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  1. Here is another potential exit Traps Hmmm.. Did he learn from his mistake? Philippe fell for such a simple trap earlier, and he's pretty mad... Perhaps he's to intent on the chase to notice another? Sucsess Deftly letting loose a pouch of clear marbles, you set a simple trap. As Philippe rounds the corner, His look of rage shifts to horror as he looses control... and tumbles out a window. You rush to look out the window fearing the wost... to find that Philippe landed face first into the compost pile for botany class. With a small group gathering around him, he manages to free himself. After spiting profusely, Philippe cries "I HATE manure" Relationship with Philippe -2, Philippe gains "Humbled Bully" emotion, You get "Underdog Champion" emotion. Failure Letting loose a pouch of clear marbles, you set a simple trap. As Philippe rounds the corner, with ease, he avoids the marbles and tackles you. Hearing the commotion in the hallway, others arrive to investigate. First to come around the corner is Joana, who promptly slips sending her crashing to the floor. A bad day just got worse... much, much worse... Vitality -1, Relationship with Philippe -1, Relationship with Joana -2. Humbled Bully Utterly humiliated the would be lion now looks more like a drenched kitten. Nobody is going to consider them a threat for a while. - 2 on all hostile actions -2 on all Bully Skill Tree rolls +2 stress minimum Lasts one week Underdog Champion Felling a bully, even if temporary, can often earn the thanks of others. Some of the more bookish students have lent some study materials as thanks. +2 Study habits +2 Research Lasts one week
  2. Yes, it is a play on Odin's eye and the well. I was a bit exausted when i finished and posted it, so i understand how some of it may have been unclear. The eye's power is meant to give you a short term boost to the skill trees you need (courses), not just skills you may want. its also good for boosting performance right before an exam for a class you may have neglected. the 48 hour duration and 1 month recharge keep this from being an excuse to not study. The well is crammed with Diagrams, notations, and all sorts of knowledge. Studying the well is no easy task (most definitely for a 1st year student, but maybe easier as you advance in school years). The different spells, phemes, and skills are not placed in alphabetical order or listed by decimal system. Finding something you can read, let alone understand is no small task. Thus the stress. You also spend 1/3 of your day down a well, thats not the best study environment. It also shows that the more powerful artifacts can still be dangerous, even when used properly. Of course there's still the chance of all out failure which would give you that monster headache ( the hit to vitality) I chose the lounge exit because the lounge itself as a study location gives a decent bonus, and felt that the various exits should give knowledge based reward any additional exits should have some sort of academic reward even if its small and offset with negative things. I like how most things in it have something to do with knowledge... Like how if Phillipe had thought to check for traps too, you wouldn't even be in that mess.
  3. Heres one that was rattling around the old noggin. Please forgive the errors, got a case of insomnia. lol A little knowledge "You can run *first name*, but you can't hide forever!" Shouts Philippe. He's never been this mad at you before, but then again, He's also never been Fluorescent pink either. Serves him right for swiping carmels out of your wardrobe. He should have checked for traps too, not just wards. What colour that scoundrel currently is dosent matter, its where your going to lay low untill this blows over that does. Exit / No roll Slip behind the first door you find. Exit Sucsess As you slide the lock home, you hear him pound on the door. "I'll get you yet" Philippe roars. Smugly, safe behind a sturdy door, you reply "I'ld like to see you try" A tingle fills the air and numbness runs down your spine, YOU CAN'T MOVE! "See him do what, now?" comes a voice from behind you. You recognize that voice... thats.. oh no... "Students are not allowed in the Teachers lounge, *full Name*." chastised Orso Orsi. "Oh, and Philippe Marchant, You were warned just earlier today about threatening a fellow student. Thats detention, for both of you" He continued. Great... The only thing worse than detention, is being stuck in detention with Philippe. Relationship with Philippe -2, Detention, Location discovered - Academagia: Professor's Lounge Climb. The dry well by the stables. The well by the stables has been dry since before your grandfather was born. Nobody will find you there! (Sucsess) Wow, that was trickier than you first thought. You nearly fell when that stone almost slid loose. Hey, theres delicate engravings on the sides... looks like countless phemes, lost techniques, and even spells. I guess the old well wasnt as empty as everybody thought. Location discovered "Lost well of Knowledge" (Failure) Wow, this is trickier than you first thought. An odd shaped stone that looked like a good hand hold slides loose... AAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! *Thud* Ouch! Feels like your shoulder is dislocated (-4 vitality). On a brighter note, that stone thad came loose looks to be an eye finely carved from Basalt, about the size of a lemon. Perhaps you should check it with the registry, it may be valuable... Well, at least you managed to escape Philippe... for now. location/item "Lost well of Knowledge" You've heard fables about such wells all your life, who would have beleived it possable that *YOU* would actualy find one. If you spend a decent amount of time studying the diagrams and notations carved into the very stones that make up the walls, you may just come out of it with a new understanding of a pheme, skill or spell that had been previously unknown to you... or just a horrable headache (vitality -2). The well's enchantments are ancient and powerfull, and atempting to glean wisdom from it proves to be a terrible strain on a young mind (stress +5), and can only be risked once a week. "Basalt Eye" Its said that long ago a great man traded his right eye for a drink from the well of knowledge. Nobody knows if this is truely his eye, or if it had been carved to honor his sacrifice. Either way, it holds an ancient enchatment. When clutched against your right eye, It imparts a +2 bonus to the parent skills of your Courses. This bonus can only be invoked only once a month, and lasts 48 hours before it fades.
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