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    And now it's the end of summer, I suppose. Any chance we would get the new modbase soon?
  2. Thank you for creating this thread, Schwarzbarz. I've been curious about what class other forum members are picking and why. I used to pick classes which have many SS and rare SS, in other words, usually-not-be-used SS. I want my char to be a master of the field has so many branching that hard to be mastered. In that sense, I don't prefer to pick the most of magic classes for they have only 4 SS and their SS is the easiest to be known even without taking the class. My char, therefore, always takes Astrology, History, Calligraphy and Music. Since she is a Godina student, she should attend Incantation and Athletics class. So she has chances to get along mostly with the students of Aranaz, Godina and Avila, maybe that's why I have friendly feeling for those colleges. And I have a question: Which class adventure do you like most?
  3. Oh, this is interesting. I never imagine that there are some students whose siblings have been assassinated until now. And Rui da Casga's background is...... quite shocking. The world of Academagia seems darker than I think. I usually don't make a clique, so I'm very curious what would happen to other forum member's clique now on, especially to Schwarzbarz's noble cliques. BTW, very rich or high noble families usually, I think, had have high tendency to betroth their children in preteenage. I wonder if our noble-born students also have a possibility to be betroth to somebody outside the Academagia by his/her parents during the school years.
  4. Hm, you don't want then Cyrus Dawes as your clique member too, since his ability also decreases Ethics by 2, I suppose? You can choose which student to add your clique considering of their benefits and penalties, and I respect your dispreference for her as a clique member.
  5. Legate, I have two questions. 1. I heard somewhere that Mastery and Gates magic can be traceable with Negate, and also that the more repeatedly a mage uses such magic, the more likely he or she gets caught. Is there a possibility that such a number of illegal magic use is being recorded in Y1 game engine secretly so that the statistics can be used for future purpose? 2. I heard that there may be a way to work off the 'Black sheep' background in later years. How about the 'Negated'? It looks like some kind of curse to me, will be there a way to remove it later like we did in Ana Flavia Bessa's adventure?
  6. Metis, I think she is, in her own way thus far. I admit Miya is a controversial girl, but I can accept her way of being since her adventure doesn't abruptly end even though I oppose to her or preach her. Her adventure does not compel to follow her offer unconditionally and does not foist a image of PC which I don't want on me. It helped me to enjoy the humor of the adventure.
  7. Oh, that's really, really great news! *Dance joyfully* To tell the truth, while I didn't know Aaran has romance option for girls too, I was in torment whether to beg you, bribe you, implore you to make him romanceable regardless of gender or not. I couldn't bring that up for it might harm your original conception. So now I'm really happy for that. In the meantime I've started new playthrough, and completed Miya's adventure. She was a very unique girl, and her adventure made me laugh a lot. As a big fan of Godina college, I thank you for your interpretation of Godina student as a adventure-loving, cheerful, energetic, and friendship-caring one. In the last playthrough I usually ran into Aaran's random events, and in this time was Antonio's. He looked to me as a smart, gentlemanly, reasonable boy, and...... also has some dangerous sides. I became curious about his background, maybe it's good time for me to start reading this thread from the start.
  8. PC's skill levels will be recalculated thoroughly when the save data is imported to Y2, being replaced its unlocked spell/abillity/etc with Y2 materials. Although it is said that 11 perks isn't any different. The basic skill max in Y2 is 10 as well, but you can expand it by research, favor, etc. The usable skill limit is 21 in Y2 while 11 in Y1. Since it is said that we should be able to choose the result of favor in Y2, it will provide an easier way to expand skill max.
  9. It already gives me a feeling of mind-boggling by mere thinking of expanding skill max 11 times. Yeah, it surely very difficult to get there. I hope the 'expanding skill max' part be not mandatory for Y2 curriculum, but a kind of learning acceleration for Y3. I suppose that extra classes could provide a way to expand skill max in some way or other since their opportunity cost is pretty high.
  10. Oh, the 'Synchronicity' page is updated in Wiki before I am aware of it. Now we can see what bonus the 11 skill levels of it unlock thanks to wiki editors. 
  11. May I take the bagic skill level maximum is 20 in Y2, then, in case of PC has never expanded it? I wonder if more sub skills will be added in the advanced class, for exemple, more instrument skills be unlocked to advanced Music class or not.
  12. I just ended my DLC 16 playthrough. I played Aaran and Antonio's Adventures, and also encountered some of the randum events about your new students. But never have met with Louise. Maybe she is a mysterious one? Aaran's randum events was so fun and unique, I could not help but liking him. Although I usually play as a Godina girl, I almost came close to start new game as a male student to romance with him in the future. The part I ilke in Aaran and Antonio's Adventures is that PC's efforts to help them are really appreciated. The main reason to play student's adventure, for me, was to become a particular friend with the student. And your adventures have the ideal ending as I dreamed. I really enjoyed my last playthrough wirh your new students. I'll try the new girls' Adventures next time. Thank you for your hard work over the years, Mikka, your mod has made the DLC 16 so special to me.
  13. Oops, sorry for the misspelling, isadorbg. I should have doublechecked regarding people's names. Thank you for your encouraging comment, freespace. I'll try to write more posts on forum now on. A little surprizing to me that Durand seems to the least mentioned college in this thread currently since I've always thought Durand as the 'Gryffindorish' College of Academagia. If I were a real student of the Academagia, I would enroll to the Durand for it has a good and even-handed Regent, Professor Briardi. And for the same reason, Aranaz will be the last college where I would go to......
  14. I love to hear this kind of chat. Thank you for creating this thread, isadorbd. I am a big fan of Godina. First time, I just chose Godina girl for its portrait looked to me the prettiest one. But I became love this college more than ever through actual gameplays. Now I always play as a Godina girl. a. I'm having fun playing as a energetic, simple-minded, but honest future battlemage. The Elemental Warrior and Godina combination is awesome. b. Godina has not only a taste for power and destruction. but also Music as a mandatory class! I think it is a good choice to enroll Godina college for art-lover students. c. I also like fellow Godina students. There is no treacherous one or bully in Godina. They are friendly and adventurous ones. It is no wonder to me that there is an option for character creation which adds 6 relationship points with randum Godina students. Well, but for college concept itself, I like Hedi most. It is the only college that has no rivalry, and the college image as an arbitrator and an allurer is pretty cool and mysterious. I like Aranaz too, it's where the most students that I like are belonging to. I am eagerly looking forward to see the future student adventures with Rikildis, Tabin, Courtenay......
  15. Oh, it means that students will have completely new prizes for Collegiate Merits. Sorry for the confusing expression. : )
  16. 1. There will be a completely new Merit system for Y2. 2. No prerequisite class. You just need to have high enough skills to attend advanced classes in Y2. 3. There is also provided the advanced classes for Music and Athletics.
  17. Well, definitely I want the Academagia Y2 more than anything, but also looking forward to see BCS's any new KS project. I used to imagine nowadays that one day I would have all Academagia series in my hand, and could play them continuously from Year 1 to 5, that is, from the enrollment to the graduation. I hope the day may come within ten years.
  18. I have some questions about Y2. 1. Would there be changes to the prizes of Collegiate Merit of Y2? I ask this, for if there would be no changes, the student who has won every prize in Y1 dosen't need to push herself/himself so hard. 2. Is it possible for a student who didn't enroll the prerequisite course attend to an advanced course if she or he only have high enough skills for the course? 3. I saw Music and Athletics have just the pass/not pass for their grading method because they are extracurricular subjects in Wiki. Does this mean those two courses do not have its own advanced course in future years? Are there any other extracurricular courses besides? Sorry if these are already asked and answered. And thanks in advance. : )
  19. Thank you, Schwarzbart! I should try that on my next playthrough.
  20. I also love the idea, for always hoping there will be some more places and adventures about writing, singing or painting in Academagia. I like the name of club too. I became curious if there is already an action or ability to write a book. : )
  21. Schwarzbart / Thank you for answering. : ) Then I can't help myself from eagerly wondering how the romance plot would develop in later years if the player choose to romance with Cyrus or Philippe, or with the girls, Olivia and Joana.
  22. Is it possible to romance with any other opposite-sex student in future? I ask this because there are already some students who crushed heavily with other students, for example Olivia Solari and Joana Lio y Rossollo. And I can hardly draw a picture of what would happen in the player's future, if choose to romance with the Morvidus boy. And there is also a student's adventure, as I remember, in which the student seems to fall in love with non-student character, and player choose to help the love to be requited. Sorry if this was already asked. : )
  23. I love this RE too! I always have been wished more romantic RE like yours to be included in game(although we are first-year academagian, yet ). Good jop, Cymrean. I'm looking forward to see your next writing.
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