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  1. Since installing newest patch, I've only had the save problem twice but I haven't started a new game yet so we'll see what happens then. It hasn't been the clock issue on my end. I've learned how to get around the issue mostly (not saving as much). I have finished that game so I will be starting another soon, so we'll see if the save problem is gone for good.
  2. it seems it starts at the beginning of every new week I can only save to a new name, I can't overwrite a previous save. It looks like it's saving but nothing happens, I have to use ctrl + alt + del to get out of the game and restart.
  3. yes exactly it freezes. I'm noticing I can't overwrite to a previously saved game either I have to keep saving as a new name and that only works about 60% of the time.
  4. I've installed the DLC 13 but am having problems saving games. I have .net 4.0 profile on Windows 7 and I believe everything is up to date.
  5. buhumphrey

    Patch 19

    I actually like the game better without the 3 points for compete it gives me more time to work on my character instead of competing so much.
  6. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!
  7. buhumphrey

    Patch 19

    Besides the compete problem I noticed a problem with Emilia's Gift. It is not giving Befriend parent skill +2 bonus again, altho this appeared to be fixed with patch 18, it's back with patch 19.
  8. buhumphrey

    Patch 18

    I thought that may be the case, but I wasn't sure because it happened with another subskill that I hadn't trained in yet but got all the points from bonuses. But I was confused because one game I started with 4 points in Danger Sense 1 was from Goose Bumps and 1 was from another bonus I started with but don't I recall what it was.
  9. buhumphrey

    Patch 18

    It appears that patch 18 has partially corrected the parent skill toatls problem BUT I noticed yesterday that it seems some bomuses to subskills altho being tallied are not triggering unlocks. I could be mistaken but I believe subskill Danger Sense is supposed to unlock Goose Bumps. I had Danger Sense 1 but all of a sudden got a +4 bonus from a clique ability so now my Danger Sense is 5 but no Goose Bumps until I actually trained two levels fo Dange Sense.
  10. buhumphrey

    No DLC?

    Can you not select Riddle of the Queen? That is all the DLCs in 1.
  11. tutoring services is great for upper level training or training in skills you don't have the dominant attribute where it takes 3 or more skill steps to raise a level
  12. Well I couldn't wait for the newest patch and started a game anyway. I decided to try something different this time instead of exploring 3 times on my first day. I tried 2 explores and I decided to try and Befriend on the 1st day with 1 Charm and 0 Befriend. I waited at the Great Hall imtil 1 of my classmates came strolling by and I seazed the moment abd Befriended her and created my Clique The Revisionary, Enchanting, Negating, Incantors on the first day. Doing this was a first for me but will really help me through the year since it improved my Charm to 4 and my befriend to 2 already.
  13. i didn't fight back the first couple of times but then I started veiling that didn't help, started hitting back with tail of the comet that didn't help until i did it 3 days in a row to give the culprit a day off in the infirmary. I did that 3 weeks in a row then the bullying stopped. I think I just got unlucky and started with the wrong girl from Morvidus to be -5 relationship.
  14. I didn't find it hard to make friends, I started my clique in week 3 with befriend skill 0 and charm 1 using the Great Hall for the 10% chance bonus. I found chosing the right people to befriend helps. I've completed the school year with 3 different characters and had between 4 and 8 people in my clique. And as for and adversary I would get bullied once or twice a week which was getting rediculous. Eventually stopped with about 6 weeks left in the school year but I had to learn how to play hardball and dish it out for a few days in a row for a few weeks before that finally happened.
  15. Great I'll be looking forward to it!
  16. Yes another think I had given up on, BUT I thought maybe it was changed deliberately so I never mentioned it. I haven't been able to study Gates since my first play through.
  17. so about when will we be seeing DLC 4?
  18. I believe I was an Avila student when I befriended her. It was when the school year was about 3/4 done, but she did start picking on a different school after I befriended her.
  19. yes I have given up on using explore myself, I use it the first day and never again after that because I always find the same places over and over again. I can hardly ever find the places I want to find like Tertoliod's Observatory (City of Mineta). It would be so helpful to find this early in the game BUT it's not made known until astrology is like level 8, by then it is almost useless.
  20. I usually compete every day for the first two weeks to get a nice lead in merit also. I also found that if you improve your relationship with that Aranaz girl she seems to leave your school alone afterwards. I've befriended her in 1 game when the merit battle was close after she hurt my school a few times. I first tried to hamper her, veil her but that only made things worse. I had to resort to befriending her.
  21. Is this the case for Ruckman's Jeweler's Picks? I don't think I've ever been able to equip them, BUT I thought I received the benefits of owning them just by having them in my backpack. I could be wrong tho my memory is far from good. LOL
  22. I kept getting reprimanded but never got detention I skipped every class except for exams for 3 weeks and only got 1 detention altho I was reprimanded about 5 times. Also I noticed I can no longer use feathers. I purchased hawk and raven feather from Johan's Aviary Delivery service, I have both feathers in my napsack but I can't hold them in my hand nor am I seeing the bonuses to Explore, Spy, or Espionage.
  23. I hate to keep on this subject BUT another thing I noticed when my Athletics parent skill wasn't giving me the proper total and I used Slick to improve my Wrestling subskill +3 my Athletics parent skill went -3 from 5 to 2.
  24. Thank you, You have all my confidence! Also I would like to state that your support is fast and top notch! I am impressed! Thank you, buhumphrey
  25. when you start a new game you should be able to chose The Riddles of the Queen this will enable all 3 DLCs.
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