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  1. Somehow I just got kicked out of a 11 member clique I had worked hard to form... , is it possible for me to rejoin somehow? Edit: Quick fix was to reload & gossip 12 times in a row on my newest 11th member..., racked up a nice amount of detentions though =/. Gotta keep rocking my 10 points of charm (props to certain lady friends)
  2. I'm currently playing Patch 17, I just explored Elumia Proper and re-discovered Tertoliod's Observatory (City of Mineta) - which I had previously discovered already by studying astrology.
  3. Bad roll. Your luck roll would've been RANDOM(1:8)*2, so you must've rolled a 1-3.
  4. As you level up a skill, it takes longer to train to get to the next level. If you click on a skill, you will often see something like "0 of 1" for lower levels, and "0 of 4-6" for higher levels. Those are skill steps, you need 4 skill steps to advance to the next level if the skill is currently 0 of 4. +1 skill is +1 actual level.
  5. Thanks for fast reply Legate. Suppose I were to make a separate mod that ONLY affected AI-Vendetta. (I basically went through and added a lot of hostile actions to various students see if it will successfully simulate bitter rivalries between colleges, kind of like in Harry Potter between Gryffindor and Slytherin). Would that still keep it import compatible?
  6. Awesome, thanks for the fast response Legate! #8 & 9 - HUGE!
  7. I have a few questions about what data is going to be imported into Year 2. 1. I'm about to start a new game with 5 brand new backgrounds that I modded in. Will these be incompatible with the import process? (ie, save must be completed without using any mods?) 2. Will incomplete adventure progress be imported? 3. Will my existing clique be imported? (& what will happen if I mod students or AI-Vendettas?) Thanks!
  8. I recently finished my first playthrough of the game, and am about to begin my second playthrough with some modded content (mostly additions/deletions/revisions to backgrounds, and additions to AI Vendettas - created a lot of additional rivalries between schools to add flavour). Anyways, I have a lot of questions, and I'm hoping the more experienced veterans or moderators will be able to answer them. I'll update my questions with answers if I figure any out myself 1. How exactly do rolls work in this game? For example, lets say an action requires Charm + Insight check vs. 16. And lets say I am temporarily boosted to 8 Charm and 8 Insight. Do I automatically roll a 16 every time? Or I am randomly rolling 1-8, 1-8 twice? And does 16 even beat 16? Answered: From a different thread: RANDOM (2*Attribute) + Skill 2. With spells such as wand amplification, where it says it adds a bonus of 4 to all spells, what exactly does this bonus do? Does it amplify the effect of the spell? Or does it increase your rolls when attempting to cast the spell? 3. If I'm adding a pheme when casting a spell, how exactly does it affect the overall rolls required? And does my own roll change somehow for each pheme added (since phemes target different skills/attributes)? From Wiki: If you cast a base Spell in the Calendar Phase (which already includes all necessary Phemes), it's either automatic or the Roll specified. If you add extra Phemes to that Spell, each additional Pheme increases the difficulty of that Roll by a certain amount, given in the Pheme's Description - usually 2 or 3. 4. When attempting to recruit a new clique member, do existing clique members need to have a minimum relationship requirement with target recruit? (ie. above 0? above 2?) 5. When I used Special Summoning from the Gate Magic path, one of the effects was that it Adds Memory (or something). WtF? 6. Are gains from classes randomized? Or are they a set progression? And are classes worth attending after I max out the relevant subskills? (ie, if all my Glamour subskills are at 10). 7. Every now and then I gain an ability (?) with duration 0. I understand it is some kind of passive modifier. Is there a way to see all the ones I've accumulated? (without having to hover over the skill its affecting?) 8. What exactly does "Sacrifice Clique Member" or whatever do? 9. When attempting an adventure, does changing the starting location even matter? 10. What exactly does Glory do? And why does Vernin always seem to have superior Merit? ...whew, let's start with those!
  9. Discovered it while browsing for indie games on Impulse
  10. Ok, so I made several changes to Background & AI-Vendetta using the DLC2 Modbase - loaded it after DLC3 - you're saying this won't affect any content in DLC3 besides the changes I've made? EDIT: Never mind, found answer in a similar thread. =D
  11. Yes, please! I just finished making a mod for myself, did not realize it would override newer DLC content.
  12. Seconded. Any idea on when a DPI fix will be implemented? (hopefully patch 18?)
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