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  1. Funny enough it works to my favor a bit as he is teaching me skills I do not know.
  2. Heh okay, I see it now... Not sure how I got detention from a prof whose class I am not in and I cannot see in the day logs when I got it, but at least I know I need Admin, Study Habits and Glamour Theory now...
  3. rofl... I am not even sure who is giving me the detention. It is almost like the third slot on Monday is just defaulting detention. In fact the problem is present in at least one Monday I had passed without detention being there.
  4. So apparently I am getting detention every Monday and I have no idea why. The new week starts and I have detention... Did I botch something so hardcore that Monday's are tanked for the rest of the game?
  5. Not sure if this helps and it will only go up to DLC 10... Version (DLC 10) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adds- 8 new Adventures, set within the untamed Imperial Reserve! 30+ new Events, set in and about the Academagia 1 new Familiar, as mysterious as the Reserve itself 1 new Skill, many Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Backgrounds, Locations and Spells for new ways to progress your Character in adventurous ways! Version (DLC 8) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adds - + 8 new Adventures, set around the City of Mineta and the uncommon events therein! + 20+ new Events, a true miscellanea to brighten any afternoon + 1 new Skill, many Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells for new ways to progress your Character upon the streets of Mineta! Updates - + You are now able to scroll beyond 4 Equipment Slots + Equipment Slots now display correctly at their Maximum + An issue with double-click on Equipment Slots was corrected Version (DLC 7) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adds - + 7 new Adventures + 25 new Events + Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities + 8 new Items + 3 new Locations + A new Durand Skill Updates - + Stenephan Pastis' Advocate's Platform now has Targets + Several Adventures had their Continuities corrected + The Passion, Confidence, Pure Luck and Character Skills now have missing Perks restored + The Starlight Spell now has better Targets + The Ferret Familiar has had an adjustment to its Attributes + Random Event Shop 8 now requires you to have some monies + Random Event Foraging 10 now allows you to benefit from a Beekeeper's Mask + Additional Exits were added to several Adventures and Random Events + The Muffin Man is now a Pet + Pamela's Adventure is now significantly less difficult + Neta Xemutre's Adventure is now significantly less difficult + Stylish Stitch now offers a more helpful Description + The Ferret Familiar's Adventure is now significantly less difficult + Several incorrect Effects were repaired + Hidden Emotional State "Love" was slightly reworked + Orso's Adventure now raises his Relationship with the Player + Several Adventure Exits and Investigations were repaired + The Tutorial Adventure's Difficult was revised for some Exits + "Black Snake Down" now has Main Text + Jar of Healing Balm is now more useful + Random Event Health and Illness 9 now has 100% less gender confusion + Telescopes are now equippable + Ausdauer and Cirillo's Familiars have had missing Abilities restored + The Introductory Adventure now Expands Vitality by 20, temporarily offsetting an issue with lower than expected starting Vitality + Prerequisites now correctly identify the Initiator for all cases + In certain cases, a slow growth in Chance of Failure/Success was suppressed + In certain cases, the appearance of multiple instances of Chance of Failure/Success was suppressed Version (DLC 6) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adds - + 7 new Adventures + 28 new Events + Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities + 15 new Items + 6 new Locations + A new Morvidus Skill + A new Background Updates - + The Venalicium Library Adventure is now available to all without special need to visit the Library + Visiting Euneycia's Haven may now correctly be completed + Certain Merit Rewards have been correctly set to OR + Several Adventure issues were corrected + Katja is now a bit more musical + The correct magical disciplines which replaced Orthography now appear in the class description Version (DLC5) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adds - + 6 new Adventures, themed around the College of Godina: mighty spells, the energy of music and forgotten goblin-ruins await! + 20+ new Events, dealing with the intensity and decisions of the Students of Godina + 1 new Skill, over 10 Items, and lots of new Abilities, Actions, Locations and Spells for new ways to advance your Character in Elumia" Patch 19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) An issue with Favor and Relationships was corrected Patch 18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) An obscure crash related to null entities was corrected 2) Date/Time serialization is slightly better handled on the back end 3) A problem with how Parent Skill Values are calculated when derived from certain kinds of Increase Effects was addressed Patch 17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Encumbrance and Concealment now show maximums 2) Increase Issue for negative Parent Skill cases corrected 3) Artifice crash related to null values corrected Patch 14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DLC3 Adds: 1) 11 new Adventures 2) 24 new Events 3) Many new Phemes, Spells and Abilities 4) Over 15 new Items 5) 5 new Locations 6) A new Hedi Skill 7) Hovering over an Adventure now tells you what previous Adventures in that chain you have completed This Content Patch updates: 1) Class Skill Training Modifiers reviewed 2) Observation is now less Charming 3) Culiman and Joy of Music for Violin now sell appropriately 4) The Prerequisites for the Venalicium Library Adventure have been corrected 5) The Dancer's Wand now has a graphic 6) The Toad Familiar Adventure now gives a Medal of Rushes corectly 7) The Modus Operandi Pheme was revised 8) History's Focus is now much reasonably usable 9) Armorer's Level 11 Perk is now more useful 10) Detention Red Lettering now correctly goes away 11) Choice of selections in Phemes no longer cause crashes Patch 11a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Hotkeys.txt now summarizes all Hotkeys. 2) Save Slot Hotkeys have been inverted: CTRL+F1-F5 now Saves, and F1-F5 now Replaces. 3) Player Mods have been implemented. ...as well as corrects these issues: 1) Attribute and Skill tooltips function correctly again. 2) You may now move more than 1 Item from a Location into your Inventory. 3) 'Refresh' Issue on XP and Vista corrected. 4) Phemes are now alphabetical in all cases. 5) Detention and Hall Sessions reporting has been improved. 6) A serious save game issue related to Student Detention has been corrected 7) A problem with Detention reporting has been corrected Patch 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Skill Maximum now appears in the Skill Tooltip 2) Parent Skill now appears in the Skill Tooltip 3) Skill Steps now appear in the Skill Tooltip 4) Detentions now appear only weekly, instead of for the full year 5) Hotkeys: c for Calendar, o for Control, i for Inventory ...as well as corrects these issues: 1) Phemes no longer apply incorrectly when casting multiple instances of the same Spell 2) Familiars are Trainable once more 3) Detentions now correctly replace Player Actions when received 4) A rare crash related to the AI was corrected 5) A rare crash related to the Deflect Effect was corrected 6) Certain kinds of Merit Increases now work correctly 7) Certain kinds of Choices can no longer be confirmed if no Choice has been made 8) Increase Effects applying to the Parent Skill now display correctly 9) Skill Steps should not show correctly, regardless of Increase Effects 10) Disabled Clique Abilites now Removed correctly Version -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additions New Exits to introduce Pamela, the Invisible Friend. All Locations in the game were revised to raise visibility on Location Abilities. Almost all Location Abilities which offer Expansions to statistics are made Active. All Location Abilities which offer inspirational Increases remained Passive. Books are now Typed correctly. One may be 'Equipped' as a source of reference and study. The Academagia Block Puzzle is now 10,000% less Glorious The Safaviore School is now attendable, if you have the appropriate Background Spells now display all Rolls and Effects in the Description Befriend is now immediately available to the Playe New Background Options are available Locations now appear before Lores on the Lore Tab. The Shop Action cannot be confirmed unless you know about a Shop. Use of the left/right arrow keys now decreases/increases font size, respectively, in addition to the Numpad -/+ Action selection now allows you to roll over the Descriptions of all Actions, Abilities, Items, Spells and Phemes, without having to click. Color coding in the higher tier Difficulties is now: Red -> Purple. Orange has been removed. Dynamic increase/decrease of font size was extended to the text boxes in the right hand menu. Pressing F12 will show you game version as well as current Story. Please use this feature when reporting Story related typos and bugs. All Detention Feedback is now shown. Updates Extrapolation of Evidence Trial and Error Class Skills now display Instructor and Date of all Exams Accept Commission Reverse Engineering is now more useful Zoology Skill Perks reviewed Play Action now correctly refers to the Familiar Go Outside the Fences now correctly refers to the Familiar Entertain now correctly refers to the Familiar Looks over Substance is no longer juxtaposed (Substance over Looks, indeed!) The Vihuelan Lyre now is much less likely to be a source of Reprimands All Bully Skills are now Informed in the Schoolyard Education Skill. Revision Classroom now has the correct Ability Pure Luck now has a more sensible dominant Attribute Practice Math Description Unicorn Tears may now be Equipped Study Mastery: Botany Description Study Mastery: Athletics Explore Action now has the correct Roll Updated Run Abilities to improve chance of Fitness Expansion Study Mastery: Arithmetic Romance is now Trainable Memorization Skill Perks The Ability 'Elegant Service' now takes place in the Great Hall Merit Review for Information Limning reworked Tutoring Services reworked Scratch reworked Enjoy Silphium is more enjoyable Tour the Tapestry Room now has Effects! Pet Therapy now correctly reduces Stress Practice Run's second Effect should not work as intended Lucky Sprite's Coin may now be Equipped Cheryl Aemegus has decided to sell Items The Four Phases Bookstore is much harder to steal from Rabbit Kick reworked Animal Analogy now works correctly Teach Language now works correctly Professor's Lounge is now Informed correctly Emperor Sphinx is now Informed correctly Some users unable to move Items into their Knapsack can now do so. The Glory Contribution to Rolls is temporarily capped. A rare crash related to Adventures has been prevented. If you are Suspended, you will now know it. A crash related to Ability: Tutoring Services has been prevented. Training Modifier now work correctly. Regional Inform Effects now work correctly. Substitution now works correctly with Choice. A typo in the first screen of Character Creation was corrected. A duplication issue with mods was corrected. Random Skills will now select only Sub-Skills (except Bond Skills) correctly. Version 1.00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- + Initial release
  6. Okay then its all good Just did not want to get to far in and then find out what I thought was fine was not lol
  7. Ya, but not surprising I guess... Vista is as I like to say "quirky". btw... "Mods will have different names, and appear separate on that Mod screen." So I should be able to see both as seperate items then? This is not the case. The only one I can see is Finals and Ordeals not the Festival one. Sorry if my question/statement from the prior post was confusing.
  8. Ah. I see what I did... I was backing the old files up and left the old file behind. I am good then. Chalk it up to Vista as so far it looks fine in XP. Great game btw. Keep up the good work.
  9. So after dropping the patch in should I see two mods at the mod screen or only one? But I should see two Content folders in the GCC folder named like Content.fa... and Content_##...
  10. Ditto for problems on Vista. Download from Impulse. Works without DLC 12. Go to manually place files for update. Error at Mod screen after selection. Uninstalled. Reinstalled. Got the same error at the selection screen for Finals and Ordeals. I have a dual boot system with XP for a few things that have always been picky about Vista and if it helps, I could put it there and let you all know if it works.
  11. Heh and I just realised why I cannot pay tuition... Probably because I do not have enough money Suddenly it all makes sense lol
  12. Is there a way to tell what requirments will allow a new location to be used? Similar to the above, I have several that are listed under Abilities and Actions; Library at Longshade, the Esteban Contu School of Incantation, etc etc, but I have no idea how to enable them so I can select them for use during the day. Is it intended that, well if it is Incantation based it would be safe to assume I should keep progressing in Incantation to activate that ability?
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