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  1. Wow. I have been waiting for year two for eight and a half years! Where are all the billionaire gaming nerds who can fund independent projects on a lark with their own pocket change? There is something wrong with the world without them.
  2. After your post Metis, I decided to accept a detention, having stashed my living book. I then went back to my truant ways. Nearly a month has now passed with me having skipped lots of classes, and I have not been caught once. It appears that the detention did indeed reset the incremental increase in the chance of being caught.
  3. Well, I've been skipping class, any time a class didn't teach me anything. (Obviously, I've been abusing the save.) I've also reloaded every time I've been caught, as I am walking around with a 'Living Book' that they will confiscate any time they catch me. I am now into exam time and classes (for some utterly unfathomable reason) don't teach anything at all during exam time (that should really be changed), and so I've been skipping 'all' classes. Needless to say that for me, that incremental chance for discovery has by now climbed into a rather large probability of being discovered. If I accept the consequences of my actions and let them give me that detention, accepting that I lose my book (I suppose I could always hide it in my room for the moment) , will that incremental chance of detection be reset? Or will I now be forced to spend the rest of the year going to classes that don't teach me anything?
  4. Thank you Metis. It's hard to know if a +2 Gates theory will really be worth the slot come year two. I suspect not.
  5. yea, I've done that, advancing many days, saving/reloading, etc.. Gates never shows up. Ah well, I'm about to unlock the library where you can study it anyway. I guess I can always just sell the book. (Or can it, it being majorly illegal?) Now if I only had a shop available, or an explore option so I could find a shop. I have neither, either.
  6. Well, I have it equipped and Gates does not appear on my list of skills. It 'is' supposed to be equipped in the book slot, right?
  7. I also have the book, Aminþia Que’la: The Mother of Monsters. I've identified it, 'worn' it, 'and' installed the patch. However there is no action that I can find available for actually using it. Am I missing something obvious? I got the book as a starting item with a game that was unpatched. I patched later. It this item permanently broken unless I start a new game?
  8. I don't understand. Does it suck to be Ana Flavia if adventures cannot be revisited, or if they can?
  9. Well, while that does increase replayability somewhat, it also massively increases the work load needed to release subsequent years. How about including them, but just add an extra 50% to their difficulty level for each year beyond their intention?
  10. Well, that is indeed wonderful news, thank you. I am now going to ask a terrible question. The original intent as I understand it was for Academagia to be a five year sojourn. Is the team planning to continue it's efforts through all of five years? Will a third year possibly show up three or four years after the second year? Myself, I cannot imagine how the sheer quantity of content available in the first year could possibly be replicated in subsequent years without spending years more in development. The way I would approach that is to not eliminate from the play choices in subsequent years, adventures that were not chosen from the content of previous years. Meaning, let us do the adventures from previous years that we did not yet do, even when in the later years. Yes, this might make them easier to do, but is that not the point of gaining in abilities? And doing it that way, releasing subsequent years will not require quite so much new content.
  11. I originally purchased this game a few years ago and enjoyed playing. There was talk back then about year 2, and the lack of it at that time was a fairly major dampener on my enthusiasm for completing year one. I just dropped by to see whether or not, now years later, if a 2nd year was available. I find this thread which seems to indicate that it is 'still' in development. IS there actually work being done on a year two? Is there any idea as to when it will be done? I've been waiting several years now, so a reply of "when it's done" would read to me as "never". D'oh! Just found the Wiki entry stating that it's aiming for end of 2014, maybe 2015. I guess that's close enough.
  12. I'm wondering if it would be possible to use a character built with mods in year two? I am specifically thinking about the basic cheat mod (gave four extra picks at character creation, with which I got myself a dragon familiar), but the question would be relevant if anyone used some other mod as well.
  13. Thank you Mikka. The time and effort you put into articulately and comprehensively answering questions is very much appreciated.
  14. Well, I have two students who persist in 'bullying' my character, which is an annoyance as I would like to keep stress at near zero so as to enjoy around ten bonuses I get then. I understand that if I vendetta those two and win a duel with each of them, they will leave me alone for the rest of the year.
  15. One of the biggest bugaboos I have with the game is how when you max a skill, all subsequent actions that would normally cause the skill to gain a step are void, they are wasted. It would make the game much more satisfying if such skill steps were instead of being lost, applied to the corresponding 'research' for that skill.
  16. Would anyone care to spill the beans on just what I need to do to be a successful duelist? Do I need to max out all four of my Duel skills or can I let one lag, and if so, which one? Should I be boosting my Wrestling and/or Brute Strength as well? Does it make any sense to cast defensive spells or should we just uncork with the biggest we can muster and hope our vitality can go the distance?
  17. I'm not sure what the downside is to detention. I can either 'waste' ten periods a week and have five free ones to play with (plus weekends) or I can skip class and have those ten periods free and have a chance that 'some' of those free evenings might be used by detentions. I seem to be able to pass the teacher's challenge pretty much every time, so they are not stacking up on me. Do we get a warning before something more serious happens than just detention, or can I continue to blithely ignore classes for a while yet? (My class subjects are already maxed, so I have no use for attending any classes.)
  18. Well, there are some items that reduce your chances of getting caught. There are several which increase stats and such. Surely purchasing one or two of those things is more efficient than letting cash go to waste.
  19. I was thinking more of random events, or pickup adventures that are unrelated to the specific plot of the main game. There is a lot of writing time involved with that too.
  20. By midgame I usually have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and I am sure some purchases would be useful. What in your experience are the most useful items to purchase, bang for buck (and from which shop do you get them)?
  21. The first two you list are exactly what I was hoping for in this thread. The "and such..." however begs the question; there are more such single action adventures? Yes, I could indeed spend several hours scouring through some mod tool trying to discern a tiny part of the answer to my question, and I might well be forced to. I was hoping however to create a thread that would both spare me some of that tedium as well as be useful for other people who also don't want to be turned into mod hackers. That may well be, but if so, which ones? Should we just select some title purely at random and hope that it might someday lead to some other adventure, that we likely will too, select purely at random? I would add that having one's dueling skills maxed out might 'also' prove useful in future years, or gates & mastery, or all relevant 'thief' skills, etc.. Ample hints have been given that finishing 'research' paths will be important in later years, all of which is incompatible with random potshots at an adventure list.
  22. Any chance the community could help with some of that writing? I expect more than a few people would be happy to write a few adventures in exchange for a free game and a credit. We could write adventures punctuated with: <Insert appropriate skill checks here.> and simply let the developers choose so we as players don't have to know all the mechanics of year two.
  23. What in your experience are the most useful skills to develop? Which skills do you develop (and to what level) early for the bonuses to character growth? Which skills do you develop a bit later for their utility in multiple adventures?
  24. Might I convince the readers of this thread to contribute to it, their own list of the best adventures? All the adventures seem good from the point of view of immersion into the game world, writing quality and such. By best, I mean more from a gamey point of view, best reward / least actions. I just got a character half way, at that point just after midterms where there are six days in a row of no classes. I opted to spend them doing adventures and at the end felt like I had wasted my time. I could have maxed two skills and gotten an additional 50 skill steps on top of that in that time, and instead I had futilely clicked on random adventures that were very slowly progressing... nowhere. Seemingly.
  25. What I would 'not' be certain of, and largely 'the' reason I would not use even the least of the cheat mods, is that I am nowhere near certain that a character made using one of those mods would be compatible with year two.
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