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  1. Well it was nice trying, thank you
  2. So… have to change every exit individually . There’s no way of doing it in a more collectively form?
  3. How exactly you change it, in the adventure? Ps.: It does thank you.
  4. My question today ( after this long absence ) is about aventures, it is possible to trigger the parts consecutively? Start adventure A0, and in the same action proceed to A1,A2,A3....etc. Adventures are quite fun but too long to be doing in separated actions... you get busy whit the schedule and forget about the adventure , when you finely get to do, its been to long and don’t remember where stopped.
  5. demoap

    Two Mods

    Thank you, both were very helpful
  6. demoap

    Two Mods

    Have been working around the mod tool and a dilemma crossed my way… can two mods coexist? In a same game file of course, after loading the dlc and custom-made mod, the first seemed to make the other be ignored making the mod changes disappear... Is the some specific way to make two contents compatible? Or it is impossible? Ps.: Kind of topic but can the dlc changes be added tho the amo? And published mods reedited?
  7. demoap

    The Engine

    That would do 'obvious'
  8. demoap

    The Engine

    Well... not... Sorry Nyaa yours answers are quite hard to reply I am very familiar with the concept, but unfortunately I do not won the game (se first post), so i don’t have at my disposal the games files (a demo would go nicely). It is about the hole functionality&development, dll … that is the information I am seeking about p.s.: I may be able to take a look at the files today…
  9. demoap

    The Engine

    Yes, programming script would do, but I was far more interested in how to say.... understanding the way the development was made, if possible of course.
  10. demoap

    The Engine

    Thank you Nyaa , but well… my doubts not rest in the engine functionality at game play, but ah.. as a engine, its encryption, like its execive changes in adresses for exemple... Sorry for the lack of terms... can I use technical ones?
  11. demoap

    The Engine

    Thank you for the attention, well… I not very sure if my question goes in the FAQ section but… All the doubts rest in ‘technical section’: Having the opportunity of playing the game again, couldn’t pass the chance of looking for more details of the game encryption, the UI puzzled me a lot, and the huge save file too, (was a bit confusing) one of my hopes was be able to optimize it (already accustomed to make mods) but if help from the forum could be used it would be wonderful, p.s: Not yet sure about the project ( time )
  12. demoap

    The Engine

    Since this will be my first post in the forum, I believe it would be appropriated to explain my intentions, at least for now. It was very peculiar (for me) the way I became aware of the existence of “Academagia”, an friend of my ( that, by the way, is very anxious over de indie community ) acquire the game from the GamersGate site, well, his purchase was made in hope of it having multilingual options, an failure of course, so he went to me in hope it could be translated somehow, he used a laptop to bring it to my house. I was puzzled at first for not knowing anything about the game ( Like indie games to ), my friend isn’t very good at English language and got tired of using Google, I couldn’t help him much too, it was a very brief visit. I only promise to ‘look over’ it, that was how I ended up finding this forum, but wasn’t sure if it would be very helpful, by the time the patches released my friend have already give up of the game ( money isn’t a problem but time is), but I was very interested in it. Was only able to play it for an hour, but it was the necessary to realize the great potential the game has for study, not following? Let me explain, I tutor kids on English sometimes, mostly related to computation, and the hole game concept seems perfect for the task. But I still have lots of toughs that have to be clarified about the game and its engine, UI...etc Hope these kinds of doubts could be answered ( they are all related to its engine and development) and sorry about my bad English...
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