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  1. I was thinking mega elevator system, but okay.
  2. Join us in exploring the covenant catacomb! You might find a big space underground!
  3. Clearly we need to steal all the chicken in Europe.
  4. You should use the spoiler function to shrink down the list. And don't forget to add the extra chicken to income.
  5. Since I will get the max rank 3 of Covenant lore at the end of Winter, can we get an update on the covenant information? I would like to know what pagan gods is worshiped by the each group of people.
  6. Makara will study the Covenant book The Secrets of the City or just go for initiation on his path if he can find a mystagogoe. Fishy and Momo will keep swimming and naps/watching someone interesting. Both ready for adventuring or help out Makara gather more information about the Covenant. Edit: Momo pratice social skill 4 xp
  7. I'm totally not magically ready since my magic is weak as hell. I would need backup. Also make it next spring so I have the max rank 3 for it.
  8. Makara will study the Covenant book The Secrets of the City or just go for initiation on his path if he can find a mystagogoe. Fishy and Momo will keep swimming and naps/watching someone interesting. Both ready for adventuring or help out Makara gather more information about the Covenant. Edit: Momo pratice social skill 4 xp
  9. Yeah, I think we really need to understand the covenant more before building more stuff on it. Might be a reason they use gem to build those towers. Alright, I will change my study plans to study the covenant book now unless I get to initiate.
  10. Since there's no bad weather or earthquake related problem in our covenant, you could just pin down a really big tent or something not heavy instead. Until Baruch cast another storm spell...
  11. It's still summer, I'm just assuming the current adventure won't take more than 10 days to complete and your mage can still do lab.
  12. That's not really the right way to read it. The first twelve games is us getting gauntlet to become wizard and introduction to the game and our Covenant. They are the prelude and tutorial before the game really start. Session thirteen is where we begin our real freeform playing although most of us still trying to set up our lab, but we are playing winter covenant, so that's understandable. Looking from that point on, it's actually 1 mini adventure per season (one for end of winter, one for spring, one for summer) that resolved in one or two game session, and spring and summer are free lab time so far.
  13. Two Session of finishing up. Log Fifteen: Boat Gaiden Part B On the way home, the team have a long chat with the fairy mage Aiden and inquire how the state of the Stonehenge is, but they didn't get much information other than him coming from Nigrasaxsa, send to spy on Libellas but was found out, and dragon awakening is still a problem. Silas offer Aiden to stay with them and he agrees, but Antonious are more suspicious of this spy, but are willing to let him stay under watch for now. Then Makara introduce the chicken king to Antonious and it's swiftly permitted as Antonious doesn't really care for small things like these. As we were about to leave, a peasant came to ask for our help as a building has collapsed with children in it. The group work hard till evening to moves all the rubble out of the way with strength and careful coordinated magic to finally rescue the children. Makara then proceed to fullfill his bargain by healing the injured chicken, but unfortunately he doesn't have the vis for the healing spell so he just accelerate the recovery and will take daily care of the hen until its recovery around the end of the year, the chicken king isn't happy for the arrangement, but Makara convince him that's the only available method. Log Sixteen: High Class French Fries Part B After the pranking at the high class Paris inn that gone horribly wrong with Gustbran accidentally heal-chock one of the student to dead, one of the student's mentor came to inquire about the situation. After telling him we are from the Covenant of Ivory & Jade, the mentor seems to be a bit scared and respectfully told us to leave him to deal with this mess. We all agree but decide to stay the night at another inn and leave next day morning. Time flies by and it's now summer, the team was enjoying under the sunlight when the grog Edith mention her sister Anna, which is also part of the stolen crown prophecy thing, but she decided to ran off to join a monastery after convinced that a terrible curse would fall on the whole family when their dad dig the crown up. Some of us decide to take Edith to reunited with her sister since the covenant is pretty close by to the destination. Upon reaching the nearby monastery-cottage, we were inform that she's at the convent at Borley, about eight miles from here, but since it's late at night, the group decide to stay at the barn for the night. Just as we were about to sleep, Brother Gui knocked the door and intrude to tell us that he fall in love for Anna and she is actually a prisoner at Borley nunnery! He beg us to rescue her and help him escape the church!
  14. Umm... the 5+ days travel to the Stonehenge at the special time of Gauntlet count?
  15. Thanks, can the quest condition be satisfy before we begin it? Like visiting a beautiful place. Edit: Is some of those bonus optional? Can I opt out some of it if the Mystragon can cover the extra points?
  16. Can someone explain how the mystery cult's initiation thing work? I probably got it but I would rather not miss anything.
  17. If whoever ancient wizard that can build a city that can permanently fly and have money to build towers makes of gem, then ultra high quality tractus and book is not really out of the question.
  18. Makara: It's Criamon's philosophy to help people. Makara: Master the mystery path. Makara: Study and unveil the secret of our covenant. Makara: Look up the local pagan religion to see if it's worth joining. Makara: ??? Makara: Profit. Momo: I make a deal with Makara to saves as many people as possible, so I will go if lives is at stake. Momo: Sunbath under sun. Find good food. Momo: Secret higher purpose. Fishy: Fishy~~ Fishy: Fishhhhyyy~~~ Fishy: FISHHHYYYYYYYYYYY~~~~~~
  19. The new PS4 allow developer the ability to self publish game, hopefully the dev kit is not too expensive.
  20. From what I see from the mod tool, each turn every single npc seems to be rolling percentage chance for their action. They seems to first roll for the list of AI magnitude, then roll the chosen AI magnitude from the combination of Goal, interest, personal, studies, and vendetta to ultimately decide their actions (Vendetta seems to be additional roll but it have to be unlock first). Somewhere between these, the NPC also roll for their personality preference which seem to determinate bonus expand for their action. Finally they roll for their actions. So they would at least take four phases of rolling for each npc to take their random action for the sake of very randomness. Then there seems to be a overall memory thing that player and/or npc accumulate that eventually slow the game down, could be bad memory optimization, but it's hard to tell without some testing. I think it might be possible to psudo-remove the random action and replace it with static stats growth via the modtool by removing some entry and mod a section to 100% success to cut down a little loadings, but that would have to assume it's the npc fault for slowing down late game, although it's mostly them for slowing down each turn. How much it would cut is probably negligible unless your cpu is old.
  21. I think it would have to take away the npc student's random action and replace it with static stat growth to really cut down the processor power.
  22. If only there's a code to just change the calendar date...
  23. I will just sleep a bit more and come late then, since there isn't much you would need me of.
  24. And talk about stuff like how to deal all these things on our plate now. Maybe some advising on how to build our char so it won't stray from our goal and theme, what's the best age to start longevity ritual, what is longevity ritual, etc.
  25. Yes, let the Criamon decode your prophecy, it's just two mad man and woman figuring out the fate of the world, what could go wrong?
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