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  1. Ah, I'm delighted to hear the news about crafting / shopping. I was really curious about making things -- one character with high forge skills just rarin' to go! Trizz
  2. Managed to find some time to read bits of the Wiki today -- very helpful, thanks to the people who are maintaining it! The only things I noticed off hand was the absence of a couple of plants I've come across (Find Plant, Find Rare Plant, Cultivate, Scour the Mill). Surely I can't be the only person to have been stricken by the Tripping Thistle? And there was a Walnut something-or-other... Trizz
  3. Trizz

    Patch 30 Bugs

    Hello, A question: What is the status of the SP place holders that still crop up? Is there anything useful that can be done to help with them? And an issue: My most recent character started out with zero parental approval and no cash; however, finding plants and selling them turned out to be a nice little earner. (PS Compost weighs a ton and is virtually worthless, so calling it a plant is definitely cheeky!) I noticed that in the shops, though I can click and unclick items to *buy*, I cannot unclick items to *sell*. Clicking more than twice in fact results in the item being accepted for sale again, and indeed the fool shopkeeper then goes and buys two items, one of which does not exist. And what's more, pays the money. (Needless to say, my very ethical character has *not* exploited this.) However, I'm assuming this is not intentional, and exiting the shop brings the action to an end, so no chance to go back and start the process over. Trizz
  4. Trizz

    Patch 30 Bugs

    Re.: Holiday (The Wedding Feast) same image and same image problem as mentioned elsewhere, placement and/or lower edge of image cuts off text. You have learned Toy Soldiers -- no info on link re: Black Snake Down -- start of event, page blank except for options at bottom (no event text) Serious Scholarly, 3 of 4 -- threepieces as one word. General: spacing of text on centre panel is often strange, frequent blank final page and page boundaries mid-page. However, my display set-up only has one option for 800 (600x800), everything else is a close approximation, so that may be the reason. Trizz
  5. Feedback on various issues: in The Beast, The Dragon, and A Solemn Council, check image placement and/or lower edge of image, which doesn't fade in. It's a sharp edge that cuts into the top line of text whenever it appears in this event sequence. (Image of multiple ghostly figures standing within large space) Typo: Random Event Hedi Common Room 8, page 2: should read envelop, not envelope. Results page after Ersmé's House of Fortune & Fame reads "temporary increase to Your Attribute" -- does not name attribute, no link Adventure "A Lover's Spat" -- throughout: The tense normally used for narration in events and adventures is the present. This adventure switches from present to past and back throughout, sometimes within one sentence or a pair of sequential sentences. I would suggest reviewing the text to harmonise to present tense. Also: smile at (rather than to) in page 6 of 8 (in Court of Grace, I believe) different way doing things -- missing "of" Please let me know if this is not the right place to provide this type of feedback. Trizz
  6. Thank you everyone -- I finally got it! Trizz
  7. Yes, Grunthex, thank you very much! I'm missing the bit of information in the red circle on the right. But I think I have a theory about what may be causing this... (Off to check) Trizz Later Okay, am I right in thinking that I have to start a game by ticking the mods box for A Friend in Need? And have I understood correctly that ticking that box activated not just DLC 6, but also 1-5? Sorry for being so slow about this! It's not something I've ever had to deal with before. NB Schwarzbart, I don't quite see how it can be a "very old version", since it was downloaded from the developer directly only three days ago with the most recent patch. I am *quite* certain that I followed the patch instructions. Trizz
  8. Hello, Schwarzbart, Thank you for your quick response. I am sorry if I am being dense; I went looking everywhere yesterday and clicked with every available mouse button. I'll try again later today. Do I at least have the correct list? Trizz Later: I get information on the right, but it is confined to general information, information on other class members, and a note on how the class is graded. There is no information on exam dates. The game has the last cumulative patch; I did delete rather than overwriting.
  9. In Random Event Animal Pen 3 and in Random Event Library 13, the first screen did not have the character name but Him (grammatically inappropriate) or He instead. In the first instance, the screen came up a second time after a choice of green action, and the second display of the first screen did have the name. Trizz
  10. Hi, Just noting a few things from (virtually) the end of the play-through. If the class skill is the one with the little white box on the left under the character's portrait, then all the pop-up shows me is the max number of points, plus whatever permanent upgrades she has due to spells, items, etc. However, I did print up the list of exam dates from elsewhere in the forums, so I do have the information. Some abilities were awarded and appeared not greyed out on the left, but were not available to use. Examples were Accepting a Commission and at least two of the Merit awards. Some actions were never possible despite many attempts; I presume this is because the character lacked some essential attribute. Never found out how to use Artifice. I came across a couple of screens that featured Him rather than the character name (or at least He); I'll report them elsewhere in detail. Otherwise very nicely written and virtually free of typos (well, one poured rather than pored in an early Oan Adventure screen). Found a great way of sucking up to the profs and ended up with very high relationship scores for 4 or 5 of them. Skipped one class virtually every day but only had perhaps 10 detentions throughout the year. Philip Marchant became a cocoa drinking mate... Now off to start another character. Maybe one that's *supposed* to be working in the forges... Trizz
  11. Thanks for the prompt response. I've changed the resolution and everything now scrolls and is visible except the info about goods for sale in the shops. Well, a little random chance never hurt anyone... Haven't been able to locate the exam info in the skills list so far. The version is Trizz
  12. Just a few questions that have come up. * I opted for a cat familiar but got landed with Pamela. Is there an issue with familiar selection? * Am I right in thinking the phemes panel doesn't scroll? Or am I playing on the wrong resolution? Descriptions of catalogue and shop items are also not fully visible. * Was totally surprised by exams -- any chance of a mouseover or similar to let the player know *what* is being examined on any given day? Have I just missed the info? Or are the profs *really* sadistic? Turned out I was a total dunce... * Things of interest to me have ballooned to long lists of people -- what is their significance? Was hoping to be a loner... * I'm finding the green options during events sooo wimpy -- am I normal? * Adventure (Dream) started twice and didn't appear to progress. Sorry there's such a slew. Any info welcome. Great game. Trizz
  13. Hi, Let me say straight away that I've been lurking for about a couple of months, ever since I saw the gamezebo review. So I feel I know you all already! I've also been well impressed by the forums and the quick responses to sundry questions. My games experience started with DD and similar back in the day; these days, RL work makes it hard to go for through-the-night immersion, though. I'm delighted to see a gentler game of such depth and complexity emerge, and I figure if I don't get in on it now, I'll forever be stuck catching up! Trizz
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