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  1. Wait, patch 18 is out? Where can I get it?
  2. What exactly is a Muffler? It slightly resembles an armadillo.
  3. Impulse actually doesn't require you to run it through Impulse....unlike Steam (probably the biggest reason why I switched to Impulse a few years back).
  4. No problem. Will Patch 18 contain improvements that require a new game?
  5. OMG, yes! I was actually planning on starting a new game tonight (made a lot of mistakes in my current game that could've been avoided with a little better planning )
  6. Duels work great against bullies. Casting negative alteration also has worked well for me - decrease their bully stat and then hit them with 5 points of dmg about once a week.
  7. I believe they just add to your roll. So investing 4 points of stress = +4 to your roll. I assume stress bonus only works if the letters aren't grayed out. Can anyone confirm?
  8. I agree, it doesn't make sense that I can research Mastery Phemes without unlocking the subskill.
  9. Mastery Phemes & Euneycia's Haven
  10. Hilarious. And I like. Legate: Oooo, can't wait to see!
  11. This made me think of something good, though somewhat unrelated: What about creating some "clique actions", ie. you take your entire clique into the city to watch the circus - bonuses apply to everyone in your clique.
  12. I personally think this wouldn't hurt social characters at all. In my current game, my character is holding steady at 12 clique members - all those clique ability bonuses add up . Personally, I've chosen to not use sacrifice clique member for any adventure - I'd rather find some way to get past tough spots using a combination of spells & my familiar. Good to hear that the system will be re-implemented in Year 2.
  13. Maybe the individual student adventures should become automatic events instead of separate adventures provided the student is in your clique? (ie, every week he/she is in your clique, you try to progress the adventure)
  14. Suggestion: Change Sacrifice Clique member to something more...interactive. It doesn't really make sense that using a clique member would automatically help you get past a certain part of the adventure - instead maybe you can choose to have the clique member perform a roll for you, or cast a spell for you, etc. Or maybe you can choose 2-3 clique members to take with you on an adventure and they automatically provide bonuses to your rolls on certain skills.
  15. I've never had any issue with the adventure chain in any of my games. Just do any normal action (ie. Train) and for location choose Euneycia's Haven. Then the adventure chain will show up under adventures (starting with House in the Swamp if you failed your roll, or starting with Keeper of History if you succeeded in your roll). Edit: Lol, Legate, you beat me to it
  16. Hmm, I don't think either one that I researched showed the bonus in results screen - maybe they're affecting skills I haven't learned yet?
  17. Is there a way to find out exactly what a specific research track does once I hit 10? (doesn't seem to show up as a passive ability/bonus).
  18. Legate: In terms of loading save games, I feel as if its definitely faster on first load, and slows down if I try to reload during the game.
  19. I have the same problem, takes me around 40 to 60 seconds to load a big save. End of turn processing is still pretty fast though, maybe 3-4 seconds, is that what you meant?
  20. Realistically, to capitalize on your familiar in year 1, you need to recruit the one Mordivus kid that gives your clique +3 bond with your familiars.
  21. Nyaa: Thanks. I think having a high charm helps a lot towards skipping classes & and avoiding detentions. Not 100% sure, but I seem to be able to consistently skip 4 classes a week without receiving a detention.
  22. Legate: Awesome, I can't wait to see the improvements in year 2! Nyaa: I think I might be able to temporarily boost myself to over 22 charm for 2 days. Currently I have 10 (+4 from girls, +1 from adventure, +1 from special summoning, +1 from prodigy: center of attention, 3 initial). I'll get back to you on that - first I need to find something that actually needs an extremely high charm roll
  23. Legate: I see, yes that would definitely help. It might also be worthwhile to add a skill, ability, or spell that requires high charm / leadership, but improves relationships within clique as a whole, or at least delays the negative effects of in-fighting. And just snagged my 12th member. Did I mention they happen to all be female? (except for my character). College of Hedi is .... fun
  24. Thats what I figured. I actually had saved right after I recruited my 11th member. Then I realized somehow my stats and skills had bombed across the board. It still said I was benefiting from my clique members' abilities (when I hovered over stats), & I was still in the clique, but clearly the bonuses were no longer being applied. (potential bug? or working as intended to warn of clique in-fighting?) The moment I used a rest action the day after, I got kicked out. Ironically the new clique was called "The Achievers". Update: Zoe is evil!!!!!!!
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