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  1. penny

    Cheat Mod

    Thank you Zelefis for your reply I thought the problem was that i have Vista as OS and there are many known compatibility issues whit this game I hope i will be able to use the new cheats, at least at the beginning of a new school year, when they are very useful to create a large clique and to explore the new features of the dlc (abilities, adventures , etc, etc) thanks again for your modder work and to Legate for his amenability on this forum
  2. penny

    Cheat Mod

    Hi all, tyvm for the work you're doing with the mod tools I've a problem with the new cheat mods: the backgrounds work fine but in "very easy" and "easy" 1.02 all the cheats x5 don't work for me. when i confirm in the right window there's only one choice for subskills, artifact, friends and so on. I checked the md5 and the files is not corrupted (very easy 1.02). futhermore when the cheat is loaded (put below the official DLC) the folder Update in the mod folder is erased (it happened with the other cheats too) and everytime i close the game i have to copy it from the patch file sorry for my bad english I hope you can understand what i wrote and thank you in advance for any kind of help Penny
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