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  1. Is it just a random event? A specific location that has all sorts of confiscated goodies? Do you need to cast a spell on a professor? Now I'll try to get something confiscated to see if I can get it back. :-)
  2. "You've got the wrong guy! Someone cast a Glamour to make themselves look like me when they stole that Opal! Honest!"
  3. Can this game end up like the "Let's see who can punch the softest? You go first." games that everyone played in middle school? No, really...it's a "pretend" duel. Trust me. *Wrath of the Comet's Tail*
  4. A good way to avoid detection: Don't choose the "+10% to chance of discovery" background. :-) Purchase a few items that decrease your chance of discovery (Escape wand, doppleganger ring, and I think there's at least one other item) to get you 5-7% off your chance of discovery. Create Distraction on a Friday, which knocks your chance of discovery down by 7% for a few days. Study the topic for the entire weekend for as long as the distraction lasts. Skip a few classes the following Monday if you're so inclined. Within a few weeks, you should get all of the necessary topics to start studying at normal libraries.
  5. I've rarely received Gates skills from the Sphinx. Of course, getting Research to 10+ from library usage gives you the Study Mastery/Gates combination at the Forbidden Archives. Once my character gets all of the subskills in Gates and Mastery due to the "random subskill", they go to the other libraries to increase their skill levels in those skills. (Why? A better question is "Why not?" :-) I usually don't start going to meet the Sphinx until those skills are fairly high. My last game had my character's familiar trained in Wit (to help with the Sphinx) as well as all of the subskills in Gates and Mastery. Pamela can now summon her own friends! Improved Familiar Handling is probably the spell I cast most often last game (except for the month or so I spent casting Curious Eagle, trying to find Mastery Research locations!!)
  6. I like the idea, on the condition that it doesn't automatically eliminate the "Attend Class" events in the day if all of your class-based skills are already at 10+.
  7. Yeah, I know that you asked for adventures. I'm just trying to help out with other things that can increase Strength and Fitness "because this 2 attributes are to much behind and now I am looking for Adventures to fix it" Just trying to help out. None of my characters have ever cast Cleanse and Remake. They're just not the Temple going type to get the Piety that high. The Sphinx, on the other hand, is very good friends with just about all my characters.
  8. Researching these topics can give a +1 to strength: Armorer Brute Strength Bully Forge Insult Interrogation Raid (As an aside, is this how Joanna the bully increase her strength? After doing some research into her family (for Total Control purposes, of course. :-) I noticed that her strength was at 9. I tried casting the spell that forces the target to give you an item, but she didn't have anything.) Finesse has a few more topics to increase it: Acrobatics Alchemical Tools Brew Calligraphy Composure Cooking Demi-Tour Duel Duel Conduct Duelling Circles Enspell Greengrocery Incantation Incantation Methods Manipulation Orthography Poisons Sleight-of-Hand
  9. One more question. I was able to research The ObranabĂș Library. At level 3 (I think) I got the action that allows you to locate Euneycia's Haven. I successfully performed this action (Determine the Next Step?) and found the Haven. Since I didn't pick the Secret Heritage, I was not actually do anything Gates related there. Judging from the description of this location, that is intentional. Researching the Library to level 4 gave my character another Lore, but there was nothing for research levels 5-10. Should there be a bonus to one of the Gates related skills when you research this topic up to level 10?
  10. Do the in-game birthdays actually do anything yet? Or will they have an effect in future years?
  11. My most recent character just got an 11 Mastery, and all of the fun *cough* Total Control *cough* that comes with it. I've got a couple of questions about if these are bugs, or intentional design choices. When I controlled another student and set them to Bully, I was unable to choose which character my "puppet" would bully. Multiple instances of bullying on the same day all picked on the same character. When I chose to send my puppet on an "Adventure," the resulting adventure seemed to use my character's skill set rather than the student I was controlling. When I went back to my character the following day, the progress in the adventure was also under my character. It also looks like there was only one adventure that each of the controlled characters could take part in. Is this a sneaky way to get an adventure that you normally couldn't because of really bad relationships with certain characters?
  12. Thanks. That's kind of what I expected. Being able to spam those spells would have been very nice, though. Even purple choices would become somewhat doable with 15 rolls to choose from! :-)
  13. Orthographer's Helper does the following: The Orthographer's Helper Spell will reroll a target's Orthography Skill 3 times in search of the best roll. The effect requires no rolls, and lasts three days at a time. If I cast this multiple times within the three day time period that this spell lasts, are these spells cumulative? For example, if my character casts the spell twice and then tries to make an Orthography roll, do I get the best of six rolls and pick the best of them?
  14. Upon further mucking around, there are a few places that have a 999 Exploration Difficulty (The Schohanwicht School and the other locations in this school) I know that the school is only supposed to be found if you get The Secret Heritage family background pick, so maybe the Exploration Difficulty is a minimum explore skill that you need to find it? In a bunch of castings of the Curious Eagle spell, I did manage to find one of the locations associated with this school (The ObranabĂș Library). Is this a bug, or is Curious Eagle supposed to find even otherwise impossible places to locate?
  15. That was just a first guess at what it could be. It sounded like if the winged people were from a specific region, then it would make the most sense as a Heritage pick. Maybe a bonus to Move Silently instead of Climb? You can use your wings to hover over the ground, so there's no noise from your footsteps to alert the people you're trying to sneak around?
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