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  1. The first error i found is in the journal, days like sign up for classes day end up with no journal entries. Not on the date, June 24th, or the line that says 'sign up for classes'. Also, is there any possibility of some kind of simple progress report on capers. I started the Butler caper, and then went back to it, and was a bit lost. Maybe cross out the steps we completed? Thank you Mike
  2. I bought it but not cause i like you guys or anything, it is just a ploy wherein i can put more pressure on you to release Academagia year 2, the Year of Rice and Soy Sauce. Mike
  3. As my Sadie has no clue what she is doing, i am doing family focus first. Mike
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    Do not worry about not being able to pass every step in a caper; For me at least, i cannot get the points for this. I think most of the early capers are about 6-7 steps, try to pass two or three of those steps and generally you will just gain stress for the missed steps. I try to read the caper sections to myself and say "If i fail this is Sadie not going to be able to play the violin again?" Mike
  5. I will throw my 2 cents in as well. I am also running a Qosmio and everything for me runs fine under DLC 13. Then i put 14 on. Major slowdowns, and some stuttering. I have never had a stutter before or any particular slowdowns. That said, i feel the need to soapbox. I despise game companies that throw out half finished games, expect us top pay $60 for it, and maybe give us one pathetic patch for their game. Bioware, Obsidian, I am looking at you. On the other hand I think the people involved in Academagia should get awards for creating a work of art. You have gone above and beyond while creating this game and world. Michael
  6. Also the 'Walk of Musical Chimes' raises 1 musical skill, 1 random skill, and lowers 2 stress. Cannot remember when i gained it but i think it was high musical skill. Mike
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