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  1. Besides the compete problem I noticed a problem with Emilia's Gift. It is not giving Befriend parent skill +2 bonus again, altho this appeared to be fixed with patch 18, it's back with patch 19.


    The bonus is working for me on patch 19.


    ...and I'm actually starting to enjoy the fact that merit scores are so low across the board. ;)

  2. Gunslinger;


    Sure- although, those actions aren't entirely wasted- they will eventually cease to use them, as failures grow, and instead focus their energies in either Training or doing something else.


    The Students will cease to use Compete over time (until they Train well), and the net effect is a much slower Merit increase with much more Player effect- of interest to at least some of you...;)


    Interesting. I'd almost prefer they trained something else instead of competing all the time (grrr...Vernin & Mordivus). Personally, I'd like to see greater merit rewards from adventures & random events, and less from students competing everyday for merit.


    I might try playing around a little with and without the hotfix to see which dynamic I like better.

  3. Gunslinger;


    It's a content fix- it's not something that can be corrected in a code Patch.


    If you all would like a temporary content Patch, it's easy enough to prepare one- let me know. :P




    I think it would be really useful to have a hotfix - while it's interesting to see lower merit scores across the board, the main issue is seemingly wasted AI actions at this point. Thanks!

  4. If you're taking the Rhetoric class, or have a high Gossip skill, you'll have good actions for taking care of this. You can make the person who loves that hated individual, also hate them. Or you can make the hated individual tolerated by the others. It tends to be faster to make people hate each other than to make them love each other, but it's up to you.


    He's my unintended 13th clique member - it's all too confusing right now - he's high relations with one and decent relations with a few others - I tried several times to prevent clique breakups using many different methods.

  5. Is there a way to add a feature where you (as the leader of your clique), are allowed to approve of a new recruit to your clique (if one of your clique members decides to befriend someone)? B/c it's really annoying when someone joins whos best friends with one person in your clique & hated by everyone else. :blink:


    Ugh....looks like there's no way to save my clique now. :D:( :(

  6. Actually, I found it kind of funny. On the very first patches, almost every skipping of classes more than 2 days a row was punished with a detention. After some of the new patches, 4 or 5 I believe, I could just skip the entire week with no reaction from the proffesors :D My relation with teachers rarely reach more than 3 points, so it's not the reason I suppose. But, frankly, I loved this ooportunity :blink:


    Ya that's what I did - just be careful a few months in...

  7. I had a few questions about Glory.


    I know having higher glory seems to get bullies off your back. That being said I know almost nothing else about glory except that it is quite difficult to earn.


    So, two questions:


    1. Why would I want to temporarily increase glory by 1 point (via many actions & abilities)?


    2. Is there a downside to accumulating a lot of glory?

  8. Lol, I totally just called in a favor from Orso, and received 1 merit point! Legate, do student/instructor relations carry over to Year 2? (if yes, I'm probably better off keeping them at 10)


    Edit: Never mind, I actually looked at Column #10 - rewards are definitely worth it...except that my favor action definitely did not call Column #10 even though I have 10 relations. (99% sure it called Column #1 lol).

  9. I thought that too i checked and checked. level 1 needs 1 skill step level 2 needs one and level 3 needs one.

    Its really bizzare even just using tutoring only razes the it to level 1.


    It probably doesn't carry over skillsteps then - so supposed you trained to 3/1, you hit level 2 and now you're 0/1 again, and then you hit 3/1 to reach lvl 3.

  10. Im trying to use milena de montors ability tutoring services. It says that I need one step to increase my library knowledge knowledge to 1. So i use tutoring and train twice. However this only incrases to level 3. Which should really be 5 beacuse at that level it still says i need one step too 4.


    Or am i misunderstanding something?

    Maybe level 1 or level 2 needed more than 1 skillstep.

  11. Oh, sorry. I got confused as to what the present version is. I'm on patch 17. I guess I would've looked even more foolish if I'd created a new thread.


    Lol no problem, looks like you finally updated to patch 17 the day the next patch is supposed to come out :P

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