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  1. Thanks very much! I had forgotten that I checked the wiki too, and it wasn't listed. When I choose to research Pride of a Rebel Queen, the location changes to: "Hearts Hallow"
  2. Hello! Recently, I completed an Avila-centric game in which I got the Pride of a Rebel Queen skill to 10, and then Researched it to level 10, as well. There was some interesting lore for the 10 research levels, but upon reaching level 10, I didn't see any in game feedback of a benefit. Is there one that's programmed in, but not given as feedback, or was this an oversight? I realize this is a pretty obscure research skill.
  3. Thank you for mentioning this and providing the Steam link. I had been interested in this game for a while, but I hadn't known it had been officially translated and put on Steam. Adding it to my wishlist now!
  4. Oooh, hope you don't mind if I make a mention on this, as a resident occasional lurker/ big Princess Maker fan. As in, "owns all of the Princess Maker games in the Japanese, and used to emulate Japanese Windows XP machines on her Windows 10 machine to play them." There are 5 Princess Maker mainline games in total, and Princess Maker 1, Princess Maker 2, and Princess Maker 3 have been translated to English and released on Steam. The English translations for Princess Maker 4 and Princess Maker 5 were originally announced with the ones for 1-3,are still in development. The translating company is Korean, and the English translation is rather...Engrishy. I'd give it on the level of a mid-90's game level, think like Castlevania or Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation 1. To give an example, the latest update patch came with the announcement: "Again, we'd like to express the deep appreciation to all of you, PM 3 fans affections and patience. With the latest patch, you would experience following enhancements. *More explicit English font style implementation for PM 3 *Word wrapping text issue resolution Meanwhile, your suggestions receiving from Forum and e-mails are well being collected right on end." So, it's understandable, but still Engrishy. I've gotta give props to the team for not being great at English (they are released all 5 of the games on Steam for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and English), but still listening to fan feedback and making corrections for all language. Now, the games, however, are incredibly solid, and get better as the series goes on. Princess Maker 5 was released in 2008, and I think you could hold it up with a lot of modern life sim games released even today.
  5. Hello, I had the same problem your friend did, ronikai. I had to try a few things to get it to work (there were several places I could have cleared the cache), so let me post what finally worked for me, as to help anyone else who has this problem: I have Windows 10, and data that seems to have been left over from a previously installed copy of Academagia, (which was installed some time around 2013). 1) Copied the file ExoticFamiliarSelectionMod.mdm to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Academagia The Making of Mages\Mods (this was my default directory for the Steam installation of Academagia) 2) Deleted the entire contents of C:\ProgramData\Academagia\Cache_V3 (You may have to make hidden folders visible ) 3) When loading the game up, using the checkbox and arrow keys, move the exotic familiar mod up to the top of the list before starting the game.
  6. Oh, YAY! I didn't know the DLC 4 was due to be out. Avila was the first character college I rolled, so I'm particularly fond of it. Can't wait to remake my first character and take her through the adventures! ETA: and by house I mean college.
  7. Yay, it's out! I've really been enjoying the color coding thing, thanks for refining it even further!
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