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  1. Thanks, Legate. Let me know if you need a save file.
  2. So, I made the following thread The Language of Luv (Adventure Glitch?) in The Spoiler Room when I think I should have made it here. I can't figure out how to delete the other thread, so I apologize for posting the thread twice. Basically, there is a page missing from this adventure. It's a part of the one about Ravenpix. The only option is to go to the Linguistics Section. After confirming that option, the next page has only "Page 1 of 1" and the "Go" button. The rest of the adventure after this seems like it is all there since I was able to complete it by saving the day and my friend. I don't know if it's just my pc or if there really is a page missing. If someone could hopefully tell me that I'm not going crazy for seeing a blank page that would be greatly appreciated. Also, is this the adventure where you can get access to the Forbidden Archives or is that the same thing as the Restricted Section? Oh, I'm playing using Patch 18. Thanks.
  3. mizuki22

    Patch 18

    Oh, snap!! Well, I guess I better learn how to use spells. Thanks.
  4. mizuki22

    Patch 18

    What? So, you're saying it's better to do adventures early on? Well, I trained until I got the max and when I tried again it was green. However, what I hadn't realize when it was blue was that I was still succeeding so I really didn't need to train at the time.
  5. I know these patches are usually cumulative, but is the (separate compete fix) Content Patch 4.1 included?
  6. mizuki22

    Patch 18

    Sweet. That might also explain why it was blue rather than green. Thanks Schwarzbart.
  7. mizuki22

    Patch 18

    This might have already been fixed in Patch 19: I tried the "How to Navigate Between Instructors" adventure which is branched off the "A Consultation" adventure (I think). I got pass the first part which you need the Storytelling skill, but then I noticed in the second part that the Concentration option was blue for me. I thought it was odd because I have 10 in it. So, I looked at it and it says 10 and that the max is 10, but then it says I need 0 of 4 for the next level. I have The Need for Concentration +1, Controlled Breathing +1, and Old Wand +1 (although I have two Old Wand equipped, I only get a bonus from one of them). I tried the following just to see what would happen - Tutoring Services Study @ Library of Mantle of Stars Study @ Library of Manetele All succeeded and now I have Concentration 11 with 1 of 4 to next level. Edit: Only have Patch 17 and 18
  8. Yay!!! Thanks. I hope this also means that you all are feeling better. Edit: Oooo. Just saw the thread about Patch 19 on 12/22. I'll have to be good and wait to start a new game. Ironically, I haven't ever finished Year 1 yet. lol
  9. You mean "Assist the Clerks" at the bank? If so, it's under the abilities.
  10. Yes and no. For awhile it was: Example: Ambush 0 Danger Sense 2 Mimicry 1 Move Silently 1 Then, training and permanent bonus from abilities: Ambush 1 Danger Sense 2 Mimicry 3 Move Silently 3 Similar thing with Incantation. Also, I noticed with some events that sometimes even with the Parent Skill being 0 (though it should be higher) that the option is green or better than purple, but at other times it's purple.
  11. This is related to first post and I know that it's being fixed in Patch 18, but another strange thing has happened in regards to the issue. I decided to keep training in the sub skills of the Parent Skills that aren't increasing correctly when magically it increased by 1. Granted it should be higher but I have faith that it'll be fixed on Wednesday. Not sure if this tidbit is helpful or not, but what's there to lose by posting about it.
  12. I'm trying to get the Infiltration skill before The Wedding Feast. Any suggestions on how?
  13. Hahaha, I was just about to edit my post about finding it. Thanks, I'll pm it in a sec.
  14. Yes, it was created in Patch 17. I also noticed the same issue with Ambush, Art, and Incantation. I don't know if this is also a problem but I have a Running 10 with 0 of 2. I would be happy to send you a link, but sadly I do not know how to access the save files. I think once I know how to do that I should be able to figure out RapidShare. Edit: Never mind. I found this: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=734 Now, I'm just having problems finding the AppData folder.
  15. There wasn't any problem when I had Patch 11-16; Patch 16 made my system crashed though. I had to do a full system restore, so now I only have Patch 17.
  16. Zoology issues: I have a Birds 5 and Mammals 5 with 1 of 1 steps each. I wonder if it will be fixed if I train/library study in them... Edit: Fixed itself - kept going to class and helped at the stables. It's not just Zoology sub skills.
  17. I have the Student of the Drones bonus/effect. It gave me a +1 for Command and Logistics. I started with a +2 Leadership due to a Character Creation option. So, my War Parent Skill should be: War 1 - Command 1 (+1 Student of the Drones) - Leadership 2 - Logistics 1 (+1 Student of the Drones) However, it's: War 0 - Command 1 - Leadership 2 - Logistics 1 Is this a glitch? I received the Student of the Drones awhile back and just noticed this now. I have Patch 17. I hope this isn't a repeat thread.
  18. Wheee!!! This fixed some of the issues I was having like being unable to equip books!! Thanks, I've got my second wind now!!
  19. Thank you!! I kept wondering what the DLC's were. Is there only the Riddles of the Queen?
  20. When you mean "using", do you mean I was suppose to check that when I was creating a new game?
  21. Has this changed again? In the newest patch (17), the description for the clique ability of Milena Montors says that it will expand your choice of (informed) skill by +1 skill step. I thought I had seen/heard that it's suppose to be +3. So after searching the forum, I found several threads that say +3, but there was one that said it was original +1 and then changed to +3. Which is it, please? If it's +1, is there more of a benefit to befriending Milena in Year 2? Thanks in advance.
  22. Thanks, Legate. I want to make sure I have understood "equip" correctly. That's either in a slot on your person or in your knapsack, correct? I'll try again.
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