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  1. mwoody and OokEek;


    First things first- are you fully up to date on Patches? If you go into the game, press F12, and look in the bottom lower left you should see (if Patch 17) or (if Patch 15). Patches earlier to these indeed had issues with Explore, but I thought we had cleared them out. If the issue has returned, I'd definitely like to know for Patch 19!


    I've been keeping up with the patches, but couldn't swear to the last time I tried exploring. I'll verify whether it's still a problem and come back to yell at you some more if it is. ;)

  2. Thirded. I was 'finding' locations I already knew about, like the dining hall, entrance to the great hall, etc. I had wondered if I were discovering abilities to use at those locations, rather than the existence of the location itself, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Clarification would be appreciated as to how exploring is supposed to work.

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