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  1. That wouldnt suprise me tbh. One of the randoms that joined had a -2 relatiopnship with me. It may have been her, Im just suprised they broke off to splinter into two more cliques. How do I even go about getting them back? and any ideas about the buffs im missing. Thats the real pain tbh!
  2. I started my clique at thye start of the year with my Aranaz student. I befriended Emilia Picoto, Silke nerderstalker, Zoe melis, Alan Driscal and Neta Xumeta (Many typos there im sure). Along the way I also managed to pick up three randoms whos name escape me. I think the other members invited them. Ive now just started the month with the mid terms in and realised that silke and neta left to join a clique on there own! and all of the randoms left to join other cliques aswell. Not only that but for some reason Ive lost Alands and Emilias buff. The + luck and Charisma. Im a little confused by this tbh. Is there a minimum level I need by a certain point with each clique member so they wont abandon me? No idea about the buffs does it have something to do with not having completed there personal adventure?
  3. Hi, Ive just started trying replay this game since the new DLC has come out. But I cant seem to load any of my new old saves or even start any new games as I get the two repeated error messages after picking the Dlc or loading. I tried the 3 steps of reinstalling Net 3.5, deleting tyhe folders that were present in my old academia folder and transfering the new ones and running as admin. But it still didnt work. I also tryed the solution that tobin used on an earlier thread. But Im one of the least computer literate people i know I managed to run the Amtemp file thing but couldnt find the cache or the GCC file. Could you possibly explain in steps for me please? Thanks in advance, David
  4. Yep thats it... I feel cheated by that restart time
  5. I thought that too i checked and checked. level 1 needs 1 skill step level 2 needs one and level 3 needs one. Its really bizzare even just using tutoring only razes the it to level 1.
  6. Im trying to use milena de montors ability tutoring services. It says that I need one step to increase my library knowledge knowledge to 1. So i use tutoring and train twice. However this only incrases to level 3. Which should really be 5 beacuse at that level it still says i need one step too 4. Or am i misunderstanding something?
  7. Ah ok. Just so i know what quest is it that starts it off?
  8. Ive Played a few games now where ive chosen secret heritage. On every game so far the ive been unable to use any of the options to visit eunacia(?). Is this a known bug? Also i took mysterious package and got an invatation to schowantz (i know thats spelt wrong) school i used trial and error it was an invitation to a famous gates school but yet again i didnt get any notice of how to use or activate it. Same thing happenned with the legendary book named after the mother of all monsters. Can i only learn gates magic through research and phemes? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I couldnt find any referrence to this in the search. Im tryiing to use improved familiar traing. In the description it says it needs a familiar kinship roll in order for success. However i cant find any referrence to familiar kinship. I dont think its to do with ironsilver and star bond. Thanks for any help in advance!
  10. Neavyrn

    System Error

    Ive recently downloaded this game from impulse. After installing i went to run the game and it got to what i think was the first loading screen. Then it crashed out with the system error message. Each time i have tried to run the game since it has given me the same message. This problem persists after i have uninstalled and reinstalled. Ive read the some of the fixs that i could find on this site however i could not find any that work (I am woefully computer illiterate, So it could be my fault!). Any help would be a preciated please.
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