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  1. I see it as a light, gentle glow, not a brilliant flash of light. So no, it does not conflict with casting spells inconspicuously: the glow is easily hidden say, behind your back.
  2. What is a Palette in the context of spellcasting? I doubt it is an actual physical object to draw Phemes upon, not from the descriptions of magic we get from events and adventures. The way I visualise it, a Wizard first summons a Palette: an insubstantial, glowing-bordered board of sorts, on which Phemes: glowing glyphs: are drawn by the tip of a wand or finger or whatever.
  3. That kind of customisation only truly works on 3D graphics, or if all the poses as said are the same... think School Photographs.
  4. If you convert your Mod into an Official Content and then publish said Official Content, the process is much faster; although apparently Mods created this way will need to be recreated after every DLC or Content Patch. Normal fix patches however seem okay, as far as I can tell. The process is really, really much faster though, so it is definitely worth it over the normal Mod publishing process.
  5. Apparently though, Humans can be Familiars for Dragons? By the way, what's with Faux Dragons? I haven't got this Familiar, and I supppose I could dig into the Mod Tools to see what I can find, but... =D
  6. Well, there is a Clockworks subskill. My guess is that Academagia Technology is reasonably advanced, somewhat but not quite Steampunk level. They are far more ingenious in their use of Technology, compared to Earth at a similar level of Technological advancement. Especially since they have Magic to augment their Tech.
  7. ^ That's also my unfortunate impression. Just to clarify though, by Football do you mean Rugby or Soccer? I'm thinking of Rugby. And yeah, the first reference you encounter regarding the fact the world is full of floating islands is in one of the Backgrounds... Omens: Islandquake, I believe.
  8. I assume you mean Perception, rather than Patience. I expect the reason why Courage is related to Strength is because... well, first off, if we follow the "Courage is mental not physical" thing (which is true), then the Attribute that best fits it is Insight; which IMO isn't really that appropriate either considering what Insight usually controls in Academagia. The appropriate Attribute would be "Willpower", but that is a Skill rather than an Attribute in Academagia. The other reason is Strength doesn't have enough Skills it controls (that matters), so it needs more to it.
  9. On a somewhat related subject... I've been toying with the Mod Tools to create more backgrounds, and one of the new backgrounds I created involved giving your familiar 1 level in each of the three Bond subskills. The problem is, it doesn't seem to do anything at all. When I begin a game with this background chosen, my familiar's Bond subskills are all resolutely 0, except for the odd 1 point to a random subskill if I also chose 'Town and Familiar'. It appears to me that choosing to expand a specific Bond subskill on a Familiar doesn't work, but expanding a random Bond subskill does (to some extent at least).
  10. It would be lovely to know more about the lore, certainly. There's already plenty of lore in Academagia, but it's mostly fragmented and don't form a very whole or clear picture. I didn't realise the world is comprised of floating islands in the sky until I came across a few references to the fact.
  11. While Fitness and Strength may be different (though IMO the difference is basically along the lines of the difference between Patience and Temperance), the fact is they are the two attributes with the most similarity to each other, and STR (for now, perhaps this will change in later years) is simply not a particularly useful attribute. Obviously STR and FIT will never be merged (and I'm not campaigning for such a merge or anything), it's just that I rarely find any reason to invest in it and don't seem to be much worse off for it.
  12. Which is why IMO, STR might be better served if it is merged with Fitness. If that makes Fitness too good, then make a few Fitness-based skills (especially the magical ones... Gates, Mastery, Negation) be based on other Attributes instead.
  13. Indeed. So far I have not seen much use for the STR stat myself, while most of the other stats have widespread uses. The skills that do use STR don't seem that important either.
  14. To be honest it really doesn't bother me that much. Sometimes it does feel a bit weird that solving Puzzles is apparently an act of malice, but the lore's deep enough for me to ignore these little things. By the way, Patience being in Malice is explained by that "Patience" in Academagia refers to "biding your time", which often has a sinister meaning. Waiting for the right time to strike, if you will. The less malicious version of Patience in Academagia is Temperance (or whatever it is called).
  15. I could use the same argument to justify Dedication going into any number of Skills... same goes for a huge array of Subskills with strange Parent Skill placements. Something might fit, but the question is which fits better. Oh, and Pure Luck under Raid... I mean, yes, Pure Luck does factor into Raiding, but it also factors into everything else you do... and Raid, personally, would not be my first choice of placement.
  16. Indeed. It appears that making Mods compatible with future Content and DLCs increases publishing time by 1000%... hmmm. =|
  17. It does indeed work for me, and I can save without problems (so far). However, I cannot load any Mods (i.e. the official DLCs), although that doesn't matter (for now) since those are incorporated into the "Official Content" anyway. Seeing as DLCs and Content Patches are not terribly common, publishing Mods as Official Content is, for me, far superior to publishing them as actual Mods.
  18. ^ I like that. I like that a lot. Maybe not from a lore-wise perspective (though I'm sure it could be made to fit), but I like it.
  19. Mmmm, I thought it might be something like that: usable but not upgradable. Still, considering how much faster it is (20% in 50 minutes, as opposed to 20% in 8 hours), I'm willing to give it a try.
  20. Hmmm. A question: what would happen if you convert a Mod into Official Content, and then publish it? It seems much faster than publishing a Mod. Though I don't know if it will actually produce something usable.
  21. The Mod I've been publishing just said it's completed (when it was 33% a few minutes ago). But there's nothing. Really though, the Mod Tools are so... user hostile. The long publishing time (in my case failure to complete at all) for even the simplest of Mods is a huge turn-off: if it's a one-time thing (and if it actually completes) I won't be that bothered, but you'll have to go through it every single time you make a tweak to the Mod. Also, if a new patch (and therefore a new Mod Base) comes out, will we need to rebuild our Mods using the new Mod Base to get the benefits of the patch? If that's so then God no. I know you said making the Mod Tools less user hostile is a low priority, but IMO it's hostile to the point of being almost unusable (except as a way to look into Academagia's workings, which by the way is nice in itself). I'm no programmer, but it wouldn't be too difficult to provide an option to skip the checking phase... would it? Again I'm no programmer and I have no idea about how these things work, but from what I've heard about this checking process... it seems to be just a horribly inefficient debugging system. I really don't care if I completely break Academagia with a faulty Mod (can always re-install it), I just want to be able to actually create a Mod to begin with.
  22. Forgive me if I don't share that sentiment... to be honest, while I do love Academagia, the whole programming side of things appear to be... inefficient. Both the main game and the Mod Tools. I'm sort of spoiled in other moddable games in the relative speed at which simple (or even complicated) Mods could be compiled. It seems like with Academagia, I'll have to use Mods other people made (and I do hope we'll see lots of them for Academagia!) to satisfy my thirst for customisation. It would be really nice if the time-and-resource-consuming checking phase could be forcibly skipped, but meh.
  23. What I don't understand is, is the cross-checking process compulsory? That is, is it simply to ensure there are no errors in the Mod, or can it be skipped and a perfectly error-free Mod will come out just fine? What will happen, for example, if you publish the Mod Base with no changes, but skip the entire cross-checking process? Thing is, I'm only interested in small changes, not an overhaul of the entire game. Such a time-consuming (for me, 40+ hours) process basically renders this pursuit pointless, especially since I tend to tweak the changes I make frequently.
  24. It's been 8 hours and my Mod is at 20%. =( I don't suppose there is any way to shorten that without doing anything to the computer itself? I'd gladly sacrifice compatibility (or whatever it is it doing when publishing) if it means Mods could be made in less than an hour. With things like this, fixing and tweaking a Mod will be an absolute nightmare...
  25. Ooooh, I didn't know that. Ah wells, Mediafire is FTW! My torrents probably don't work anyway, I'm crap at this sort of stuff. ^^;
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