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  1. Wow I totally messed that up. Thanks for the clarification! Good lesson learned, hehe.
  2. I've been Offering Prayers to Arcadius on my newest game and reached the level where it says "You have added Cleanse and Remake to yourself". This is great because it's what I wanted but when I go to the Spells section, I can't find Cleanse and Remake anywhere. So I go back to Offer more prayers until I get to piety level 8 (a supposed level above what was required for Cleanse and remake). Still I check back and can't find the spell anywhere. Edit: Even under my Magic panel it says I have it. Hm, but still doesn't show up! Anyone know what's up?
  3. More charts seem like a wonderful idea! I agree there is a lot of information on the wiki and most of it still isn't fully linked to proper pages. I think once we get more information in certain sections we will be able to compile more charts. I like the idea of having things in one page whereas clicking around for them (at least browser tabs help? ). I'm still covering the Adventures section as I play but if anyone has any Adventure lines they wrote down for any reason, I'd be willing to stick it up on the wiki for you. As for the gains, I'm still kind of lacking in them because I really hate replaying the same adventure line more than once in one sitting. XD But I'd say the important part is knowing your options-- which I do provide.
  4. Real quick question about the 10a Hotfix. You said it was for XP and Vista users but do Windows 7 users need this as well? Thanks
  5. Thanks, I'm going to try and open those options up. I think I get 1 archeology skillstep from the ability "Explore a Sunken Palace" so that'll maybe allow me to see Natural Philosophy and raise it from there.
  6. Hey there. I'm trying to get Natural Philosophy to 2 so I can get Thoughtful Study but when I go under my Train, I don't have a category for Natural Philosophy. I read you have to unlock certain skills to get it? Anyone want to shed some light? thanks
  7. Hi all! I'm Nimara, a 20 year old female gamer. I stumbled across this little gem of a game just a few days ago. To my surprise, I've found myself absolutely addicted. I'm hoping to work on the wiki a bit to flesh it out and help me and others with the gameplay. =3
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