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  1. Weird, I've failed when using Compete before. It'll have to be looked into by the developers most likely. Perhaps your character is just brilliant?
  2. Skipping, period, will probably lead to detention. Though in my experience, I got the best results of staving off detention by alternating skipping morning and afternoon (I skipped morning and attended noon one day, reversed the next), and attended all the other 3 days of the week. A lot of times when I did it more than that, even once, I ended up getting caught.
  3. Yeah, detention comes at inopportune times sometimes. Once when play testing, I got my stress too high and was forced to be in the infirmary for a day. I got detention for it since it was during the week.
  4. Hello, dingbat (it's weird to say that and not be insulting you). I'm MRevelle83, and I was one of the lore authors on this game. I also had the pleasure of helping with item descriptions, beta-testing, etc. I say etc. as it is too long ago to remember what all I did. I've never personally played a visual novel, but I read the regular kind. It was a very easy transition going from one kind to another when I play tested Academagia.
  5. And a guy who doesn't understand what the troll was talking about.
  6. Hehe, yeah. I was writer and editor for the lores, and I did get a lot of spelling and grammar corrected. But I'll admit, I don't think I got even close to checking them all and who knows if a few slipped by me or not.
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