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  1. Ok, thanks for the warnings, Guss my Lizard will live a long llife
  2. Any reson not to use "Gift of the Familiar"? Well I do kill "it", but I can a New? and I dont realy find a familiar all that useful. But then I havent played that much
  3. fuel

    only one year?

    I just played the game, but it ends after one year? I'm doing something wrong? Or is it suppose to?
  4. Ok, i¨ll better start rasing my studing skills, and I havent done any adventures yet, so I¨ll better start
  5. How can I train my basic skill like charm, int etc? I only found how to train fitness. What should I have my studdy skills before my exams be, and should it be higher or lower then my "school" skill is when i study?? What would be a good/great start setup for a n00b? I starte a new game like 5-6 times, I just feel i¨m doing it all wrong, and never played to any exams. what skill should i fokus on? btw I've read the user guide/maueal at the forum.
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