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  1. I couldnt disagree more. I do believe there should be time for social actions, perhaps "what is more important to me" is semi realistic but its a game and it should be fun, its a bit silly to have to focus solely on one thing or be mediocre at best at everything. I dont know what schools you went to, but I got honor roll grades myself and still had time to socially interact with people. Magic school does not seem all that different, given the Harry Potter argument, Harry and his friends seemed to do good in school and have time to be there for each other, even Miss Perfect Herminone. So I think for year 2 and on some time should be allowed for socializing, you'll still have a strategic choice of sorts, having to juggle studying and adventuring, but i think its a bit silly to say to be a good student you have to forsake all social interaction.
  2. I dont know what I did, but being an Aranaz student, some time around midyear alot of the bullying stoped, and in fact most of the bullys where coming to ME for help. Like Joana and Philip or whatever his name is being the two the stand out. I didnt bully them or anyone and the only thing i can really recall doing was going on alot of adventures. My grades werent even at the top of the class or anything. So I cant say for sure what it was, but suddenly I had encounters where they wanted my help and then they stopped bullying me, it was pretty weird.
  3. I can agree with many of the OPs points, I do agree its had alot more the "Sandbox" feel then true RPG. For instance, I thought it was insanely difficult to form friendships and cliques, nine out of ten times I'd find Befriend fail even with formidable beguile skills. I do wish it were easier to make friends so you can learn more about them, and they'd feel like they were friends. It did seem all your friends were, are extra stats for you to sacrifice as their sole purpose, but largely it seemed to not make a big difference, I'd love to see them become 'lifelike' in the future. It would also be interesting to learn more about the professors i agree, perhaps they could each have their own 'random adventure' sort that takes place during class so you can better know who they are. Also I do agree on the villain front. It would be pretty interesting to have your own Voldemort or sorts, perhaps the Pirate leader whom becomes a character of sorts through news, or missions that involve helping the guards or the pirates. Overall, I think more characterization would be a great thing, especially as its hinted in later years Dating other students becomes allowed (I believe i read in-game somewhere it said "Academagia does not allow dating for another few years"). For such a relationship to work later, on, I think other characters need to be more 'alive'. But until then I think friendships could use work, I never really felt like I had friends, even though i had a clique until the end of the game briefly, when your friends knock on your door. Again, I understand some people like Sandbox RPG play, but I think for the good of the series as a RPG/Life Sim, the option should be there for those who do want to experience a more social aspect by getting to know these characters. Which I suspect would be a good lot of people, in my personal opinion.
  4. Thanks for replying! That all sounds great, I cant wait to see what surprises Year Two holds for my young mage Im glad there are epic missions, I know some people like to role-play as ordinary people, but I for one enjoy role-playing as extraordinary characters, luckily It seems these epic missions are optional, so everyone in happy. Now for the hard part: Waiting for Year Two
  5. hey all, I was wondering if anyone can answer some questions. I finally beat year one and I was wondering, if Year Two and others are going to be expansion pack deals or full fledged games in their own right. Also will I be able to import my mage into the subsequent years ala Mass Effect? I'd love to keep my mage and her familiar and items. Also, maybe I missed it in Year One, but is there plans for a "Epic" Over arching Main storyline? One that will span all years and bring insight into the world outside of the school? It might be cliche' but I think the idea of being a sort of Harry Potter is pretty cool, the mage student that gets caught up in major events! It could be fun for some people. Thanks
  6. Yes, it is pretty confusing, but i noticed, my attributes (Str, Int, etc) arent going up and there is no train option for those. How do you raise those? Perhaps my skills are taking a long time now to raise because those attributes are so low. I remember my Mentor said to max out str quickly, but I just cant figure out how to make those go up.
  7. Im a new player here, but First let me say, I enjoy alot of things about this game; the art, all the writing, all the skills and things but I just dont feel like im making any progress. I've been diligently studying and training but nothing but bad things keep happening to me. All the choices I get end up being in Red or Purple highlight, the numbers keep going up but I dont really consider that progression. Is there ever a point when your capable of succeeding? It seems like this game is horribly stacked in disfavor of the player, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Now Im not saying I want everything handed to me, being a first year student, sure you probably would have some setbacks, but surely at least 3 out of 10 times you should be able to succeed. Even Harry Potter didnt have such a bad first year, and alot of bad stuff happened to him still but also some good things. Im sure somewhere along the line Im probably doing something wrong, which makes me think perhaps a in-game tutorial adventure somewhere would be helpful, because as it is im really not having fun, again Im not saying I want to be a Ace Student on day 1, but I do think it should be possible rarely to have some success and the feel like your doing better in the game.
  8. I tried what you said, deleting those files listed, then re-installing patch 17, and running Academagia.exe as administrator, and still the same problem It just seems to hate the DLC
  9. Thanks for replying and for the welcome Unfortunately however, using 'run as Administrator' did not work for me, the same thing still happens.
  10. Hey all, newbie Mage here, I just got the game on impulse sale because it looked fun but im having problems. Firstly, Im on Windows 7 64 bit, and i have the game installed to C:\Games so I dont have UAC issues. Also Im using the latest patch (17) from the stick in the Update fourm. When I start a new game, as long as I dont use Riddles of the Queen, it loads fine and plays normally. However, it wont let me use the DLC, when trying I get this Error, "System Error Occured, Application will be terminated" which pops up 2 times and then it quits out of the game. I tried making a game without the DLC to see if I can turn it on later, but the option does not seem to be there. Can anyone help me? I'd like to use the DLC and any future DLCs that might be made. Thanks for any help
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