventure 6 exp (unused) 1215 Summer: Fishy~ 1215 Fall: Fishy~ 1215 Winter: Fishy~ 1216 Spring: Familiar Bond to Makara 1216 Summer: Catacomb Adventure 12 exp (Unused) 1216 Fall: Fishy~ 1216 Winter:
  14. Oh man, I still haven't have my criamon initiation yet! But it's not like I will be good at magic, so this seems like the right path for me to progress. I suppose to be the low power magical skill monkey anyway. How do I get more Pre? Cause I only have 2 Presence. So I would need 8 cult lore...
  15. Oh boy daylight saving happened. I would only have one hour next Saturday. At least I can start playing at 8am again.
  16. Someone send me a log, if not, write up a summery. Edit: And I can only do one hours next Saturday.
  17. Welp, I am glad to have the extra sleep anyway, I'm still tire as hell when I wake up.
  18. I gotta leave in 3 hours and since CJ probably can't made it, I will skip the session and sleep the extra two hours instead.
  19. To be clear, it's a spiritual successor, not sequel to planescape torment. Chris Avellone is not part of it, but Monte Cook is, so it's all good. Not sure if it would be as detail novel like in planescape though.
  20. We plan to explore the catacomb by spring unless you have adventure, and Makara will have City of Ivory and Jade Covenant lore at 3 by then, so maybe work on updating new info. I would like to know what's the local religion is exactly.
  21. Looks like Torment is gonna break the record or something, almost $1 million within a few hours. Bad economy argument is now void.
  22. More reason to explore what's below us and get more basement lab!
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