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  1. I noticed that at Stage 2 of "Studies in Hunger" adventure several exit options have no logical connection to the adventure text, after checking mod tools i found the possible reason - messed prerequisits for those exits. Mod tools name: "The Topiary Garden 02", Exits 3 and 7 My game version is They are not critical bugs, its possible to finish successfuly stage.
  2. goblib

    Patch 16. Bugs

    thanks 89157Z for explaining, in this case first three issues are not bugs
  3. goblib

    Patch 16. Bugs

    Seems following abilities not working as they should: - Tutoring Services. Should increase skill in 3 steps, but increases in 1 step - Run a Moderately Ambitious Training Route. Should increase running skill in 2 steps, but increase in 1. - Run a Potentially Crippling Training Route . Should increase running skill in 3 steps, but increase in 1. Im sure it is not because of low attribute, because i checked it. Also i started a new game and still tutoring services not working well. - If im playing two games simultaneously, characters are from different colleges. After loading save game of first character, then loading save game of second character, the name of college and face icon in user interface is staying from first character
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