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  1. Does the stress bonus apply to all skills?
  2. The links for the base and the AMO seem to be dead.
  3. I've actually been getting it through exploring. Getting any of the sections seems to unlock the option to use it.
  4. Ya there are allot of ways to increase attributes. Check the wiki, it'll help with that allot. Way I usually go with: Certain classes increase attributes when you reach level 10 in study. Certain skills give you an ability which permanently boosts an attribute (for example, level 3 danger sense gives goosbumps, which permanently increases insight by 1). Researching certain things gives boosts at level 10 (ALLOT of these give int, and a few give other stats).
  5. The first few weeks you'll defiantly run into more bad then good, and occasionally even after that you'll run into situations where you simply don't have a favored skill that will help with the problem and just have to hope for a good outcome. That being said, if you pick a few skill sets you'll eventually start seeing an increase in the number of things you can handle. Also keep in mind that your not ever going to be cable of doing everything. The game I just finished: I did a heavily skill and attribute focused character, especially the magic skills with a few others thrown in. I aced tests, and within a three or four months of game time was nailing the vast majority of the events that where thrown my way. The trade off was that I ignored other aspects of the game. While all the events and such got me a good relationship with a few students, I never formed a group. I chose black sheep at character creation and ignored writing to my family completely. I didn't bother working on the bond with my familiar, although I was nice to her and did enjoy the events and adventures involving her. I pretty much ignored doing adventures besides the mentor quests until the last few months, and even then some of them where very difficult for me (after all, magic can't solve everything). I never went shopping, or or specifically explored, though I still unlocked allot of areas through training and events. I would up getting suspended 4 times for getting caught so many times trespassing to match wits with the Sphinx, and I lost count of my number of detentions but I didn't really care. By the time I got to the end of the year I could probably have beat out most of my teachers in every school except incantation, including an illegal one, a few intellectual skills, and had allot of other random skills and various levels (thank you Sphinx for teaching my everything from advanced magic to how to tie my shoes in a square knot). The point is, you've gotta decide what's fun in the game for you and focus on that, though if you want a min/maxey build/play-style I could tell you how I built and played this character. Next time I play through though I may actually try to get some friends.
  6. After applying the Riddle of the Queen DLC, I've noticed the Block puzzle is now an ability. The problem is, it looks like solving it is nearly impossible if I understand skill rolls correctly. It says it uses a Luck/Puzzles roll v. 17...so if you had puzzles at 10 and luck at 3 it would still be impossible? You absolutely have to have luck at 4 or above, and it's still a very low chance? Don't get me wrong, the room is still useful with the puzzles/dedication increase, but I wanted to make sure I had that right. Edit: Yes I realize I'm posting allot. What can I say, this game is fun and appeals to my nerdy captain skill-check nature in tabletop games.
  7. Musca

    Mod problem

    Excellent. There's no problem with the Riddles of the Queen mod so it's not really a problem then. Thanks.
  8. Musca

    Mod problem

    I just put the mods from the most recent patch folder in the game. The Riddles of the Queen mod can run with no problem, but if I try to start a game with the Honer of Mallen mod I get. "System error has occurred. Application will be terminated." I'm running on windows 7. This is the first crash problem I've run into.
  9. Thanks. Haven't been able to unlock it yet, so I wasn't sure.
  10. Ah, that would be why. Haven't installed the DLC stuff.
  11. What constitutes a wits roll? Is it a specific skill, or is it a combination of skills? (logic, reason etc)
  12. I know better then to trust a wiki 100%, but so far it's been mostly accurate, so I wanted to make sure I'm not just missing something here. I was looking up character creation stuff that boosts stats, and I think I found a couple of errors. Strength , None that I've found Luck, Page 1: Astrology: The Comet (found) Intelligence, Page 1: Omen: Shattered Mirrors (found, mutually exclusive with insight) Insight, Page 1: Omen: Island Quake (found, mutually exclusive with intelligence) Finesse, Page 2: History: Artisans of Skill (found) And the one's that I found a problem with on the wiki. Fitness, Page 2: Family, Sports (found but not listed on the wiki) Charm, Page 3: Prodigy: Center of Attention (on wiki but not found, replaced by Prodigy: Social maybe?) Mostly what I'm wanting to ask though is has Prodigy: Center of Attention been removed?
  13. It was somewhat vaguely indicated that with a high enough bond level, if you trained either your character or your familiar the other would get the benefit as well. From the 4th page, "as iron goes up, it just means as one of you get's more physically capable, the other will do the same." I haven't actually seen this happen though. Is this actually the case I'm just not getting bond high enough? If it is the case does it work retroactively or only with new skills gained after the bond level is high enough?
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